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  1. andrew.


  2. andrew.


    Connor is nothing Roster updated.
  3. roster link doesn't work bud, brings you to "need permission" good luck
  4. It’s only the big boy helis with fat retrieval price and I think it should be high since the can’t be chopped/ cut n shut. There is next to no risk pulling them out and they are the most valuable items on the server.
  5. andrew.

    RR 7

    ( ͡⊙ ͜ʖ ͡⊙)
  6. Donate more then if you want the rewards. I have donated double your amount yet I haven't donated since October 2018, maybe point the finger the other way.
  7. They played for 2 days and got the dong so left.
  8. Hello? People will voluntarily donate, not because young cbjo told them to
  9. Half price is monthly, it doesn't just activate once the goal is hit.
  10. andrew.

    Cap Zones Stats

    With the current cap zone system it wouldn't work since another gang can cap it instantly after. It's about who captures the zones, not who controls them, who wins the fights, which is the whole point of the zone... to cap it then control it. Surely for this to be some sort of competition it would have to be the gang with the longest time owning the cap or like on GTA where there is one big event for it. Also, say gang 1 is winning with 3 points. If gang 2 captures all of the zones, it can only get a maximum of 3 points therefor being equal to gang 1 for that restart unless someone else captures it. Aka, you can only get points if you are the first person to cap a zone during a restart or someone else caps a zone thus getting points. Therefor with that in mind, if there are two gangs fighting, they can only get equal amounts of points to each other or a 1 point lead.

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