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  1. Why'd you delete my comment? I didn't break any forum rules by posting it. It was constructive feedback to how factions are managed so poorly. It's quite amazing that you couldn't type a reply to it so instead of doing so you press the delete button, real mature

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    2. athero.


      @Scott McTavish Thats mad that, so if thats true then how was i able to see hazzas post? and @Patrick.. also saw mine and reacted to it. Yet both comments are gone. must have a great hidden comment system on the forums

    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      I'm not talking about the topic post, I'm talking about here, instead of just sending me a PM asking me, u need to post it publicly to try and get attention.

      Yeah people are entitled to their opinion but I really don't care for peoples opinion when they know ZERO about what happens behind closed doors, but they think they do.

      A locked topic means NO more posts after the fact, and the time i actually got round to locking it there was several posts, which I hidden, as there wasn't supposed to be any more

    4. hazza-


      Ok, in future I'll pm you. Not trying to get attention, I don't care. Would rather the issues get fixed and a solution is found so everyone is happy instead of the post being locked, deleted and the issue never being spoken about again

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