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  1. much better than the others bud
  2. Ah yes because adding a vote day destroys that role play immersion and that cannot be tolerated on this role play community SMH
  3. This has been suggested so many times, it was denied due to effecting performance or something nice title btw :3
  4. That’s my token ginger x
  5. //Posted for Connor* / Crude In-game name: Connor* Steam ID: 76561198271795396 Date of ban: 05/14/19 Reason for ban: Cheating Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No. Why should we unban you? I understand I am banned for cheating and my ban history is pretty appalling, however I would really appreciate it if we could put what I have done behind us and allow me to play on the server. I did not actually cheat on the server itself, I only used them on another server, that being said it does not excuse the fact that I cheated in the first place. I am more than happy to record every second of being on the server to ensure that you are satisfied I am no longer cheating, and if you feel necessary, remain banned from the forum. I'm not going to type a load of shit like every other person on a ban appeal about how I will contribute more to the server this time, however I will say that I hope you understand I'm not the toxic little shit you saw a month ago. I just want to play the server again and play with my friends, some of my most fun times on arma have come from this server which you and Neo started.
  6. I know this is old but people calling out cheating on this thread have no idea what they are talking about ahahaha, those clips aren't even dodgy. Nothing about this montage is dodgy at all. Much better montage than any you put out before you were banned anyway, nice one
  7. not bad, try to get more multikills/ kills from the same fight, dont put singles in
  8. andrew.

    Meal Deal

    i get the chicken avacado ahah
  9. Don't agree with a code that makes a house impossible to get into, but I do agree that it needs to be much harder and much more expensive to rob a house that has the potential to have millions in it, especially after the person has spent millions on that house to protect their stuff.
  10. its a game ahah, took a lot of courage to use those pixels!!!!

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