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  1. Rappy

    Like I said, you broke the rules (plural) first otherwise I wouldn't have done what I did. Honestly couldn't give a fuck about my "clan" combat logging or breaking any rules for that matter as it's not me breaking them, only just joined anyway lol. If you want to sort this in ts I will, but I'm not listening to "your gang does this" because it doesn't concern me
  2. Rappy

    forgot month bans are only appealable after a week, can't delete this one though sorry
  3. Rappy

    In-game name: Rappy Steam ID: 76561198065917118 Date of ban: 12/10/18 Staff member that banned you: Wilma Fingerdoo Reason for ban: RDM Why do you think you were banned: I was banned because I RDM'ed about 4 or 5 members of the 5th Order gang as they were near Kavala and there was quite a few that had guns, so I followed them for a little bit and they flipped over and all hopped out the car. One of them said something, and I thought that it was an initiation attempt so I gunned them down. Really bad from my end, as soon as I shot I knew I fucked up and tried to speak in direct and like stop shooting but they kept shooting back so I just continued. Heat of the moment type thing, I know what I did was bad and I am very sorry for it. Instantly knew I was done for. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No, I believe it was completely justified because I messed up really bad this time. If anything I'm lucky it wasn't a permanent ban. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: I don't think I should be unbanned completely for what I did as it was bad and I need time to learn from what's happened, as I can't get away with it as if nothing did happen. I think that the ban should be lowered as I've rarely been banned for legitimate rule breaks before (to my knowledge) and I instantly knew I fucked up as the situation happened. In the heat of the moment I did what I thought would be best, but I instantly knew I was done for after I shot the first bullet. I think that my ban should be lowered from a month as I don't want to miss the run up to christmas with reborn, and I want to be able to play at the start of the new year too. I'd be very thankful for a 1-2 week ban, but as I said prior I'm lucky it wasn't a permanent ban, and I thoroughly believe this one is justified. I am truly sorry for what I did. Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: I don't think so, but the length may have been affected by my previous history and reputation from staff. Please confirm you’ve read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  4. Rappy

    and then he shot me
  5. Rappy

    Doesn't matter you all still need to be in the same gang regardless of how many you got, I cba posting 5 minutes because fuck all happens 5 minutes prior, and I'm not trying to prove you RDM'ed me I'm showing how minimal the RP was and that it would be under the poor RP rule as shown: " It is not RDM if the person was roleplaying before shooting no matter how minimal the RP was, that would be considered Poor RP (see Roleplay Standards rule)." I showed the initiation attempt and I'll show the attempt your friend made too if you want, but it was equally as shit. As for my gang (Zenith) not roleplaying and me showing it in this video, you literally said "Out the car out the car" bang bang dead. Your gang is not 'Nightdream', it was unemployed as with your friend 'm8'. Asking nicely to leave a car isn't initiation either lol, also no need to get toxic with the "you guys don't deserve to be on the server" and all that just having fun as you are. Also forgot to mention, I asked all of you to come discuss what happened in TS a few times I think in sidechat, but it didn't seem like you were going to come as you literally said nothing back and it seemed as if no effort to resolve what rules YOU and YOUR FRIENDS broke was being made, I 'metagamed' by pointing out the different gang thing and then I logged because you just kept pissing me off if I'm being honest, mainly because you didn't get the chance to rob my gear legitimately and all that. If you wish to discuss in teamspeak what rules that BOTH PARTIES broke (me included) then I am more than happy to talk to you and your friends whenever's convenient for you all, and I'm sure we can reach an agreement.
  6. Rappy

