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  1. Personally I think boats for medics is useless, they are incredibly slow and if someone dies in the water it could take a boat a long time to reach them.
  2. Not really interested in watching this video tbh But my point stand there is only a limit where people could stay alive underwater, 3-5 minutes is pushing it, anything over that is just madness
  3. It will be done but no timeframe Move to Accepted for the time being
  4. Faction Suggestion Speak to your command
  5. It is possible to do by resetting the players oxygen to 1 (full) but this would have to be looped which could cause an issue. Currently Oxygen from 1-0 (Full to dead) takes around 1 Minute 20 Seconds, how long do you expect people to hold their breath WHILE injured? It's not very realistic having someone underwater for a long time waiting to be rescued.
  6. That's not how ATM skimmers work!
  7. Literally been out less than hour, but it's one load-out for now More load-outs may become a feature of the donator system once it comes out
  8. It all depends on the individual Some people love Reborn, some don't and play elsewhere You just have to try and it and see if it is enjoyable
  9. its your birthday and you are still on forums

    1. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Yep doing dev work, sat in the house like an old man 😂

  10. Happy birthday mate hope you have a good day and are able to enjoy and relax!

  11. No benefit of implementing this, It's fine the way it is Denied
  12. If we added gang textures then that just removes one of the incentives of fighting for a base Want a gang skin? Get a gang base Denied
  13. Was trialled before and wasn't as busy Denied
  14. Are you soft in the head? 60-120 MB on TOP of the existing mission file that would be 100-160 MB, no one wants to spend 10 minutes downloading a mission file. I've never seen a texture be 4-8 MB even for high resolution textures at 4096x4096

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