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  1. Stop @ me I don’t play this game
  2. If you look at olympus forums, we aint best buds ahaha
  3. That montage is shite and it’s still better than all of yours ahaha. Just stop posting you make yourself look dumber on the daily.
  4. 1 prime, 1 faceless, 3 immunity, stop saying “waaaa immunity.” If you post a montage as bad as this one people will make memes. Welcome to Altis life.
  5. Name one what? And yes songs get old by people reusing them, that’s how people change their mind lmao
  6. MK200 bundles sell for 1 mil and the mags sell for 250k lol?
  7. ItS Ya bOi DoLaN People reusing songs is deng, hate hearing the same song in about 50 montages. It’s okay if maybe one person has used it.
  8. Rebels slaughter cops as it is. If you are struggling to beat cops in fights you need to sort that out yourself and with your group. Most of the cops get 5.56/6.5 and rebels have no restrictions aside from a cheap license to get all out 7.62. I have played both cop and rebel shit loads and cops nearly always lose fights to even vaguely skilled players. TLDR: Get good and cops aren’t an issue.
  9. Nice tage but ^ word
  10. he kills fetuschild not connor
  11. hefty young 63
  12. Nice one alex

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