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  1. JRDN

    Imagine being like this over a computer game, see ya later.
  2. JRDN

    reading it back it was a dumb reply but yeah I will admit I've tried to use them on a sandbox before but makes me worse plus its definitely classed as cheating the game. Accuse all you lads want but I couldn't give a shit if you think I use them or not as I've said Arma does not bother me anymore. Replying to you AndreW CSGO does help with arma gun mecanics as you have to learn to pulldown the AK for example so im used to pulling down on both games. Drop mate ya wear crocs and socks to go to the shop for ya bread and milk ya grease monkey.
  3. JRDN

    thanks for the comments not really playing PC anymore too much but I have 2k hours on CSGO was global and rank B on ESEA tbh whether you believe me or not thought i had a few more bullets and i was still pulling my mouse down which looks like an auto-assist for example a pull down. Just threw these clips together tbf didn't go hard like some of the other boys on here. Negativity just helps me improve so throw it towards me not that ill use it to help me as Arma is boring me tbf.
  4. JRDN

    very nice sir
  5. JRDN

    800 Hours btw tips to improve etc is appreciated
  6. JRDN

    or scroll wheel lol
  7. JRDN

    First 40 seconds was insane man, spot on!
  8. JRDN

    3:40 is where its at!
  9. JRDN

    good luck pal
  10. JRDN

    fuck me bet this kids monitor is absolutely soaking🀣
  11. JRDN

  12. JRDN

    RedruM was a good song last year, changed my mind now.
  13. JRDN

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-43841194?ns_mchannel=social&ns_campaign=bbc_breaking&ns_source=twitter&ns_linkname=news_central Rest in Peace a great DJ.
  14. JRDN

    Name: JORDAN. Age: 18 Hours on Arma: 800 Previous Gangs: BATTLEDRI0DS and Fusion on RPUK, Fingerless and Plague on Olympus & haven't really been in a gang on here due to money but I've been grinding for a bit. Bank Balance: 8mill Why do you want to join Devious: Seems like a decent gang with active members. Can bring good combat skills and strategic game sense too.

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