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  1. dob

    shit clips, roaching, no combat stance but a frag montage with 67 in the background makes it insane
  2. dob

    Short cuz bored of reborn and arma as a game. Might bop on gang wars to get bent over and bummed but for now i hope you enjoy!11!!
  3. dob

    really nice tage pal, if you find a crack to active windows gimme a shout!
  4. dob

    IGN: Dobbs Hours on arma (Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/beb407df3b19a7216f5c9d3680222170 Rebel or Advanced?: Both Bank (Screenshot): 1.8mil Why do you want to join Us?: Because I heard load of sound guys in there, im up for a laugh and a giggle but also have a fair fight on the field lads What sets you apart from other applicants?: I have a retainer and also am able to provide spare magazines in the field Rate your combat from 1-10: a strong 5 Members that will vouch for you?: Brandon, Ghost, Lickz
  5. dob

    clean my n word
  6. dob

    absolutely mental
  7. dob

    Some nutty clips in there, good song as well great tage mate
  8. dob

    Name: dob Hours(Screenshot): https://gyazo.com/bde43e04214dec605271423a76d6ce5b Previous Gangs: xtacy Why do you want to join: Looking for an active, good gang to play alongside with who also have good comms and i can rely on!!! Anyone who can vouch for you: ik that edgy cozza bloke
  9. dob

    Been there, done that mate. Choose one server to make a montage on. Don't montage back shots or hobos. Really nice frags there, but it felt like I was watching a 10 second clip just to watch you kill someone reloading a gun. Speed and crop the clips down a bit. Other than that there were some nice frags i guess
  10. dob

    didn't think it was going to be 2-0, come on lads
  11. dob

    heard the song a couple of times, other than that nice one splitz pal
  12. dob

    Colombia flying home like https://gyazo.com/fb2a229d6c1a72d4df8afc268d24ad20
  13. dob

    long af intro but made it up with some nice frags good one mate!
  14. dob

    Try voice over net in settings
  15. dob

    Turn. Off. Adaptive. Crosshair.

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