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  1. Scott McTavish


  2. Scott McTavish

    Way too much detail The wheels wouldnt have stickers on them The colours are just overpowering, something with 2/3 colours like fuel posted would like much better The underside wouldnt really have paint, ie the fuel tank etc but the front bumper should match the base colour of the van (white)
  3. Happy 131th birthday, looking good for an old git 😂

    1. Neo


      Cheers Tavo, lol....its all the "action" XD

  4. Scott McTavish

    When i first got admin i was so excited but slowly after seeing and dealing with so many toxic players day after day after day it wears you down and it did start to get me depressed I started to care less and less about how i interacted with people and just treated them like shit and eventually i was removed from admin. When i was removed from admin it was the best thing to happen to me this year, i havent played arma in weeks but i still game but only 1/2 hours a night i started going outside more just for walks, you would be suprised at how good a nice long walk is I Started going back to the gym and eating more healthy as playing arma all the time i was just eating shite, now im starting to lose weight. Now you are probably reading this thinking he is talking about himself but im making a point that you need to pull yourself away from this game if its getting you down, go as far as uninstalling it if need be. If its possible start going out for walks, trust me its good even for 10 minutes a day. You say you have no IRL friends? Do you like things like football, swimming, walking etc basically anything that get you outside, i would advise you to try and see if there is any local groups or clubs that do these things That would get you out more and meeting people, friends and maybe even get yourself a gf. You are only 20/21 so dont worry so much about a job, just keep trying something will come along. Just remember there is 365 days in a year, take each day as it is and look forward to the next one, you have your whole life ahead of you. Oh an ignore those small minded people on this thread that are taking the piss, if you ever want to just chat send me a pm. Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving Albert Einstein
  5. Haha old git, happy birth day m8 hope you have a smashing day 😁

    1. PaulS


      smashing something alright.

    2. Fuel
  6. Scott McTavish

    If u want to arrange an event then you can in the correct forum https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forum/131-player-events/
  7. Scott McTavish

    What a ridicilous thing to say. The idea of a senior member of the police force that has to sign a document to state you are a lawyer is mind boggling. You do know what a lawyer is and what they do? If i am roleplaying a lawyer and have relevant documents (not a document signed by a police officer wtf lol) then i should be able to defend a client, not to mention the fact i most likely know the law better than 90% of the police force. Another great comment 🙄 Detain me for what exactly? Sorry but unless exercising a power of arrest, a Police Officer has no greater powers than a member of the public does to detain another person, and therefore anything that went above and beyond ordinarily accepted physical contact (eg tapping someone on the shoulder to get their attention) constituted unlawful assault and battery Some excptions to this can be 1. If an Officer is using his statutory power of ‘Stop and Search’, but that would mean you would have to have reasonble suspicion to search me. 2. If the temporary restraint/detention of the person is necessary in order to prevent an imminent breach of the peace. Now if you are ARRESTING me then it better be in accordance with S.24 Pace https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1984/60/section/24 You state you would charge with criminal trespass, i really don't think you understand the concept of trespassing. 1. Trespass is a CIVIL offence Trespass alone is a matter of civil law, which means that the police have no power to arrest you for it; police may nonetheless help landowners remove trespassers from land. 2. Aggravated Trespass is a CRIMINAL offence https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1994/33/section/6 (1)A person commits the offence of aggravated trespass if he trespasses on land [in the open air] and, in relation to any lawful activity which persons are engaging in or are about to engage in on that or adjoining land [in the open air], does there anything which is intended by him to have the effect. (a)of intimidating those persons or any of them so as to deter them or any of them from engaging in that activity, (b)of obstructing that activity, or (c)of disrupting that activity. So you are going to detain and charge me for trying to legally represent a client? Since when is that a criminal offence? 🤣 If a person requests legal representation then you must allow that lawyer access to his/her client. TLDR: If someone tries to roleplay a lawyer properly and not just be a) typical rebel friend trying their luck. b) regular troll Then make the effort to go along with the roleplay. P.S Best lawyer on Altis, give me a call
  8. Scott McTavish

    Neither both just caused issues and the rp was minimal.
  9. Scott McTavish

    Might as well call it reborn KOTH then. -1000
  10. SCUM is released :D

    1. Frydai


      Looks really fun

    2. Nakraza


      30 minutes in to scum: Created 349 different characters because joined 83753 different servers that keeps crashing

    3. Tyson Fury
  11. Scott McTavish

    Shouldnt you be levelling up your character in WoW But i agree it's a great community we have here
  12. Scott McTavish

    Sure when Arma 4 comes out and we have arma 4 life worldwide
  13. Scott McTavish

    Done I want it cause its free so why not
  14. Scott McTavish

    I think you are living in a magical world of unicorns and world peace This is an RP server somewhat emulating real life and part of that is murder and violence. Plus would be near impossible to enforce
  15. Scott McTavish

    Denied If you have a police suggestion speak to your command.

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