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  1. This comment just proves that your suggestion is based on emotion and not logic If you continually report people purely out of spite and/or to get people banned then YOU will most likely end up being banned. Have a good day Denied
  2. This again, sigh! If at such time the decision is taken to remove Blackwater from the server then it would be announced Such a decision would come from Fuel/Neo and not as the result of a suggestion.
  3. It was literally a TRIAL, it's going back to 4-12 next week So you can stop whinging now
  4. Scott McTavish

    New Build

    Already told you it's the 3600 9600k is slighter better in single core performance but not worth buying it for a few fps. At least with an AM4 socket you can easily replace the 3600 with the future 4000 series chips without buying a new motherboard
  5. If you have been hacked then only steam support can help you People get hacked because they have crap passwords and or no 2FA, or they click links they should not
  6. Scott McTavish

    New Build

    Intel isn't worth the money these days, AMD is leading the way forward
  7. A wanted car thief ooft, this man is hard as nails someone please stop him 😂 Is this what Blackwater members get up to now? Jeez it's went way downhill
  8. Scott McTavish

    New Build

    3600x is a waste of money over the 3600 for literally 2-3% performance gain Tbh @Joshyyyou should just ditch the aftermarket cooler and use the stock cooler which is more than enough. Plus there is no need to overclock it.
  9. If you choose the police life then you are bound by those rules, having the ability to be a rebel would just turn into an absolute shitshow You would have scenarios where you get killed as a cop, get pissed off and log on to be a rebel just to go kill people. You would have more numbers in general but people would take the piss and just play rebel when they want.
  10. Scott McTavish

    New Build

    No it's not Arma 3 is primarily a CPU intensive game
  11. Police decision to make those changes Denied
  12. There is no 3 minute rule https://www.rebornroleplay.com/rules/server-rules/
  13. This is a suggestion page, if you have issues about ingame actions or rule clarifications you need to go on teamspeak and speak to a community support or admin
  14. Modify the rule to what exactly? Be specific

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