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  1. Cheers lad Cheers goth boot Cheers friend Thanks Cheers Cheers cheers lad Thanks Cheers Cheers lad
  2. so how am i like cozza smurf then?
  3. Don't worry ill be back in the country again
  4. @SaltCheers for the song lad Feedback will be appreciated x
  5. Dynamic


    In-game name: Patron Steam ID: 76561197968339166 Date of ban: 02/17/19 Reason for ban: Homophobic remarks Staff member that banned you: Bassie Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Game ban was forum ban and ts no Why should we unban you? I did say ‘’mother fucking gay’’ in game as i died and got pissed about it i got banned on forums for quoting what the guy who reported me said and i guess Bassie thought i was just fucking about so far as the ts ban goes i did not insult a staff member but since he helped me solve and he is from belgium i told him ‘’kanker raar’’ which basicly means fkin weird this does not insult him this was about the report but i guess he took it personal. I think i should be unbanned because i made a mistake by thinking i was alowed to use the word gay but now i know im not allowed to use it because it is a disgusting word i would like to apologize to anyone who felt offended and to MR lomax since ur sexuality is none of my concern
  6. No was on foot the whole time no car and ran up
  7. Feeding the momentum for the push

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