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  1. Getting the impression you want some Walkers ready salted nerds, stop bumping this now please x
  2. Sorry I just don't believe you!
  3. them rook bangers dont know what hit em!
  4. andrew.


    @CynicalLooking at this thread you would have fit in well, maybe i should have accepted you!
  5. andrew.


    Ahahha little rats screenshotting the sc group chat smh, it’s alright it shows off my pearly whites
  6. andrew.


    You haven't seen me then ahah you seen adam. Don't forget it was luker who was the "snake" If you have seen the most recent one of me, im taking a shit! Since your a big fan I'll give you a picture of 13 year old me to wank over
  7. andrew.


    You really are upset aren't you. Sorry I didn't give you the birthday present you were dreaming of.
  8. andrew.


    You still upset I didnt let you in my gang, even on your birthday big boy!
  9. andrew.


    Need to change the reason to dead tage
  10. andrew.


    Just start over lmfao, dont think anyone wants this again
  11. By my logic? This is what happens, you log on, cap zones then chances are nothing happens. No one wants to waste time sitting there. So they cap zones when they know other gangs are on to contest it for fights. You wouldn't know because you don't play in the big gangs. Either that or they log on to do bank, other gangs see they are on and log on to anti them. Right now you have to organise cartel fights to actually get one.

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