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  1. Matthew

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    @Charlie Thomas dont have one, i dont record.
  2. Matthew

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    I initiated clearly however due to your teamspeak being loud as well as your engine in game because of your earplugs not being pushed in far enough, you couldn't hear me. Correct me if im wrong but if someone cant hear the initiation due to their game sound being too loud because of their earplugs not being in properly and if their ts is too loud, it is not my fault that they could not hear my initiation. I said get out the vehicle without a weapon or you will be shot at least three times, if your earplugs were in properly and your ts comms were good, you would have easily heard the initiation; I tried my best to make sure he heared the initiation, I was within the 35m radius in which your voice can be heard, I was atleast 10m away if not closer. The "harsh" comment was a result of (in my opinion) you threatening me with a report telling me "you can comp me or im going to go report you". I stand by my decisions as I feel I have done nothing wrong on my behalf. @Charlie Thomas
  3. If you had your ear plugs all the way in and had good comms in ts you would have easily heard me, correct me if I'm wrong but if they can't hear me because of something on their behalf such as bad comms and ear plugs then I'm not the one that's in fault here? Also I didn't give nay harsh comments I told you to put it on the forums because I had to go and I wasnt giving comp for something that wasn't my fault, I was within 35m of you and I repeated get out the vehicle or you will be shot at least 3 times.
  4. You could easily state how much here, you had a trg loadout so im assuming that you will need around 100k, your friend, we will need proof of what he had.
  5. Lol I weren't being rude to no one, I'll comp u as I said, I'm not apologizing for anything that is just taking things ott. I'll comp u, also what's the need to come to ts again? Your just taking longer
  6. Loool so u just want me banned, cool..
  7. @Albistoni did offer to comp via pm on ts but he blanked it completely so what am I suppose to do from here
  8. I couldn't find you in teamspeak yesterday? are you still wanting to talk in ts? I will be on today, I dont know how long for though as I am busy today.
  9. I'll come but idk what time, the thing is your trying to report for me for a mistake although, you was meters from the zone, as well as running into it.ill come but Idk what time.
  10. I mean I thought u flew through the zone and landed behind us so we shot you while we were in the zone.
  11. No? We was inside the cap, did he think we was outside? Also can we see a 3 minute video as it is required because it's the minimum length needed?
  12. We was already fighting the cap and we noticed a helicopter landing behind us, we thought it was in the zone so we shot
  13. Can someone review this please, I need to get back on as police before I am kicked for inactivity.
  14. goodluck, it triggers me the logo isn't centered xd
  15. lol imagine having a birthday, what a noob





    Happy birthday noob

    1. J.Ghost


      thanks mate!

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