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  1. Tbh, its yikes from me


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  2. Hmmmm, anything to say delta?

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    2. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

      iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

      ahhahaha verified btw

      anyway community banned cya later shitter,

      brought up a valid point and get community banned because he cant find a better excuse

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      Ahh sweet, cya later connor mcgregor wanna be. gl getting unbanned, Infi global banned for hacking now community banned pce nerd.

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      All this negativity, spread love people.


      P.S LMAOOO Connor Mcgregor wannabe

  3. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    hahaah creased
  4. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    In-game name: Delta Steam ID: 76561198300906543 Date of ban: 07/22/2018 Reason for ban: Exploiting Staff member that banned you: Harry Lewis Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Well the ban is a bit iffy, when the report was posted we never really got to dispute It or give our side of the story which was very crucial and changed the whole perspective of the situation. We spoke to harry about it and when he heard our side of the story he realised the situation was a lot different than what was made out on the report. Basically ill explain from start to finish, when we broke into the house we killed about 3 people and that was fine, then someone respawned and b-lined for the door with no value of their life and just tried to lock it but failed, again another person did the same thing, a guy from outside came and locked it but we thought it was fine so we just tried to bolt cut out once or twice but it would not allow us to do it as the house was just recently robbed and locked. I went to a community support and asked if what they did was okay and they said no that it was exploiting. We tried contacting an in game admin but got no response, we didn't wanna combat log as we felt that would just remove us from the whole house robbery situation so we just did what we thought would be best in everyone's favour. Apparently they were told by neo that it was fine to lock us in as long as they roleplayed everything but the guy just ran up, locked the door and taunted us saying "haha you are locked in now you cant get out". I know two wrongs don't make a right but even the admin said we had an amicable reason to do what we did. Why should we unban you? I think you should unban me and the others as what we did was in no harms intent, with the information I received from a community support saying they were exploiting and because we didn't wanna ruin the whole situation and fully stop them from defending their house by combat logging we decided it was in everyones best interest to not log out and in turn stay in the area to give them a chance. The admin himself which banned us, after hearing our side of the story said that we had an amicable reason to do what we did and even he knew we meant no harm by doing it, it was just what we thought was the right thing to do. I have put a lot of time and effort into the server and am trying to get back into It again recently.
  5. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    Name: Shiloh Dynasty Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/e73dbeb8e0f43458d522c0bad5a57be5 Previous Gangs: Faceless, FluX, (Olympus gangs = Serenity, Ambition) (GTA Gangs = 39thRR) Why do you want to join: Well I was in FluX but never got to play cus I was infi banned, Ive been told a lot of good things about the gang and a lot of my mates in it have said that its a good gang with good players, I wanna join a good gang that is decent and that can win gunfights etc. Anyone who can vouch for you: Smith, Drop, Alex Gavin?
  6. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    any update?
  7. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

