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  1. The Red Fez

    Ok I understand that you all get triggered when ya get killed when you were on the ground by the Pawneee and yes that is gone now but the hellcat only gunna shoot you if your in the air just the same as police, I don’t get why you want it removed just don’t go in a helli and go on ground if you have a problem with it coz it can’t shoot you on the ground.
  2. Guys gotta make sure they can hear you when ya breaching a building
  3. The Red Fez

    We also have ESP its Charly / Paul D
  4. The Red Fez

    Next time ya darn in HQ ya can have some blackwater hospitality ?
  5. The Red Fez

    Thanks for coffee
  6. The Red Fez

  7. The Red Fez

    it can only go to the one east of our border and will only shoot when in the zone or if the gunfight emerges out side of it
  8. The Red Fez

    Ground units pushed in before the Pawnee even started shooting
  9. The Red Fez

    i mean at OG and that gunfight bobby went out of red zone when everybody else got involved
  10. The Red Fez

    Send me a vid of who shot it at you in red zone
  11. The Red Fez

    They can shoot hellis at the west side of the border and red zone and everything else on the right side of border not red zone.
  12. The Red Fez

    Write all your suggestion in a google doc and we will go over it in a command meeting
  13. The Red Fez

    2 Mil
  14. The Red Fez

    I can confirm i did try to revive Ivan but unfortunately i was unable to get him and i then reported this to Tom Skyline that he died as it just kept saying you need to look at patient anytime we did anything.
  15. The Red Fez

    All codes gone

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