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  1. Szplit

    +1 crafting is just too much material and time for what you get right now
  2. Szplit

  3. Szplit

    You +1 the suggestion that is made and explained how it would benefit the server by the person posting the suggestion ?
  4. Szplit

    Bit like that weed plantation u got in your shed , still nicking neighbours electricity for the heaters ?
  5. Szplit

  6. Szplit

    Seems good in theory but with how easy it is to get 7.62 suppressors and AMS and also craft LRPS no thanks -1
  7. Gratz on com support 

    1. Cameron


      Go to Australia already @Szplit

    2. Szplit


      @Cameron get off civ 5 you no life <inappropriate2> 

    3. Benny


      haha ty

  8. Szplit

  9. Szplit

  10. Szplit

  11. Szplit

    The update that it was in seemed to cause the lag
  12. Szplit

  13. Szplit

    I think we can all agree that the FPS has increased since we started to bring it up on the forums. However there is still a major issue with the "lag", it feels like after killing someone the amount of time it takes for them to fully die and fall over is around 2 seconds apart. Trades are becoming more constant and annoying, and the kill feed in chat is always delayed for around 2 seconds also. It seems like this is happening because of the ".... from (gang name)" For example: [NATO] Enqii was killed by [C/SFU] Bobby from Reprisal. The "..from reprisal" script was added and since then has created some sort of lag between kills and the kill feed. My suggestion is remove the script and see how it goes. Similar to the car clean up script, it was lowed to 15 minutes instead of one hour and seemed to improve FPS. Hopefully removing this script will reduce the lag between kills. I understand why the script was added to stop the confusion between RDM but thats not really the reason RDM has stopped, there is less RDM as the active combat rule has now been removed the script does nothing but cause lag or hopefully it is the cause for the lag. Let me know what you guys think.
  14. Szplit


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