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  1. Thank you very much Cbjo Like i said i will miss ya
  2. Cbjo i will miss you in blackwater and i wish you good luck all the best Jace Vast. REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  3. im not i swear please i beg of you please
  4. please i beg please @Tommy Robison
  5. the reason i disconnected is because um i had to go because i was crying and i was lost in my own dark little world to think what was gonna happen i already lost my best mates and i had to go think about things
  6. i am very very sorry i have my reason's why i didn't rp my best i cant tell you them if need's be
  7. Sinalou Cartel Most feared cartel we deal with drug trafficking we deal with weapon selling robbery murder we are most known for being the biggest cartel and the most feared in mexico we are known for being the bravest and people with no forgiveness you can either be allied enemy friend foe or one of our brother's we are a family and we do not forgive our lost brother's if we even call them that they betrayed us they left us and for those who have left never come back from there grave but we are at just the beginning we are rising and our enemies are falling take our hand and fight beside our cartel we need you and we understand the pain of your friend's being teared apart by other group's join us and fight free and live free no rule's just one big family. Application please fill in the following below. Do you have Basic rebel license or Advanced rebel How long have you been apart of reborn roleplay Are you a good pilot or driver or both Are you good in combat Do you have over 500 hour's How much you be able to play with the gang will you be able to 25% of your money from run's toward's gang fund's thank's for reading i hope you will join our cartel and fight along side Sinalou Cartel.
  8. Berzerker's Recruitment Page. We are Berzerker's we Believe that people should live free and not by law we have been around for decades and we have been hidden in the shadow's we have been watching how the government treat people they think they run everything there wrong we have trained for years to fight against the government the government don't know yet that we gonna attack them but when that attack come's the only people that will survive is Berzerker's we are stronger then ever we are more powerful then ever we are a family we have been raised outside of society but now were ready to carry out that attack you can fight along side us the only thing you have to do is take our hand. what were looking for in a member is. a good personality. a funny person. someone that cab take a joke. someone that will put dedication into the gang. someone that is friendly. someone that is always willing to have a chat. someone that is good at roleplay. someone that is good at fighting. someone that is a good pilot and driver. Application template blow. How good are you at roleplay. are you a good pilot yes/no. are you a good driver yes/no. are you good at combat. are you good with communicating yes/no. can you take a joke yes/no. we are a new gang so don't expect big things just yet. Leader's are. Jack McCann. Ivan Ivanovic.
  9. About us: We are Night Wolfzz we do Not take kindly to people that get on our bad side if your on that side you might as well kill yourself before we kill you we are brave we are strong we are a pack we stick up for each other or we protect each other if you mess with one of your messing with the all of the pack so if you wanna keep your life and live for another day or week or month or year then we suggest you keep your mouth shut we are pack animals we only leave the scraps that are not worth killing we only take what is worth killing so if you see us you may and may not be living but it depends on who you are what you are if your a rival we will tear you from limb from limb so we guess if you're wanna keep your limbs intact then i suggest you walk out of the forest came in this is our territory we are rising by the minute we are getting stronger by the second we are one we are Night Wolfzz. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What we need for our gang: You need to be between 13 and 16 years old You need to have at least 1.5 mil in your bank We need active players You need to have Rebel License Good Roleplay At least 100 hours on ArmA 3 You need to have a microphone You need to know how to play on RP servers If you get accepted you need to do an interview ( We are just going to ask you basic questions, no need for reading handbooks and rules) We are not a very serious gang so if you join try not to be serious about everything because we like to have fun! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application Template Age: Bank account: Rebel license (Yes/NO): Hours on ArmA 3: Good at RP (Yes/No): Have a microphone (Yes/No): Your In-Game name: RP experience: If you get accepted are you able to do an interview (Yes/No) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaders (Forum Name) IvanTheBoss Jace Vast Leaders (In-Game Name) Al Capone Scar Wolf
  10. thank you very much for the recommendation.
  11. someone is already doing it lol
  12. hello I need my pcso training so I need a Academy member so if there is any academy on please come and train me I have been waiting sinse yesterday thanks for reading.

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