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  1. I will look into adding a few more places into the spawn rotation Accepted
  2. I will change the area up but not adding a large amount of objects Accepted
  3. You suggested 3 different things in one post 🙄 Anyways, way back when south peninsula wasn't a redone and only had redzone circles for cap zones it just caused more issues that it's worth Nothing is stopping people going to this area Denied
  4. Once a month for 4 hours on the whole island? No thanks Be better if it was a planned event that runs maybe once or twice a year I will speak to management and see if we can organise a purge event soon But denied for now
  5. You're not getting new lights, however i will turn on damage for the current ones Accepted
  6. Please fill in the correct form https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/ Denied
  7. Yes, the current PD is fine Don't bump old threads Locked
  8. It's your suggestion so make a suggestions on perks then?
  9. Staff leads and Management are more trusted to deal with perm ban appeals Denied
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