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  1. If it was me I would only donate if the skins were unique and cool. Not gonna pay a monthly fee for some basic skins
  2. I mean I have 90% of all the skins I have made still on my backup SSD I'm pretty sure all the old mission file pbos will be somewhere (server box, fuel/neo etc)
  3. If I had the time to sit down and make some new unique skins I would I just have too much studying to do
  4. Problem is we have nobody to make skins right now
  5. I hacked your PC and installed a backdoor to remotely view what you are doing on Arma 3 😏 Who are you again?
  6. Yeah Wilma uses fully armed Kajmans
  7. Literally go and buy another magazine or 10 It's called SURVIVOR perk and not armed to the teeth perk
  8. Why don't you go and speak to Wilma on team-speak instead of complaining on here which will get you absolutely nowhere
  9. Scott McTavish

    Group System

    Stop stalking me Jeez But yeah it may get done soon or never. But for now as it's a duplicate suggestion Away it goes
  10. It's set in 2035, not that far into the future Cash isn't going to vanish anytime soon

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