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  1. Emilio Moretti you are pretending you are disabled and taking the piss out of it, people like you disgust me and you are no longer welcome here. Perm Ban Issued for Rule 2.1
  2. Too many people exploited that jump script to teleport through walls and insta shoot so it's not going back to the old way.
  3. No 3 Bases is enough plus there is more to it than just placing down a base
  4. You were banned for exploiting spikestrips on two occasions on 9/2/18 You can appeal after 9th May.
  5. Player already banned
  6. As Tidus said he is already banned
  7. Already banned for racism
  8. Please make any Reborn+ suggestions here
  9. Please make any Reborn+ suggestions here
  10. Here is some music i listen to regaularly
  11. This was a shitshow to say the least If you want to shoot 'people' then initiate on them and not on the truck. No bans will be issued as it comes down to shit communications but i want Kattana to be compensated for his losses for Poor RP, not bothered who does it but just get it done and lets move on As for the teamspeak stuff grow up, if you cant talk nice then get an admin to mediate.
  12. Ok a few things 1. The intiation WAS clear "If you drive away buddy lethal force will be used against the THORIUM TRUCK" 2. How do u use lethal force against a truck, its not a human, moving on. 3. Who started shooting at Kattana when there was no threat to his person?
  13. The MB 4WD (LMG) only has a mounted LIM-85 which is 5.56mm and you can craft that anyways so it would be a good vehicle to add. Prowler (Armed) has a mounted 12.7mm HMG that has zoomed optics and can range upto 1500m. - So doubt it APCs even unarmed are far too OP as 7.62mm does nothing to them and i am sure .50cal can only penetrate weak points if at all. Tanks - Sadly there really is not much left to craft
  14. Just been denied 3 hours
  15. What assurances do we have that you wont get angry again and break rules?

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