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  1. zico._

    well that would make people happy and we cant have that
  2. zico._

    [AL] to [TCK] Ryan Elliiot l m a o
  3. zico._

    no [TCK] Ethan aka [A] Ethan [T] aka LCpl Ethan [UNMC]
  4. zico._

    when are u back from https://gyazo.com/55d31ea1b6f200ece2a4da289ef60945?token=a074d184ff5071283afad51dae1a1ea8 ?
  5. zico._

  6. zico._

    gravy face
  7. zico._

    n1 hunny
  8. zico._

    what u chattin bare man will run up in ur gaff and ch3f up ur cat ssssssttttttttttttttttiiiiiiiiiiiiiilllllllllllllll
  9. zico._

    In-game Name: T | z.co Steam ID: 76561198354437324 Date of the incident: 08/16/2018 Time of the incident: idk Link to player report: Lost Items and Estimated Value: 200k katiba loadout and 500k cash Please provide as much detail as possible: there was a hacker on the server and killed me when I was geared and then he killed me again when I was re gearing. I went to support and was told I would be comped apparently I was given it but I still don't have it and @Daniel told me I would have to put a comp request up Any Evidence Available: @Daniel
  10. zico._

    +1 top lad and good player
  11. please some rich person donate

    1. Adam ツ

      Adam ツ

      Do a run

    2. Joshh


      @Cozza Aren't you on a banging wage donate some money instead of buying parmo's


    3. Cozza
  12. zico._

    In game name: zico Age: 14 Bank account balance: 5mill Previous gangs: Reprisal, TRU Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Tenacity? cos I left cops and wanna have some fun as rebel again and wanna join a good gang. and have a couple friends in gang Can any members vouch for you? ADAM, AJ, YonnyMac, Benjamin, Attach
  13. zico._

    yap WATCH IN 1440p
  14. zico._

    no I don't but the other cops might

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