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  1. Irrelevant if I play or not, I am entitled to my opinion cheers.
  2. Make money and spend it, no need for half price 24/7 365
  3. Have you done a clean removal of all nvidia? In safe mode use this https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html
  4. More useless skins, no thanks.
  5. Don't have your gun out in GZ then, use your brain.
  6. 1. Within windows go to RUN command and type Services.msc and hit enter, on the 'Services' window locate Nvidia Telemetry Container - Right click - Properties - Log on - Click on Local System Account (also make sure the option 'Allow the service to interact with the desktop' is checked. - now click Apply 2. Now Right click on 'Nvidia Telemetry container service' and select 'start' if it is not already running. 3. Go to RUN command - Services.msc locate the below three services right click and select 'start' or 'restart' option to enable these services a) Nvidia Display service container b) Nvidia Local System Container c) Nvidia Network Service Container
  7. Asking for it be held on server 2 for more people/possibly better performance is one thing but asking for server 2 'stripped down' for just gang base bidding is a silly idea. No cut/chop = No risk of losing vehicles It's literally asking for us to put server 2 as a 4hour a week combat server, KOTH/wasteland is perfect for that. What if server 2 needed to be put online one night during the week to to increased demand? You wouldn't be able to do anything if it was 'stripped' down. There is a lot more considerations to it than just making s2 only for gang base night.
  8. Don't know how people come to the conclusion of better FPS. Most people would be on for gang wars and other people would come on to take advantage of little to no police and do runs. If all 130 just for gang wars then all those vehicles, players, actions concentrated in the redzone would not mean better FPS. Server 2 has been configured for gang base bidding to be disabled. A lot of other backend configuration would be required, just seems like a lot of effort for a 4 hour window once a week.
  9. Could be from these updates Update 11/07/2018 Update 18/07/2018 Update 31/10/2018
  10. I wish Blackwater all the best in the future, blame Jamz if it doesnt.

  11. No Scotsman would ever misspell Irn Bru
  12. Well it's your suggestion you tell us what you want to see in terms of levels, features etc etc. Right now it's just a generic give us more suggestion that is pretty useless tbh
  13. Scott McTavish


    Me neither gamer hehehe

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