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  1. You're the worst kind of person
  2. what happened?
  3. In-game name: Rappy Age: 16 Hours on Arma (screenshot): 2666 http://prntscr.com/ioml77 Bank balance: 5mil Why do you want to join Faceless?: I want to join an active gang with a group of like minded individuals that fight on the server. Can anyone vouch for you?: N/A
  4. Recently, I've been having big gunfights against cops with Vanguard. They're really fun to fight and all, but the major issue we all seem to have is that fucking armed Hellcat. Currently, there are no ways to counter it (as far as I know) and it really ruins the fun when they constantly do strafe runs peppering us. We obviously get the Pawnee, but we can only use that in our lands so cops don't see it that often. The Titan launcher is an Anti Air launcher, and is only effective against helicopters. The introduction of a Titan launcher would make fighting cops much less boring and force them not to rely on their hellcats, and would make gunfights a lot more fun and enjoyable. The launcher could be added as a thing for all players, vanguard only or whatever else, but I think that it would fit very well being pard of the 'APD' robbery, the evidence lockup in Zaros. Hopefully this gets added or the police Hellcat gets restricted a bit more because it's so boring the way they use them.
  5. mum's going to have a hard time cleaning that!
  6. Asylum: Nimrods, Destiny, Aphelion, Genesys, Velocity, Rebel Department among others. Olympus: VX, Eclipse, Plague, Trident, Anxiety, Ambition, Vital and maybe a few more.
  7. Name: Rappy Age: 16 ArmA 3 Hours (Screenshot must be provided): 2579 http://prntscr.com/i50sl2 Members who can vouch for you (NOT TRIALS): N/A Why do you want to join?: I want to join a group of like minded, active individuals who don't back down from fights. I want to prove myself in the gang and get back into Reborn. Previous Gangs: Proximity, Oracle, Multiple Asylum/Olympus.
  8. Gotta speak dutch for a gang on an english server?
  9. Asylum I was in Nimrods, Destiny (trial), Aphelion, Genesys, Invictus (new but one of the only cartel fighting gangs on asylum rn), Rebel Department and possibly more but can't remember. On Olympus I was in VX, Eclipse, Turtle Dealers, Plague, Volatile (new gang ran by Widdsy), Trident and Anxiety. I did play under a different name for most of my time on Asylum, but Olympus I played with the name Rappy for the past year.
  10. In game name: Rappy Age: 16 Bank account balance: £2 million Previous gangs: Proximity, Oracle, Multiple Olympus/Asylum Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: 2571 http://prntscr.com/hz42x4 Why do you want to join Assent? I want to join a group of skilled veteran Arma 3 players who know what they are doing and get into fights. I feel that I could pull my weight if I were to get in the gang and I would like to show my worth. Can any members vouch for you? Maybe Hoggie? Played with him on Olympus in Plague but not sure if he will
  11. The standard of players has never been too high
  12. You should see my asylum kavala montage....
  13. Didn't get into Nocturnal I'd assume?
  14. Name: Rappy Age: 16 Nationality: British Hours on Arma: 2516 http://prntscr.com/hrsc9c Bank Balance: 1mil Why do you want to join Øracle?: I want to join a gang that is actually competent in fighting people, active and has team oriented players that have a lot of experience in Arma 3 and the server. I also want to join an organised and well known group on the server, and I feel that I could bring a lot to this gang. I am of course advanced rebel and have a lot of experience in Arma 3, and a fair share on Reborn Roleplay. I used to play Asylum (900 hours) and Olympus (300 hours), and the rest on RPUK or other life mods, but Reborn is by far one of the best I've played. I also want to skeng skeng. Who can vouch for you?: Not applicable, I've never played with anyone from this gang unless they were in Versus, Proximity or played Asylum/Olympus with me.
  15. ok nvm then

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