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  1. Scott McTavish

    Please do not make "Bulk Auctions", 1 item per auction
  2. Scott McTavish

    Please do not make "Bulk Auctions", 1 item per auction
  3. Scott McTavish

    Please do not make "Bulk Auctions", 1 item per auction
  4. Scott McTavish

    I see evidence of 116 heroin, so you will be compensated the base price of £638,000 Awating action
  5. Scott McTavish

    Denied 6-month ban - Appealable after 1 month
  6. Scott McTavish

    Moved to Permanent Ban Appeal
  7. Scott McTavish

    So because you assisted with his medical treatment that gives you the right shoot him because he is catatonic (AFK) You are a supposed to be a member of the police who helps people as you said yourself and you don't get to just decide to shoot someone with lethal ammunition, which btw was done as a drive by.... IMO you should be removed from the police but that is not my decision, however i am here make sure people follow the rules and the rules are clear. 6.1 RDM is when someone kills another without any form of roleplay, ie someone shoots someone without a single word said. 1-day ban - non-appealable (minor offence) DENIED
  8. Scott McTavish

    Denied 1-month ban - Appealable after 7 days
  9. Scott McTavish

    The redonze is KOS and that is the risk you take by going there
  10. Scott McTavish

    @jonathanb A warning will be placed on your battlemetrics for poor RP, in future give more rp and time before opening fire. Actioned
  11. Scott McTavish

    Other cops will have your POV? Regardless gun barrels poke through walls it is just arma physics, had the gun and parts of his body be sticking through (which ive seen and banned for in the past) then it would be a different story. You got wallbanged with 7.62 ammunition which indeed can penetrate those crappy walls. Report Denied
  12. Scott McTavish

    Need i say more
  13. Scott McTavish

    @zico._ Do you have a video of you POV?
  14. Scott McTavish

    ts.rebornroleplay.com However it is upto sucre if he wants to discuss it or not.
  15. Scott McTavish

    @Sucre @jonathanb Are you willing to chat about this situation on teamspeak and come to some sort of resolution?

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