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  1. Hit the nail on the head
  2. Why the kill count in the top right
  3. haha


    Edited by Sonny Asif
    1. Trxp


      haha yeah man yeah

  4. Song brings back good memories ngl
  5. #3

    Personally hate this song soooo much, not just on yours but on everyone who has used it, makes me want to smash my fucking head in
  6. http://prntscr.com/i6umwt

    Tip of the iceberg 

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    2. Sonny Asif

      Sonny Asif

      Nope played his soul out until the last fight, honestly no idea how that happens

    3. JoshDF


      well i guess pressing q and right click isn't for everyone

    4. Je baited

      Je baited

      Soraka main sonny

  7. I didn't dupe anything why am i banned

    1. ^Pingu



    2. JuicyAZ


      because you duped

  8. I can sign your steam if need be
  9. Lol kid you dream about being me @Pablo
  10. Awful player dont speak unless spoken to. Who is letting these players in I swear you where blacklisted for being awful
  11. No
  12. Wanna buy my ssd? Comes with an unreleased banger, will help you finally get YouTube views ;)

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    2. Sucre


      @Pablo Shit, my parents didn't pick me up to bring me home over christmas :(

    3. ^benny


      @Sucre dont blame em

      Edited by Benny
    4. Sucre


      @Benny *blame, honestly where the fuck did you go to school. 


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