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  1. Scott McTavish

    It's pretty simple if someone says don't get out the vehicle with a weapon or you will be shot/bludgeoned/gatted etc and you come out with a primary gun and get shot then too bad. Don't think you should be shot if you jump out with pistol and face ground or turn around though
  2. Scott McTavish

    Looks like something from Grand Theft Auto Too much gradient use and wouldn't fit Arma in my opinion
  3. Scott McTavish

    Sold Please Close
  4. Scott McTavish

    Duplicate suggestion
  5. Scott McTavish

    We never used to need hotkeys when I was in the police, it was down to effective communication and awareness.
  6. Scott McTavish

    Of course it does damage unless it's shooting thin air? 🤔 Takes around 50 bullets for the wheels and between 50-75 for the front windows on an ifrit
  7. Scott McTavish

    Gives you all of the operating system's control panels from within a single folder.
  8. Scott McTavish

    Winning bidder was unable to pay Are you still winning to buy this at 2.6m?
  9. Scott McTavish

    Never seen a server with that exact bar, exile has similar information but at the end of the day there is only so much you can do with vanilla Arma
  10. Scott McTavish

    If you are not bidding then don't post Ye sorry was in bed Send me a message on the forums when you are going to be in game and we can sort it out.
  11. Scott McTavish

    It's an aircraft carrier not asda
  12. Scott McTavish

    Well that's your opinion but the fact remains police use flash-bangs as a tactical advantage and if you get flashed and shot then that is the risk you take when you rob a HM Rebels have some advantages over cops Police have some advantages over rebels Win some, lose some.
  13. Scott McTavish

    deletevehicle cursortarget Will make them vanish
  14. Scott McTavish

    I agree they shouldn't be carrying that much not sure if there are police rules to carry a max amount But they should not be removed You are robbing the HM treasury and you complain when police use flash-bangs, don't rob the HM or use better tactics.
  15. Scott McTavish


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