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  1. The Red Fez

    2 Mil
  2. The Red Fez

    I can confirm i did try to revive Ivan but unfortunately i was unable to get him and i then reported this to Tom Skyline that he died as it just kept saying you need to look at patient anytime we did anything.
  3. The Red Fez

    All codes gone
  4. The Red Fez

    @Tom Skylinecome ts
  5. The Red Fez

    Got some free beta codes if anyone wants to play fallout 76 beta post here beta starts at 9:00pm tonight Message me on ts if ya want
  6. The Red Fez

    What you looking for just a pink plane or one like the pink suv design
  7. The Red Fez

    -1 nah no point in having
  8. The Red Fez

    Well I must say I've had some of the best times on this server in an Opfor faction, it created some great roleplay and brung a total different aspect of roleplay to the server and I think it could bring that again. There were always two sides to the factions, the sides where the roleplayers enjoyed the roleplay in kavala, the fun at the check points or at the road blocks were some good roleplay could really turn out and people enjoyed this and well there were sides of the high combat side of them if people didn't want to roleplay and they tried attacking us or didn't wanna pay some simple tax we eliminated the threat and yes we didn't win all the time (most of the time though) we tried our best and I think it's for everyone's benefit that an Opfor faction comes back so people can have a more range of roleplay that they can do and the rebels get the fights they want. To be honest the Opfor factions that have been before they do have less restrictions from the police and yes you do have to pay for your stuff but runs will start booming again from this money will start moving back round the server again from just (Rebel buys Ifrit --> Gunfight --> Poice Crush Ifrit --> Rebel does Run --> Arrested) this happens so much now so unless your a good player and can wipe the 30 cops that come to kill you for not stopping or is gang that has mass recruited and has enough people to win off the 30 police officers that turn up to kill you or you have a good roleplay story which very little people try roleplay out of drug runs, you would then be able to either ask for help from the Opfor faction or you could see if you could escape in to there lands. This is my final point about the Opfor faction and well police are booming and dominating the server as there is usually 30 cops on at peak times, that will change if an Opfor faction comes as they will not win every gun fight they will not be dominating the server as they will be scared as they was before and the one cop that has the balls to come and talk to us will get some good roleplay or that one cop that come to initiate will lose his head as well that's how it was and that's how it should be.
  9. The Red Fez

    But just saying if it was a cop back pack I understand but it was there and we can get it so unless it is completely invisible then we can get it
  10. The Red Fez

    Well I do apologise I didn’t know how to roleplay that he had it in his inventory I said it’s a small helmet so dan should take it maybe peeling the wet suit off was abit too far with that but it’s there and we were robbing them you could literally say how could he fit that big helmet in that wetsuit basically saying that people can’t wear that under wet suits
  11. The Red Fez

    My response well I don’t know what he is accusing me of can he point the ones out that I broke And if he can’t take my roleplay as a rebel well sorry I roleplay like that and he was executed ye I saw his pilot helmet in his inventory and informed dan to get it I don’t thinks that powergaming when it was in his inventory ye we weren’t exactly mic spamming we were just singing we then told them to start singing which we can do and then we roleplay we were going to caps and we executed them we are rebels if we were cops we would have gave you a ticket but we are rebels and we didn’t want you alive anymore one more person that loses money puts them out of action when they don’t have money so ye I apologise that J.ghost called you a player if it ruined your roleplay and yes I can talk about call of duty it’s not fail RP for saying the name of another game just think what I might do after killing you I might be going home and play some call of duty and I do apologise if I didn’t say please and thank you but I am a rebel I’m not being offensive to you but I’m an aggressive rebel so if you can’t take my angry roleplay like player then well I do appologise.
  12. The Red Fez

    Well you said you didn’t wanna resolve so you obvs didn’t try to resolve
  13. The Red Fez

    Why Not
  14. Happy birthday Jimboke

  15. The Red Fez

    The Red Fez

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