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  1. PLAYER REPORT DENIED Ok a few things here @FatherBoomer You are breaking someone out of jail, with a gun on your BACK 1. That is exploiting, as you are supposed to have you gun out at all times, it may be a bug, however, it's NOT intended for you to start a break out and then holster your gun 2. It's pretty poor RP to break someone out with a gun on your break, where is the threat, where is the immersion? @Rambo 1. You CANNOT drop a spike strip from 10 feet in the air, use some common sense next time, spikes are meant to be deployed on the GROUND
  2. @FatherBoomer Can you just confirm its you that is breaking someone out of jail?
  3. This suggestion has been denied and moved to the suggestions archive for future reference.
  4. How else are they going to communicate their demands or intentions? Sign Language Smoke Signals Dance Moves It's fine the way it is, you are initiating roleplay via words.
  5. Why'd you delete my comment? I didn't break any forum rules by posting it. It was constructive feedback to how factions are managed so poorly. It's quite amazing that you couldn't type a reply to it so instead of doing so you press the delete button, real mature

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    2. athero.


      @Scott McTavish Thats mad that, so if thats true then how was i able to see hazzas post? and @Patrick.. also saw mine and reacted to it. Yet both comments are gone. must have a great hidden comment system on the forums

    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      I'm not talking about the topic post, I'm talking about here, instead of just sending me a PM asking me, u need to post it publicly to try and get attention.

      Yeah people are entitled to their opinion but I really don't care for peoples opinion when they know ZERO about what happens behind closed doors, but they think they do.

      A locked topic means NO more posts after the fact, and the time i actually got round to locking it there was several posts, which I hidden, as there wasn't supposed to be any more

    4. hazza-


      Ok, in future I'll pm you. Not trying to get attention, I don't care. Would rather the issues get fixed and a solution is found so everyone is happy instead of the post being locked, deleted and the issue never being spoken about again

  6. This suggestion has been denied and moved to the suggestions archive for future reference.
  7. Rebels may be good in combat but their deduction skills and intelligence is lacking It's so easy to tell when rebels are either baiting you or waiting to setup/get the jump on you. I have said it time and time and time and time and timeeeeeeeeee again DON'T TAKE THE BAIT If you think it's a bait then pull back, call in backup, get NPAS to come over/in the air. Use communications and superior numbers to move in and arrest. We are not making cop baiting against the rules, because it's a tactic and not a rule break, If a rebel gives poor rp/fail initiation then
  8. If staff don't care what suit you wear then they should be removed from staff for not enforcing the rules Lawyers have a "uniform" to be recognisable from every other hobo pretending to be a lawyer It's the same as AAA
  9. Scott McTavish


    BAN APPEAL DENIED Ok so lets go all in here You broke RP talking about factions, so I gave you a warning to stop doing that You continued to berate and metagame me based on our previous interactions, which you CANNOT remember because you have died SEVERAL times since that ROLEPLAY interaction (1st June) You also broke NLR by remembering information about me through previous life's (I checked, as seen in the logs below) Hence, why I had enough of your rule breaks and you were banned in accordance with the ban system Second You claim that I am
  10. This suggestion has been denied and moved to the suggestions archive for future reference.
  11. Works fine as it is. This suggestion has been denied and moved to the suggestions archive for future reference.
  12. Added N/A Fixed Gathering/Mining issue Updated N/A Removed N/A
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