    Alright so right off the bat, you literally RDM'ed me. I got a recording of the attempted initiation, and I mean I heard "Stop the car" *bang bang* and that's pretty much it. There was two attempts but no threat to life, just stop the car and so on. So, that's either FailRP or RDM from your end which I wasn't too happy about, but I'll address that later. Secondly, there was 3 of you who shot, and you were all in seperate group affiliations or gangs. One of you was in the 'SWAMP' gang, and two of you were 'Unemployed'. This means that you are all in different affiliations and two of you have nothing to do with each other, and that in itself is another rulebreak from your end as stated: 3.17 Gang Tags If a gang has 5 or more members then all members must wear a gang tag. Gangs may not work together. 'Gangs may not work together' which is exactly what you were doing. So, you all broke two rules which led up to me 'breaking' some for myself. I guess you could say I did metagame when I mentioned your gang tags, but quite frankly I wasn't concerned about roleplay and breaking your 'immersion' after you all killed me without initiating properly, and then I see yous aren't together so I'm saying this to give you a chance to just let a medic get me as you fucked up twice there. I only 'metagamed' to stop you from executing me and prevent further rulebreaking, but I guess you've turned that against me so whatever. If anything it should be me reporting you lol As for the combat log, I did that because as soon as I got revived you just knocked me out without any re-initiation, not sure if that's allowed but heat of the moment I guess. I was pissed because you all seemed like complete random hobo people that RDM'ed me, are in seperate gangs and then try to take my gear (after the RDM) and I couldn't be fucked to go through an entire player report, then compensation request situation to get my one MK-1 loadout much later when I've already forgotten about it so. I'll upload my evidence later of what happened probably, but I did all this stuff within reason lol The initiation attempt btw:
  7. Rappy

    In-game Name: Zen | Rappy Steam ID: 76561198065917118 Date of the incident: 12/09/18 Time of the incident: 8:43 Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: LSD run in a hemtt, about £1.428m Please provide as much detail as possible: I was doing a run and the server crashed/got DDoS'ed maybe and I lost the run. This is the 2nd run I've lost today because of a hacker or crash Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/6ac46ef00e8c2f122659222a39cf9396
  8. Rappy

  9. Rappy

    Sinity bifta, I can't disclose what this means on the forums fella
  10. Rappy

    shut it
  11. Rappy

    I guess that's one of the better ones
  12. Rappy

    Name: Rappy Age: 16 Previous Gangs: Vanguard/Camorra, Sinity, many more but literally forgot Hours on Arma 3: 3657 Bank Account: 1m owed 9m cut Why do you want to join Ƶenith : active gang, sinity inactive for now Who can vouch for you ( ask first ) : Crawfy, Sammy if its the one I know. Alonso probs and BenH if they're in this gang, that roster looks outdated
  13. Rappy

    In-game Name: Rappy Steam ID: 76561198065917118 Date of the incident: 11/23/18 Time of the incident: 11:35 Link to player report: N/A don't even know who to report for this, couldnt get their name Lost Items and Estimated Value: MK-1 Loadout, 12 monster greens like 20 mags or sumn like 260k in total Please provide as much detail as possible: I pulled up the most extreme redzone on the map in the mujahideen hills of kavala and this fucking orca hovers above me for like 5 minutes maybe and then decides to just crash into me. Any Evidence Available: https://gyazo.com/a07b3584e3b1a5920ce9e146ac95d2d4
  14. Rappy

    "Loads of guns on the floor MK-1's here and everything" then your friend proceeds to pick one up, from someone that was in our gang who died to a fight that was still ongoing in the area real close as you can hear at 29 seconds in the video. At this point you've been loitering with an ifrit at the place we first got initiated at for just under a minute whilst your friend is busy picking up OUR guns, and then you straight up took 750k off of drop, who is also in sinity if you didn't know already. That's three things that made you involved in the gunfight, but that's just what I could see in game from my point of view. From this evidence I can see at 49 seconds your bud is going on about nicking more of our guns and mags, again making you involved. As for the report, you lied twice. You said the guy I shot had no gun and posed no threat, as seen in your evidence he DID have a gun but stored it in his SUV to take more of them. Then, you said that there are no shots anywhere near but at 29 seconds you hear who I think is me blasting a mag into some blue offroad. And finally, the evidence itself. The evidence is literally 1:32 minutes long, and it only really shows me killing your friend. The rest is all he said she said from what I can see, for all anyone else knows I could've initiated on you 3 minutes prior and then spotted you again at the drug dealer. Not to mention there is no video evidence of me actually killing you, but I guess it looked pretty obvious what I was trying to do anyway. tl;dr 3 major things stuck out that you were involved in the situation, I then killed you because of this. +1 what alex said too, forgot to mention that one

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