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  1. As i said, i have more chance of getting owner than a zafir getting added However, I will look into the percentages of the weapon drops, but don't expect mk200 drops 4 times a day Accepted
  2. Scott McTavish


    You did say average naked medic I have unbanned you, apologies about the misunderstanding
  3. Scott McTavish


    You have already been told multiple times that your appeal is awaiting to be decided on by the board
  4. Really don't see any point in this Denied
  5. Scott McTavish

    NCA Go karts

    Here is a suggestion Ask your police command to make a suggestion on trello to give you the normal qilin back? (which btw is a config error)
  6. Every time we add them back people complain about them and they get removed
  7. You would think cops would know that police suggestion go to their command by now Denied
  8. Scott McTavish


    Any more "accidental" racism and you can stay banned next time Last chance Unbanned @Shaniqua
  9. You were banned for using racial slurs on discord This is is your last chance, anymore behaviour like that on discord and you will not get unbanned next time Unbanned @Knasen
  10. No means no Once a cheater always a cheater, we let you back then we need to watch you constantly, no thanks. Play elsewhere Denied
  11. Nah trucks only Multi was moved to black water side to increase activity at their checkpoint/area of operations
  12. Yeah when LSD could be done in Tarus
  13. Staff leads, management and owners deal with these already Denied
  14. I will be adding an ifrit variant that will be cheaper but has disadvantages, this will be added next update if all goes well. But for this suggestion it will be denied
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