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  1. this is shit why are u even allowed to wear that
  2. starting to play siege properly tried some weird editing
  3. zico._

    Benny R6S

    nice tell me when ur playing
  4. @poultsNeptune is hacka nice one my man
  5. zico._

    RR 15

    Ok. just wondering.
  6. very nice, this song gives me tingles
  7. In-game name: Sloth forum unban Steam ID: 76561198069561012 Date of ban: 01/07/19 Reason for ban: Numerous fake accounts with questionable names and intentions. Staff member that banned you: Harry Lewis Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified due to creating accounts that may have looked like it could have been used with questionable intentions. Why should we unban you? I believe I should be unbanned because I would really like to use the forums again, and to also be able to view updates/rule changes and just to mainly use it. I can promise you nothing like this will happen again and I have waited the full 3 months since I was banned. I can prove to the community I am not a toxic person as seen via my ban history; only toxic ban is on ts, these accounts were purely made to like my own content and others and were not made to insult anyone otherwise they would have attacked someone obviously and in a way everyone could see. I can give a list of the names and none of them said or did anything apart from reacting to my posts and were not meant to be seen in a toxic manner, only accounts that were seen as toxic that I had owned were called "spastic" "ebola" which did not attack anyone. However I have waited the full 3 months and would really like to use the forums as connor was also banned for the same reason as me and managed to be unbanned that same week. I have proven that I can change before and I will show you this once again by not causing any problems.
  8. Welcome back squeak x






    1. ..S..


      free out the can

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