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  1. 🤮🤮🤮🤮 do yourself a favour and never say that again lmao
  2. song gave me <inappropriate3> haha, nice tage tho pet xx
  3. My gang literally can’t be arsed to play because it’s so much better to play as police or black water ahah, rebel is shit compared to either - free gear infinite fights with a base next to og, and cheap gear with a base next to og ahaha
  4. andrew.


    performs the same as a coin
  5. take that out of your signature, you were a trial lmao
  6. anyone with fingers will shoot out someone trying to hotdrop, this isnt 2016
  7. We have 6-10 on max, no one plays this game anymore ahha
  8. Telling people to stop moaning about the big problem with your suggestion will get you nowhere lmao. They aren't "moaning," they are pointing out the reason it was removed in the first place. Good for you if you "don't experience any" but everyone else does so unlucky.
  9. its not op if people use ifrits and hunters to push. Its because of the dumbass tower lag that makes it not fun.
  10. I will give you some time to read what I said, then type another response ffs
  11. It’s not to do with that you egotistical dildo. It’s that we could win 7 times, but the never ending zombie waves mean you will inevitably will lose because they don’t stop coming. There is nothing unique about your play style, you play like everyone else. Get your head out your ass ahahah! “Adapt to our play style” fucking yikes
  12. You obviously havent read anything of what I or other people have said.
  13. wouldnt change the fact that it takes cops less than 3 mins to be back at the cap with full gear ahha
  14. exactly, right now you waste so much money fighting cops who dont lose any money so its not even worth trying to cap the zones if cops are on ahah

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