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    1. BAN APPEAL ACCEPTED You have a long ban history, keep your nose clean or your next ban will be a perm. BEFORE REJOINING THE SERVER PLEASE RE-READ THE RULES FOUND: HERE
    2. Server Update - Version V324 Reborn Roleplay 1.12.6 @ 12am - Date 29th Oct 2020 Added Mk14 full auto - TFU Tier 4 MOS Scope to TFU Tier 4 & NCA Tier 5 ARCO (AK) Scope to NCA Tier 5 | TFU Tier 5 | Police Tier 8 NCA shop to cartel base NCA and TFU shop to NPAS base Spooky Scary Stuff @Neo Updated Police have their most wanted back Lawyers licence cost reduced to £250k Blue gang base skin made a lighter blue Ifrit to Tier 5 TFU Warzone Changes Each warzone will have a "primary point", a smaller zone that award
    3. Scott McTavish

      A15 June

      PERMANENT BAN APPEAL DENIED Reason: You were caught cheating on another server
    4. Your ego is astounding, seriously get over yourself Anyways one gang base will be removed next update As for buffing it I will have a think on what to do
    5. Scott McTavish


      COMPENSATION REQUEST ACCEPTED To accept your compensation in-game please navigate to: Y> App Menu > Settings > Compensation
    6. I've asked Fuel and Neo multiple times about adding mk200s etc for high price but if they say no I can't do much
    7. You said it's not about money but you are suggesting bonuses to get more money into gang funds? The original bonuses you suggested would pull in a ridiculous amount of money. Look at when we nerfed Warzone cash, population went down and then when I increased it again people came back. I am happy to remove one of the bases as we have done it before.
    8. CSATS - no MK200s - no 7.62 SUPPRESOR (150K) - no LRPS (200K) - no Literally this thread is we want more money, the bonuses are far too OP
    9. What do you think the board appeal is for? Proven cheaters will never get unbanned
    10. Right? I informed you to speak to the person who made the video private? Did you? NOPE, I can't go to someone and force them to do anything outside of Reborn's scope I need solid evidence before I even think about doing anything.
    11. People complaining about certain staff leads yet never bring it to the attention of management, but now they say it in an open post. *Clap*
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