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  1. aldo

    I know what csat is but ASP isnt for sniping and this isnt for sniping its ppl talking about replacements for a close range gun to med so
  2. aldo

    nice meme
  3. aldo

    Thats easy Corsair void 7.1 wireless best headphones youll ever find trust me their build quality is REALLY good. And i mean REALLY good. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Corsair-Special-Wireless-Headset-Refurbished/dp/B01HQFS4U4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1519172147&sr=8-1&keywords=corsair+void+7.1
  4. aldo

    Thats because the ASP is legit a fucking 50 cal and its subsonic making it silent, and it also has ALOT OF DAMAGE it can 1 shot anything anywhere in the body no matter what armor its optimum range is about 150-200 metres and if you want to be REALLY accurate with it buy an ACO scope which said scopes zeroing is set to 100m by default so its easy to aim. If you want a longer sniping weapon then get an MK1 its a DMR and also 2 taps chest with lvl 4 armor and anything else with 1-2 hits. If you need an even bigger gun then ask the devs to add in the 50. BW mags for the Type then you can 1 tap ANYTHING in the game across the map preety much. lol thats because you are standing right outside and the guy has no armor, if you are going to use that gun for a fight, the guy isnt going to stand still and hes going to be wearing armor, also you wouldnt be able to approach the house that easy he MUST have friends if he doesnt then what the fuck are you doing trying to rob him? anyways ASP is a powerful gun with med penetration at its OPTIMAL range and does alot of damage in its OPTIMAL range too. If you want a replacement for the ASP, put in the mags for the Type 115 50 BW (underbarrel gun) that shit is not to be joked with it 1 taps anything from anywhere, anytime. And also the MAR-10 isnt that good of a replacement its like exchanging 10 million dollars with 100k. MAR 10 is a 338 where as a MK1 is a 7.62 is approximately the same size only difference is that the MAR is a sniper and MK is a DMR ( MAR= more accuracy and slightly more damage and MK1= legit 5% less damage not going to make a difference at the end of the day if you can land 1 shot at someone you can land another one and kill him thats all you need to kill someone with an MK1, and a bigger mag so comparing the MAR and the MK1, MK1 wins easily.
  5. aldo

    bit long, but i truly want to show that i didnt mean to offend anyone in any shape or form, and that i will never have that mindset in my whole life and i know it. Im not a hateful person and i will never be. If anyone that reads this appeal gets offended by this im sorry. i hope someone will understand where im coming from though aswell. Thank you for reading this appeal in advance.
  6. aldo

    In-game name: RD-T l Ardi Emma Steam ID: 76561198344779172 Date of ban: 02/19/2018 Staff member that banned you: Auto Banned Reason for ban: Racism/Toxic Why do you think you were banned: Because i said n**** in group chat. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I was trying to explain something to my friends because i was dead, an incident that happened to me a couple of days ago and noone got punished for it and what not, and i typed in the group chat "n****" and i got banned. I dont believe i deserve this ban. I follow all the rules, and if i do something wrong i apologize and go on with my day. But you guys probably think that i said it to insult someone and what not, i didnt. I was explaining something to my mates, i didnt know there was a Language Filter on this server, but i never say the n word publicly its just imature and ridicoulous but when you are with mates i mean i dont really expect to get auto perm banned like that. But honestly, IRL i am a sensitive person and i do quite take things personally, and espacially when i offend someone, i can feel his/her pain and i try my best to make up for it. If i honestly and truly offended ANYONE thats reading this Appeal im sorry. I do totally understand where the Devs come from making this bot. And i do also understand that theres people that get offended by these things. But Reborn has been such a great experience for me lately, i met some great people i play with, i made alot of money, had alot of RP situations, and i dont want that to be tossed in the garbage because all i said is n**** in a private text channel. Ill make sure next time if i want to say something that might offend someone to make sure it doesnt before i say it. As my grandma said "Dip your tongue into your brain before you speak" because she overheard me talking shit to this guy online. But if i knew that the N is bannable, which i know it is on every server that ive played on so far i never say it text or voice chat. But i did slip up and say it in Group chat which got me banned, i truly do regret any actions that have been taken by me today. I almost did die today so that was a good experience. not for here though is it now. Today has been a terrible day for me and this just topped it that i got perm banned from my favourite server. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I dont believe it was justified to a point that i get perm banned. I mean i 100% understand why i was banned, for obvious reasons, but lets be real here. A text filter wont exactly help in any shape or form. In my 5000 hours of playing this game ive NEVER come across ANYONE without a microphone. And for someone to go to lenghts of calling people n***** in Side chat and Direct, which are the ONLY public channels on the server, is just stupid and imature. But when someone is talking to their friends on Group chat which is a PRIVATE channel, and get banned for that i find that unfair. The fact that im trying to have fun with my friends and talk to them and all that stuff gets me banned of the server is obscene. I mean if someone says the n***** word to a friend, they are almost NEVER offended. Especially when you are talking with mature people on the internet. They know that people saying n***** are imature and stupid, but they also do see the other side of the story which is freedom of speech. I do understand where you are coming from making this Bot, but the fact that im talking into a Private channel to my FRIENDS AND GET BANNED, is ridicoulous. I would like to speak with a High up admin or staff on teamspeak. Because i cant communicate properly on the forums, it takes too long and its too much of a hustle for an unban. I believe if we get in teamspeak stuff will be solved faster and easier. Thank you for reading this. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: Not that i know of. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes

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