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  1. andrew.

    2019 and we still using drill tunes
  2. andrew.

    Leaders: andrew Requirements - 1000 Hours *exceptions can be made - Extensive Altis Life experience - Can listen to orders and use tactical communications - Knowledge of banks and capture areas - Financially stable - Advanced rebel Application Template In game name: Age: Bank account balance: Previous gangs: Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: Why do you want to join Hennessy? Can any members vouch for you? Please ensure you have someone that can vouch for you when applying to the gang. When applying to the gang your application will be reviewed by the three leaders and then a member vote will be carried out resulting in your application being either accepted or denied. If your application is denied, feel free to reapply in two weeks unless explicitly told otherwise as opinions can change and slots in the gang may open. Roster
  3. 10.2 You are not permitted to block access to gang bases with vehicles, an excess of unmanned vehicles will be deleted at the discretion of staff, no warnings will be given.

    When we block our base with vehicles they get deleted on the spot ready for someone to push. When Police / Blackwater bases are blocked by vehicles, intentionally by the defending group or not, they are not deleted. Today's reason being that "infantry can still get through." However this doesn't seem to be a consistent application of the rule since:

    - There is no mention of this within that sentence.

    - I've never heard this before and they normally get deleted regardless with our gang.

    - Aren't going to pull up to the gate then walk over, no chance of surviving lol? Whole reason this was implemented surely.

    Could we get some clarification and consistency regarding this rule please.

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    2. Benny


      if your gang could win a gunfight then you would've been able to slam instead of sitting outside the base and then cry when you cant get in the side entrance🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    3. andrew.


      There was 9 of us and we were still slamming lol? get off the thread if your gonna chat shit since nothing you say applies to us lol

    4. Fuel


      Itsssimple nothing is deleted until the fight is over, if the attacking group blocks the base because they get shot out it does not get cleared until fight is over

  4. andrew.

    yea dont worry bout it, didnt really expect everyone to stay when my pc is broken and the other leader left ahha
  5. andrew.

    Nah, small group of us now. Lots of snakes took their cut of gang funds and left without saying shit aha. We don't rly play anymore, didn't play much in the first place anyway.
  6. andrew.

    not sure about that lmao, denied
  7. andrew.

    Stop messaging and quoting me then dummy
  8. andrew.

    I don’t care that you left lol, it’s that you called people rats for taking cut and leaving then did the same thing dipshit
  9. andrew.

    You still trying to lick my ass lul Send me more snapchats please
  10. andrew.

    Why are you quoting me nerd
  11. andrew.

    57 is a yikes whomst is that ahaha
  12. andrew.

    I have fucked my PC so I’ll be back on the 15th when my new shit arrives. Before that if I can sort my current business haha
  13. andrew.

    You what happens in reapers stays in reapers!
  14. andrew.

  15. andrew.

  16. andrew.

    might wanna look at your own montage you just put out lmao
  17. andrew.


    nice flower
  18. andrew.

    ? Off the thread nerd
  19. andrew.

    Too many eggs.
  20. andrew.

  21. andrew.

    I’m cool as a cucumber, less people to carry
  22. andrew.

    take your cut and leave gamers! or even try to scam people in the gang, leave, then try and get your cut!
  23. andrew.

  24. andrew.


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