  8. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    @Neo topic was moved to actioned by someone but bassie seen no response by anyone so he moved it back and told me to notify you
  9. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    nice one kappa 😵
  10. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    @Neo I really haven't been playing arma that much since my ban on reborn, its the only server I enjoy playing hence why I'm making the effort to get unbanned
  11. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    this was not on reborn servers it happened during my ban, basically what happened is during my ban I had no servers to play on and a new modded lakeside server called FreshRP came up, it had a small playerbase but it was the only good modded lakeside server at the time, I was a moderator on it and was helping one of the server owners named Tate Lannister to fix up a few things with the server as it was still in development stages, the developer (haywood) was American and was rarely able to come on in EU times so the server owner tate was unable to determine which PBO files were signed in order to stop people using PBOs, me and him were basically going through lists of pbos to see which ones were working and which ones would kick you off thus allowing tate to add them to a list for haywood to sign, we tried a few common ones to make sure they were signed and they were, I loaded up one and tried the arsenal on it to see if it was a working one and it was, I told tate and sent him the PBO file (which I have also sent to infistar) and that was that, nothing happened, the server died off and I stopped playing arma besides the odd game on SFU training server, I wasn't banned until weeks after this all happened and only realised when I was actually unbanned from reborn and tried to join.
  12. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    In-game name: Delta Steam ID: 76561198300906543 Date of ban: 05/10/2018 Reason for ban: Infistar Ban Staff member that banned you: Infistar Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Personally I don't think my ban was fully justified as I was doing something for a server owner to benefit the server owner but he should have made sure infi wasn't on Why should we unban you? I know what I am asking for is very fucking big, I've played the server a year or more and I know that Ive made my mistakes and had my fuckups, I know that what I have done in the past is not acceptable and that in reality you would be more than generous to give me another chance. Not gonna lie, nowadays reborn is the only server I can truly say that I enjoy and that makes arma worthwhile playing. I don't play any other games except fortnite sometimes and even that gets boring. Ive put the majority of my times into playing reborn. I have donated money to show my love for the server, I have put endless amount of time into the server weather that would be representing cops, trying out new factions such as vanguard and syndicate and even playing medics. Reborn always has something new to offer and that's what makes it so enjoyable to play. I know that I have a long extensive ban history and for a lot of them I am fully in the wrong and could have easily just swerved the whole situation if I thought about it first and didn't act on a irrational decision. I have not been a good role model to new players but lately I have been trying to turn my history around and change for the better by trying to stay out of confrontations and just being a nicer person in general, I had even promised @PaulS to stay out of trouble. I want to prove to staff that I can be a lot better than I act out sometimes, I want to prove to people that I am not some little prick that a lot of people think about me and I know that and I know ive brought that upon myself. I want to prove to staff that I can stay out of trouble and keep clean and not just for a short period of time but for as long as I can. I can not explain the amount of regret that I have for causing issues on the server as It is holding me back from doing things that I would have liked to be apart such as the staff team but I know that ive fucked up way too many times for that to happen. I promise to fuel personally and all the other staff that I will keep my head down and stay out of trouble and show that I can abide by the rules and show people that I'm not just some little frag hungry idiot. Even if it means playing as a medic for a week or something or anything I can do to prove people that I'm gonna take a turn for the better and try be a better player within the community. During my time on the server I have had some good times with people to some bad times on the server but when the server shows the community that they care such as listening to the community by removing csats and having votes etc. it makes me want to play more and I truly do enjoy playing this server and would choose it over any other. The community is something you will not find on any other server, Everyone does their part to chip In and make the server a better community to play in and I want to be apart of that. I have been unbanned technically speaking for my toxicity ban which I had sorted out with Andrew but when I tried to join the server scott told me I was infi banned and to appeal It on the discord, I tried to appeal it and the infi staff got rude etc. so I had no other choice but to hope to get whitelisted, I asked @neo and he told me to post a permanent appeal on the forums which is why I'm here. I really just wanna play the server again and was really excited to hear I had been unbanned only to be told I was infi banned for a stupid reason. I hope that you will understand.
  13. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE


    nice one droppo, bEsT pLaYeR iN fAcElEsS miss you
  14. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    In-game name: Delta Steam ID: 76561198300906543 Date of ban: 05/25/2018 Reason for ban: Infi ban Staff member that banned you: wasnt a staff member Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Well personally yes as what we did was on a private server and was requested by the server owner himself to stop people using pbos. When I tried to appeal it using infi they got rude which I showed fuel. Why should we unban you? Well Ill explain the situation of why I'm infi banned first, during my time being banned from reborn I was seeing what this new server called FreshRP was, it was run by a guy called Tate Lannister and a few others, The developer of the server was American and wasn't on at the same time that Tate was as Tate was English so Tate asked me to find out which pbo files were signed so that if they weren't signed, he could add them to a list for haywood (dev) to sign, The server died off after a bit so I thought nothing of it just kept playing SFU training server and when I got unbanned from reborn I tried joined and realised I was infi banned, I had no clue why and asked scott what to do and he told me to appeal it on the infi discord, when I explained the situation to infi staff they just got rude and were having none of it, I really want to play the server and was excited to play again before I realised I was banned, I don't really see it just that I was infi banned but the only reason I'm mad is because it stops me from playing this server, I pretty much stopped playing arma when I was banned off reborn so when I was unbanned I was excited. I can promise you I don't cheat or hack, Ive never had a problem with infi before in my 3000 hours playing arma and I think it was just a big misunderstanding but it would be really nice to be able to play the server again with all of my old mates
  15. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

    @Fuel I can promise you 110% that ill be on my best behaviour and not cause any more hassle to anyone or waste anyones time

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