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  1. How did you get admin? lol

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    2. JustJack



    3. Scott McTavish
    4. majed


      Paypay may get him founder dont take it easy JustJack 

  2. @Neo
  3. Apologies about the server going down. #blamebohemia Server will be back up ASAP, thanks for your patience rebornians

  4. RIP The server

  5. congrats how u celebrating? taking some swedgers brerrrrr

    1. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      aye a half swedge and a can of bru

    2. Kallum


      quality wee man

  6. Congrats!! 

    1. Scott McTavish
    2. majed



  7. Ooh yah

  8. Congrats!

    Not only are you a developer but your now GENERALly admin as well :D

  9. I can see how this will go Next Update: CSAT's added for all factions, most likely restricted for police for specialist units/ranks. 2 weeks Later: FFS rebels spongebobs with OP CSAT, remove, remove etc. My personal opinion would be no but i am happy with whatever the community vote on.
  10. Speaking as an ex-General of the UNMC we had Our own Prison Gun dealer that was cheaper (not by much) meth dealer salt proccesor gold buyer checkpoint to enter, border pass would cost 50k UNMC worked because they had the numbers and they defended their lands most of the time (checkpoint/roaming squads) and their land was smaller and more manageable What if Vanguard had a weapons depot to defend? It would contain a weapon box/boxes that had rare weapons and scopes (not rpgs, lynxs or nighstalkers) (doesnt have to be weapons, could be anything) Could only be raided every 24 hours or longer.
  11. There is rules about communication in police and still comms can be terrible
  12. No need for a timeframe Suggestions can stay open when they are valid and it doesn't descend into a shitfest
  13. Happy birthday lad, have a smashing day :x

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