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    In-game name: Armz Steam ID: 76561198261830571 Date of ban: 04/03/20 Reason for ban: hacker Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Yes, never cheated. Why should we unban you? My response to Neo's comment on my denied ban appeal. We have evidence (not only from our server) which shows no-recoil/pulldowns, laggswitching, and more "funky" footage. You were actually originally flagged by ex-management-gone-hacker-himself Adam. Regarding this, I am 100% certain I have never used any pulldowns and or lagswitches, I have never installed any programs which could allow me to use pulldowns on this game onto my PC nor do I care to as the recoil in this game is merely up and down and I have played enough hours of CS GO and other fps's for me to be able to control simple recoil like that including my 5000+ hours. Regarding a lagswitch I would never use one/ never have all I have on my PC is arma 3 and a reshader for my game to make it more vibrant. The 'funky footage' if you could send me the evidence I am certain I would be able to provide an explanation as I don't use any 3rd party softwares what so ever and just have my experience on the game and other games which make me a good player. You were actually originally flagged by ex-management-gone-hacker-himself Adam. Im not sure about this as when he was in sinity he wasn't staff so I am assuming this must be a while ago but being flagged isn't the same as he must be cheating in my eyes. And as I stated in the unban I will be sure to record all my footage and be able to provide it if I am unbanned, which I deserve to be as I have no I haven't done any of these things that have been stated. Thanks That is my response to what Neo said. Im not sure what evidence there is for my ban reason, however if i have been banned due to weird aim in the admin panel this can be explained as the admin panels aim isn't correct to where the person being spectated is aiming which could look like aim lock if someone is killed while being spectated but this is not the case. I would like to be unbanned as i know I havent cheated and havent seen any evidence saying i have which apparently you guys have, and i know i could easily disprove the evidence you show me as I am 100% legit. Got a new pc want to play reborn, also havent been banned in past 2 banwaves which were recent, not sure what else to say but if u give me 1 chance to prove i am not cheating i will definitely prove myself right.
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