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  1. dob

    Zico - UK/China, safe g nice roster fellas, have a gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood time!!!11!
  2. dob

    took your time to realise - and this is coming from me
  3. dob

    sick 1
  4. dob

    bruh you need to share how you make these, funny af
  5. dob

    fair enough
  6. dob

    top sh4gg3r
  7. hey geezer hope you enjoyed!
  8. ALL HAIL THE GREAT TREEEEEEE (300mil gang funds, only comp 125k MK1 loadout tight bastards)
  9. thanks mate, i'll try that next time
  10. safe g, worked hard on this one
  11. hey guys, just clearing my bad clips cant stand them but got to get them out the way before i accidentally wipe my ssd. bit washed but you can still watch the pure destruction of the notorious dobby. any gangs hiring hmu (hit me up) mix of olympus cops and rpuk
  12. dob

    haha i seen what you did with some of the clips. n1 saul nice frags and editing. from constructive PoV, I found that the clips would've flown better if faded. Other than that, keep it up
  13. dob

    Application Template In game name: dob Age: 17 Bank account balance: Stable Previous gangs: xtacy, sinity Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/c1d517d0efc249485426115d55848d09 Why do you want to join Tenacity? Haven't played Arma for a bit and I'm looking to get back into it. Got some mates in this gang who from personal experience enjoy a good laugh and know how to play the game which is what I am looking for. Can any members vouch for you? I think I've played with most of the guys in this gang and I'm chill with em. Cheers
  14. dob

    5 min frag montage, probably could've been 2
  15. dob

    montage is good but if you had 67 it would have been insane

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