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  1. Now we know why in your frag montage you're dog shit but was good ingame ahahhahaha : 


    1. es0n


      what the fuck


    2. Neo


      Hate to point out that most modern hacks don't show when recorded (overlay)

  2. Oof, told everyone you was cheating. Only took 2 years!! Bye bye!


    New rule 10.2

    Any chance we can get a 3-10mins to cap feature when you.bid? Get many people who just push at 11:55 meaning the whole 3 hours are pointless
  4. good montage and nice shot on shooting me out. wp!
  5. I know only 6 guys out of that 33 people lmao, said this to Attach
  6. tf you chatting. Asked a few of my mates if they wanted to come on, nothing more lmao
  7. Nice cheating lmao. Have fun getting banned on all servers
  8. In game name: GHOSTK1LL3R Age: Bank account balance: 30million Previous gangs: Vertigo, Bananas Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: 3,634 hrs on recordCurrently In-Game Why do you want to join Immunity? Want to come on from time to time and do some gang activties. Can any members vouch for you? Adam, Attach
  9. In-game Name: GHOSTK1LL3R Steam ID: 76561198036556496 Date of the incident: 02/22/2018 Time of the incident: N/A Link to player report: N/A Lost Items and Estimated Value: Houses Please provide as much detail as possible: House Wipe Any Evidence Available: N/A


    Impressive 145 bipods
  11. I never said he shot anyone in the back and I see nothing wrong with my montage lmao.
  12. No idea who it was until I looked it up right now Sorry didn't realise you wasn't from RPUK

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