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  1. andrew.

    Who is gonna remember it's a song you used lmao. Nice tage tommy, don't montage desync rams tho
  2. andrew.

    What are you on about lmao. Can we bring this back down to a suggestion on a role play server please, this isn’t a huge life decision calm down kid
  3. andrew.

    Lets play a game of state the obvious
  4. andrew.

    Depressing, more shit players get caught cheating than good ones lmao.
  5. andrew.

    nice one bud
  6. andrew.

    nice one flower
  7. andrew.

    Why are you still typing, no one cares anymore kid move on
  8. andrew.

    The rest of the gang got on with me, seems like your the problem dont worry you wont have the opportunity to, l8r nerd
  9. andrew.

    Do you not understand that by me putting sure and don’t make a mountain out of a mound I’m saying it’s not a big deal? I don’t give a hoot stop quoting me boy. Also I was talking about when F7 told me to come play and I won about 4 banks for you by myself. I was playing under a meme name like ScoobyDOO or Yeetus the fetus
  10. andrew.

    Read what has been said you dribble. I said sure and left it, then some randos start quoting me ahha. I even said it isn’t a big deal in the first quote. Stop quoting me you donkey I don’t even care hahaha. Just HMU when you want another free bank like in imperial lmao.
  11. andrew.

    Mate if someone stole my kit kat they get slapped 😂 Who tf are you two goons lmao
  12. andrew.

    Don’t think serious people talk about stealing kit kats
  13. andrew.

    What are you on about lmak, I asked why it’s in their and he starts playing the victim asif I’ve just stole his kit kat lmao. Read it properly
  14. andrew.

  15. andrew.

    Did I say it was a big deal? I wanted to know why you put it in. Don't make a mountain out of a mound.

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