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  1. Well it's really U-238 + n -> U-239 -> Np-239 -> Pu-239
  2. I think you could change the thorium run into a new hazardous run Radioactive Waste Legal Info: Sort of a delivery contract to take radioactive waste from a power plant to a storage facility and paid for the delivery Requirements: Hazmat Suit, Mask and secure vehicle (thorium truck could be renamed/skinned) Waste has to be 'filled/processed' into barrels (progress bar) 'Barrels' need to be loaded into truck (progress bar) 'Barrels' need to be unloaded and secured at the storage facility (progress bar) The run could be robbed however coming in to contact with the barrels would require Hazmat Gear or players would take health damage over time leading to death within a specified period of time. It would be impractical for things like Plutonium as it's mainly a by-product of nuclear reactors.
  3. Scott McTavish


    Not everyone is going to buy that though, most people would have the Apex DLC by now
  4. Fail RP and Poor RP can cover situations like this, having a third "RP" rule would make things too strict and would lead to more issues and more reports.
  5. Erm you just turned the engine off and let them coast? Don't think its possible without making a new vehicle from scratch, aka mods
  6. Scott McTavish


    Talk about not adding anything constructive, so keep the thread on track
  7. Scott McTavish


    Well you are one smart cookie, I never thought it could be so simple 🙄 In reality that is just the end result and there is a lot more that would have to be taken into consideration for it to work
  8. Scott McTavish


    Might as well make it a KOTH server at that rate 🙄
  9. Scott McTavish


    Here is some questions @.Noa Say the suggestion was accepted, how would it work? Server up only on Saturdays? What about gang bases on server 1/Altis? There is also logistical problems as the server can't 'differentiate' what day it is If the server was up 24/7 then it's literally a combat only server taking population away from the main server I'm not saying the general concept isn't cool but it's not as simple as flicking a switch on and off between gang bases and server.
  10. Scott McTavish


    It would require everyone who wanted to play to own the DLC
  11. Scott McTavish


    Talking out your arse pal Even when I was in BW in march it was a full server every saturday with more than 50 ppl participating
  12. Scott McTavish


    Tanoa + 100 Players + gang base bidding = good fps? 😂😂 You can't have one dedicated server just for gang base bidding, it would be dead sunday-monday and then use for 1-2 restarts on a saturday What would happen with the bases on altis? do they get removed?
  13. The thing is if i was in a jet i would just bomb or missile the shit out of the cap and game over.
  14. What skins are never used then, please enlighten us?

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