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  1. They are great lads
  2. Ethan

    In-game name: Devious | Ethan Name of the player(s) you are reporting: Jack Gregory Date of the incident: 04/17/2018 Time of the incident: 2350 What rule do you believe was broken: RDM/Poor RP+Combat logging Any evidence available: RDM/Poor RP - https://plays.tv/video/5ad67d37a665d63158/rdm-1 Combat Log -https://plays.tv/video/5ad67e15c2722be061/combat-log-1 Describe the incident: I was just revived at the Kavala Shop, after walking around for a bit i noticed this offroad with two semi-rebel looking people inside, i knew they were after me so i tried to evade them. They finally caught up with me and said hands up form a fair distance, and then started shooting. They then came back around, i killed one of them and he combat logged, im pretty sure the other one logged as well, but might have soft logged. I would have tried to resolve this but couldn't as they combat logged and didn't come back (Couldn't find on TS either) Confirm this report is the truth, all evidence is provided and nothing was edited to try and get a player banned. Yes Confirm you have tried to resolve the issue. Yes
  3. Streaming some Holdfast - https://www.twitch.tv/ogethand

  4. Ethan

  5. Ethan

    The 12 hour ban issued was more of a cooldown period than a ban, and from what it looks like it was deserved. No reason for a report to be made, if you have a problem with the staff member about "abusing powers", bring it to a staff lead/management, not a report on the forums.
  6. Ethan

    You have no evidence, you, yourself haven't stated any rule has been broken, and you were banned for a genuine reason (calling someone a "fucking spastic"). What is the point of this report?
  7. Happy Birthday Randall!!! 


  8. Ethan

    Ok, thanks for clearing that up, Accepted And Actioned
  9. Ethan

    I understand a few days but how come it has taken two months to bring this forward.
  10. Ethan

    I wouldn't say "solid frags" got some good liquid frags
  11. Ethan

    I am going to be giving a huge shoutout to these two officers for their conduct in a recent APD Venom did. @Grim Reaper - Had really good RP with Grim and he was really good as a negotiator. Even when the police had to respond to another situation he made sure we could carry on the RP with the syndicate. And informed them of what was going on, so they knew our intentions. @Kev1- During the negotiations one of our group, knocked down a APD fence, we all came to a deal that 15 cash was to be left inside to pay for the fence repairs. Kev explained why it cost so much to repair, because it was made out of bulletproof diamond encrusted gold, he then went on to explain other things about the APD, including the gold stairs, in which chunks would usually be cut, stolen and sold by rebels. Basically he gave some great RP during the negotiations. All in all had a really good time RPing with these guys, so TY.
  12. Ethan

    Hello, i was the admin that banned you. The reason for your ban is combat log, the circumstances of your ban are as follows I witnessed your helicopter getting given several warning shots, after not leaving when you received them, your helicopter was then fired upon, after a couple of seconds of your heli receiving fire, it says you disconnected. And then your heli plummets into a building. The only reason it would say you disconnect is if you actually disconnected, otherwise it would say you were "losing connection" and then you would be kicked off.
  13. Ethan

    Denied, Please make a forum account and re-make this comp request

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