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  1. Good shit schanki
  2. its just a suggestion, there's code for other useles shit but its there for the fact of making stuff easier
  3. thats an effort
  4. people just delete the message and say then never got it
  5. I think there should be a way to send people an automatic message telling them to come Teamspeak to resolve a situation. Instead of writing out the message saying "come Teamspeak" it would send an automated message saying for example "Delta has requested you come to Teamspeak to resolve a situation, you have 10 minutes to come to the support waiting room"
  6. this is a great idea and it would also give people more of a reason to attack the pd for example. It would also give rebels to get their vehicles back instead of cops just crushing them as soon as the gunfight is over. Obviously to a certain extent cops shouldn't have to bring a quad back to the PD to crush it for example, maybe just vehicles over 2 mil or something
  7. Was just thinking its quite a grind to get XP, I think when the donations are reached and half price is on that you should also get double XP as another benefit of donating.
  8. it was the last restart so I dont know if xero has it but the message was sent and matthew and james gladly agreed that the comp should be issued https://gyazo.com/37bcfb371491567fa41f5dfa99bcd18d - theres the evidence
  9. Which is why you asked xero who his "mate" was to which he replied to you delta also if im not mistaken which i may be, arent they supposed to take it to a bluezone anyway?
  10. i would prefer the money so that i can buy it that restart instead of waiting the whole restart to get it back
  11. In-game Name: Delta Steam ID: 76561198300906543 Date of the incident: 01/14/2018 Time of the incident: 15:30 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Huron | 15 mil Please provide as much detail as possible: Basically my huron was reported to a police dispatch as stolen and the cops did not get the message but another cop did. The cops said that i should post a comp request because they never recieved the message Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/6b91eaf2242eb48aa1b24a35507408b2
  12. ye textures were loading, first time driving into kavala
  13. I would love to say otherwise but this is actually a good frag montage
  14. what you mean the quality?

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