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  1. May 24th 2015, first recorded video of Allah's
  2. Time to reinstall arma *insert 2015 meme about rp200 and baiting*
  3. Take someone hostage, break their legs with a rook, drive them to salt flats and make them crawl to sofia
  4. I respect this ahaghahahha
  5. IM the og bitch *Edit* wait you uploaded before me, we probably stumbled across each other at one point
  6. Im offended.
  7. Okay mate
  8. Rebel: 'Nothing for rebels to save up for, no end game' Also rebels: 'Too much grinding' im simply confused
  9. Even with the page up and down shit? He should not have to care what people are gonna say and think about him because he uses a long range scope? Done with arma communities lmao
  10. Fuck you all roasting this guy for? You ever thought he plays for FUN and does not care how good he is?
  11. 598e29f323efa_Allahsmessengers.thumb.jpg.3d312db46b2b7c54cfa3e30e493e2e27.jpg

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