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  2. zico._

    Dirty Duners

    don't deny it now lol, u legit contemplated using ur admin ESP and I told u theres logs lol
  3. zico._

    Dirty Duners

    @KingOfNeptuney u chatting shit when u let me give u pulldowns so u didn't kick me from police, AND u asked me where to buy the best cheats from loooool
  4. zico._

    Dirty Duners

    https://gyazo.com/c65c17ad56afb8205fea9d570227c153 I wasn't cheating my man
  5. zico._

    Dirty Duners

    all u darn cheaters! 🤠
  6. I didn't need to, I wanted to
  7. Im yr 10 thx and bye lads https://gyazo.com/745443a59b34ea588b5fcaf94b0749b3 it didn't make me realise that, I just wanted to quit so I could dedicate more time to it. and it isn't easy to just stop playing with my own will.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OzLSxd5Lgg&feature=youtu.be ik a lot of u will not like me for whatever, but I wanna say thanks for all the good times u lot gave me. sorry if I annoyed some people but I had fun for the last 3 yrs. I need to quit anyway so I can concentrate on exams and my real life so thank u management, but cheers to all the boys especially. @[email protected] these 2 are the best these lot are real ones @JohnnyMac @Kaane @Adam. @Benny prolyl forgot loads the rest of u know though so gl
  9.  406961306_johnwayne.gif.2d4d692aaa297c0951628b398d15ae2c.gif

    1. jack.


      :( bye 

    2. WeeFanny


      cheatin shit 

  10. o7 gamer x

  11. zico._


    In-game name: zico Steam ID: 76561198354437324 Date of ban: 06/10/19 Reason for ban: hacker Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: yes, I was banned because of a video that was shown of someone spectating me on cqc, I admit I was using a shitty random pbo that was given to me TODAY as he said to try it on cqc. I by no means was planning on using it on rr or any other servers other than the cqc as I would get insta banned and im almost certain it cant be used on it. I have videos of my not cheating on rr from today and yesterday and from before that. just because I tried something on a cqc does NOT mean I would ever use it on reborn. its like trying a free lagswitch on a cqc and getting banned on reborn for it. Why should we unban you? Because I did not ever cheat on reborn, never would, simply because It would be boring, I don't have a debit/credit card to buy them let alone any money. I also have no clue how to get hacks, and I also simply don't want to cheat or buy cheats on this game. I never hacked on reborn, never would, I made a mistake by listening to someone who was already banned for hacking by using the pbo they gave me for cqc, for that I am sorry but I do not believe I should be banned on reborn

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