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  1. #Roleplay
  2. Wanted to just bang out a frag montage real quick so I cut it down
  3. had two different versions this one is the re-edited one with different music
  4. @Xero @Kallum @WazPoppinBros @ZigZag
  5. I appreciate the leniency and thank you greatly. I believe kappa and nicolaj are friends and he thought it was acceptable as they were mates ( i may be wrong )
  6. as i stated i was running and heard kappa saying sir stop running or I will be forced to use lethal force, I did not know who he was talking to as I could not see him so I kept running, I eventually stopped when shots were fired in my direction and I was hit. I took that as a situation where I felt me live was threatened and put in danger. I was damaged and shot at. I do apologize if I am somehow in the wrong here, but I believe I was in the right. Obviously the rules are quite strict and I respect that but personally, I do not feel as I am in the wrong.
  7. As you will see by the footage kappa will include I am in front of him and running, he then shouts "sir stop running or I will be forced to use non-lehthal force" (something along the lines). I thought he was saying it to me and I stopped (he then proceeded to fire lethal bullets in my direction which I think hit me as I lost health. I took the oppurtunity when he was not looking to shoot.
  8. Lately, I personally have come into a lot of situations where I am trying to rob someone and they just will not co-operate / not valuing their lives. They are not doing what you tell them and since us, role-players do not have tazers our only option is to shoot them or let tet them go. I feel for civ's the knockout feature is pointless as we cannot use it for a purpose but just to troll. If it was possible you could restrain someone when they are knocked out would make it easier to capture someone. I also find that a lot of the time people try to stall by saying I do not know how or wait a sec etc. and I can not be bothered to report them for breaking role-play or not valuing their life so it would be easier to just knock em out, move along and continue role-playing etc.
  9. <3 once a snake always a snake
  10. <3
  11. All I know is that I bought a hunter of you ?
  12. Do I know you?
  13. Name: Qwerty Age: 15 Time Zone/Location: GMT Ireland Ban History (Reasons): 1x Duping, 1x Rdm Previous Gangs: 39th RR, Eternal Bank Account (ScreenShot) : https://gyazo.com/ac7dd7238fd5c40523a27a44e3efaab3 Arma 3 Hours (ScreenShot) : https://gyazo.com/463aad6e2989c04f17f7c5ee327e011d Licenses: Advanced Rebel, Rebel, Truck License, Car License, Cocaine License, Pilot license (can buy more if needed, Just have the ones I primarily use) Strengths: I have good level of role-play, I can hold my own in Combat, I am a good pilot and enjoy Flying (good at combat landing etc), I consider myself a good driver, Sniping Weaknesses : I am not the best at Driving Boats, ZigZag can put me off sometimes cause he is such a meme, Why Do You Want To Join 39th RR? : I want to join 39th RR because I have been in the gang before a while ago and loved my time and experience in the gang. I loved playing with the people in it and making my time on reborn bearable. I've seen how 39th do shit and I would love to be a part of that. I am not a droid and can hold my own in a gunfight and by the looks of it, 39th can too. What Can You Bring To 39th RR? : Well I cannot show what I can bring in a block of text but from my strengths, you can see the majority of it, I can also have a good laugh now and again and love to get involved in situations. I have good comms and can hold my own in a gunfight whilst supporting a squad. I am a good driver and can evade police easily. I am good at combat landing etc.
  14. Appreciate it big man

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