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  1. Impound lot has moved next to the garage in kavala, so easy to store now.
  2. Titan MPRL (Compact) has already been denied as a roleplay video camera, what chance do you think they will have as real launchers with missiles. Already been thought out and still NO Oil rig however is being worked on as i type this.
  3. titan launchers = no
  4. Should be 250k not too expensive and still not too cheap for brand new players to blow all their cash on
  5. Completed 6.2 In the event of a report, claims of "keeping eyes" will always require video footage to prove you did. Failure to provide evidence will be classed as RDM
  6. happy birthday young man

    1. Neo


      ;) Thanks muchly!

  7. Ok so you are reporting me for 1.6 I assume u mean 1.7 - .7 Traffic CollisionsIf you are involved in a road traffic accident with another car, you are not permitted to rob/kill/arrest each other, this extends to gang members/other police, you can not get 1 cop/gang member to “accidentally” hit a car then another arrests/rob them. (repair continue the chase). The rule clearly states you cannot rob/kill/arrest i never even attempted to do this all i wanted is the vehicle back We also let you repair the car and let you drive off and you got spiked just before the bridge. VDM - It was a traffic accident and not VDM as you can see from teh video. Resolving I only seen the teamspeak messages much later as i get spammed a lot on ts by various people so i generally ignore any ts 'pings' You said you wanted to speak to me on the 'radio'but didnt state why and i replied i didnt weant to speak to you mainly because all i get from you and your gang pals is harassed and trolled on the daily. I am also confused why your video is entitled 'PCC McTavish' when this is a player report, you also stated multiple times you were going PCC me ingame during that situation. My POV:
  8. I just seen this i will reply shortly.
  9. Level 5 rigs no chance
  10. Buyable mk200s just no They are hard to get for a reason, I have only came across such weapons 3/4 times since u started playing here and wouldn't like to see these in daily use It's not going to save mission file space by anything noticeable (a few kb's by removing the map assets)
  11. @Rage @James Grimm What you guys think, myself and airborne can work together to implement/change this but as its a major revamp especially the office building change need your input
  12. Pretty much this However i have moved it close to the garages for next update.
  13. How about charge a fixed 'border fee' of 75k instead of taxing for drugs? Vanguard are supposed to be PMC but i refularly see members who dont act like it, maybe improve the attitude and act more 'military' like and you will get more respect/roleplay in return.
  14. Please no this isnt running simulator 2017
  15. -1 from me Its very buggy and will just lead to complaints and more comp requests when you jump and get sent into orbit.

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