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  1. Nice Frags
  2. Welcome, I am sure you will all enjoy your time here its much better than where you were before trust me , good luck
  3. Oh that clip of me , back when it was old red zone and cap zones were actually decent
  4. +1
  5. Good idea fuel , even I could tell that my straw poll was getting multiple votes via VPN. This will be more fair to everyone In the community thank you
  6. Honestly I have not been here that long so I didn’t know that’s that sorry.
  7. Thank you for listening to the community here fuel. +1 with that decision mate
  8. Lmao just noticed ty https://www.strawpoll.me/15208352 New poll 1 Vote per person
  9. Good point with the armour stacking. Will make a new Straw poll with that option thanks for the input
  10. My suggestion is to have max level 2 armour vest's such as Tactical vests with CSAT's so there is a tradeoff between carrier rig chest protection and CSAT overall protection. Also, this is for everyone Police, Rebels, Vanguard. Not sure what everyone else's opinions are so left them in comments. Poll that cant be voted on loads of times- https://www.strawpoll.me/15208352
  11. Combat standing :thinking:
  12. think its a custom key in control binds not sure which one. Might have to ask a dev
  13. Nice frags mate
  14. In the clip at rebel airfield you can hear cam being toxic in the background. Also nice frags. Cozza smurf.ahk
  15. lmao

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