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  1. zico._

    I actually hope u guys give some fun gl
  2. zico._

    why does every rebel struggle to not break nlr during gang wars. every gang wars I literally watch chat waiting for people to get banned for it I bet theyre shouting in their channel saying how much they hate the server but is it really that hard to just read a number on the left side of ur screen? lol prepared to get rinsed
  3. zico._

    rim him more fatty
  4. zico._

    Myyyy g squeker nice tage
  5. zico._

    lmao never wondered who someone is so much
  6. zico._

    10 yrs old and ill slap ur whole gang
  7. zico._

    haha https://gyazo.com/9f0da99d01fe8e8bb9dc4af2bcd3d69e hush
  8. zico._

    or what u gonna go to support? XD
  9. zico._

    u still gonna go to support everytime u die or loose something like u did in ur previous 24 gangs?
  10. zico._

    Staff level 1 SI Alex Jackson [KV1234] btwwwwwwwwwww xxxxxx
  11. zico._

    nice one kid xx
  12. zico._

    vuck u vluddy
  13. zico._

    R u ok?
  14. zico._

    Very nice yonnymakkkhhhhh will miss youse
  15. zico._

    Wait rob left cops?

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