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  1. Shaky Steve

    I posses more Sprinter vans in game than I have siblings...
  2. Shaky Steve

    He dived to the bottom of the deep blue sea, He revived me, I'm indebted, he's a hero, And all this while there was a right old Cockney Knee's Up on the ol'Joanna courtesy of Harry Lewis. So big respect to Casperz, attentive to duty, +1
  3. Shaky Steve

    I understand that the vehicle "armor" config can be adjusted, like the fuel use. I stand to be corrected, but this is a very desirable, effective and indeed attractive vehicle which would always be my first choice as a medic when on the road
  4. Shaky Steve

    I love the new Sprinter ambulance, it's a work of art, it has presence, performance and a great horn. Trouble is that it is so delicate and this is a tough working environment. As a front line medic road vehicle can we not up the durability a bit? Just one touch and it's BOOM! Thanks for your consideration. SS
  5. Shaky Steve

    Or just make 1 channel for medics on duty?
  6. Shaky Steve

    In recent conversations with medics there is an undertone that the current TS setup needs improvement. The simple suggestion is that there should only be one "Medics on Duty" channel, with 7 slots - one for each of the 6 medics that could be on duty at any one time and a spare for visitors / higher ups etc. All other TS NHS channels can remain the same, By doing this the whole medic operation will be more streamlined and health care improved on the island as such a simple improvement will immediately remove instances where in some cases three medics have turned up at one call for example. Now I'm sure there will be critics to such a suggestion, for example perhaps two medic friends my wish to run together in their own channel, but this can still be done in vehicle chat can it not? The NHS is all about team work and we medics *are* a team, right?
  7. Shaky Steve

    It's never boring when Shaky Steve is in town
  8. Shaky Steve

    In-game Name: Shaky Steve Steam ID: 765611980020899640 Date of the incident: Since server update. Time of the incident: N/A Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: 15 hours Paramedic pay @ £ 80,000 ph 5 hours Junior Doctor pay @ £ 100,000 ph Total £ 1,700,000 Less £ 400,000 admin advance in game on Monday = £ 1,300,000 Please provide as much detail as possible: Since the server update I have not received any pay from the NHS. I have mouths to feed and a wife to keep, things are getting tough round here. This issue, according to Belthorium, may not be resolved until the next update and my family may starve in the mean time. Any Evidence Available: ARU time sheets submitted daily to HR.
  9. Shaky Steve

    Could we have a lamp post please? It's terribly dark up there at night! SS
  10. Shaky Steve

    The simple fact is that the weather effects in Arma are quite excellent, just as the lighting effects are at night. I've played other servers, in rain and fog, at night and it is quite brilliant. By day the fog adds a quite new dimension to the whole experience. Sure, the rain has volume, rain does, but we already have "shift+O" don't we? I also have not experienced an FPS drop with any weather conditions. Maybe those who are afraid of this drop could post some evidence of it when it happens? I don't think my PC is especially excellent either. I feel that those afraid of "weather" may actually be afraid of a combat disadvantage perhaps? But hey, you'd get used to it. So it's a yes and a yes from me - Arma has so much more to offer than bright sunny Mediterranean days and moonlit nights...
  11. Shaky Steve

    "Funny as hell" Gee. I'm just being me... SS
  12. Shaky Steve

    One does what one can, given the circumstances...
  13. Proud to be absent from this list. Proud !
  14. Shaky Steve

    Olive was a C*** whilst answering this, However - it's a +1 from me, Olive is a C***
  15. Shaky Steve

    "I heard that, what was it?" Fame at last - my first spoken line in a movie SS

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