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  1. I'm sure I remember a gang called Ascension before...
  2. Good frags man, your sens when pushing the towers is a bit slow (e.g. @ :55). I'd consider boosting your dpi by 100 and giving it a bash. Other than that, really good shit man.
  3. New year new start? Na I get that, no worries. Good luck with the gang!
  4. Name - GHOSTK1LL3R Age - 25 Hours On ArmA - 2,9k Nationality - English Why do you want to join? - Want to be around equally good players in combat. What can you bring to the gang? - Good at CQB, Sniping, Thermaling, leadership if required etc. Rate the following Role play - 10 (if needed) Combat - 9 Flying - 9 Driving -6
  5. until

    Someone translate to English for me please?
  6. Out of everything I disagree with on the server, this isn't one of them. I don't see any reason why they shouldn't contest. You're defending the zone; if you play your cards right it's almost impossible to lose when defending. Hold your angles don't let them push. - support.
  7. [Redacted]
  8. 7th

    You'd make a great single mom
  9. 7th

    Speaking of bans,,,, If you're going to 'insult' me over a server I played on please please please don't be so stupid to state it considering you played there also (not to mention begs in ubr for unban [insert brown nose image here]). Sir 'ALUK mong'. Fuck off.
  10. 7th

    Ye you're right, What I hate most is when people put in shit clips like when people have god mode and then put them kills in a montage and then judge others and say their montages are bad.
  11. Well this has turned into an interesting thread...
  12. If you're asking that question for the Rahim, you've never used the Rahim....
  13. Currently, the Rahim is a completely useless gun having no perks over any other guns. I'd love to see more people using this gun and I think nerfing it's price to the same price as the Katbia and it's mags A LOT cheaper also. Keep in mind this change should be looked over as it still could be too expensive/cheap and might need an increase or decrease.
  14. Make clothes half price when everything else is half price? Thanks
  15. Currently it's an insane amount of points you are required to get in order to get a skill point after a level. For drug runs you can acquire only 100-200 points from a whole run and I have now 17~ skill points and it takes me 7k ish points to get another point. The amount of time it now requires to get skill points is ridiculous and not worth attempting. I recommend capping every skill point to 400-500 points per level and not making it increase per point as it's not worth the time to grind skill points which some people would enjoy to do. With the cap of 400-500 per skill point it would increase people doing runs as those that have loads of money will not want to do runs again not just for the money but now for the skill points. Should be an easy 'fix' and would be something that would increase people to do something on the server.

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