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  1. andrew.


    That’s just a lie tho isn’t it ahha the only person you are fooling with that is yourself
  2. You weren't in the gang and you know that. That's why you had friend tag and had to ask to be dragged into channels. Nice guy tho.
  3. Accepted for trial.
  4. Pretty sure this is already in the works
  5. 2:53 of fast forwarding... just cut the clips bro
  6. Smh abyss even got a base so how didn’t skeng ahaha
  7. Didn’t you offer to buy me red dead 2 for crimbo
  8. andrew.


    //Posted for Zico. In-game name: Zico Steam ID: 76561198354437324 Date of ban: 06/10/19 Reason for ban: Cheating Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Justified. Why should we unban you? I don't really understand why I cheated in the first place, I enjoyed playing on the server a lot with my friends and being part of the community was fun. It was a big mistake and I admit it was a stupid thing to do. I thought I was done with reborn and Arma as a whole but as shown by this unban I still want to play even 5 months later. I realise that cheating was the wrong way to quit the game as not only did I get myself banned with no chance of coming back but I also ruined the experience for others and annoyed a lot of people.
  9. So excited for Christmas day so I can go downstairs and checkout my Christmas present from all the boys in Immunity!
  10. Which part are you talking about? If you are talking about the original suggestion that I made then it wont cause any lag. If you are talking about what Hoggie said, that has been suggested by me in the past also and was denied because it would cause lag yet olympus has had it for years.

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