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  1. This suggestion has been denied and moved to the archive for future reference.
  2. FIVEM NEWS We are nearly ready to announce a release date for our FiveM Server There are just a few critical things to finish and after that we will announce our planned launch date In the meantime We are pleased to announce that we are now opening interest forms for both the Los Santos Police and Los Santos National Health Service If you are interested then please apply below! Los Santos Police Form Los Santos NHS Form Pleas Note the Following FiveM experience is preferably but not mandatory (training is given) If you don't know how to Roleplay don't apply Both factions will only take on a few select members for launch (5-10 members) Members will be expected to attend training sessions before launch If you do not attend the training sessions or make no attempt to contact us your slot will be given to someone else Please allow up to 1-2 weeks before being contacted, we are very busy We wish you all the best and hope to read your forms soon Regards Reborn Management If you have any questions about either faction please ask below (No I will not give you any spoilers!)
  3. Buy more cars then? If cars went back to your garage there would be rarely any need to buy new cars Its piss easy to make money
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