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  1. try this, its a long shot but might work. https://www.noip.com/support/knowledgebase/how-do-i-flush-my-windows-dns-cache/ Its used to refresh internet connections and people use it when having issues connecting to steam etc so there is likely a possibility it will work for you.
  2. Burrows^

    Lard 2

    imagine actually getting good fps wtf
  3. @RappyWhy didnt you just hulk smash?
  4. crazy good player
  5. my glorious spineless leader
  6. only for fat little fuckers like you ❤️
  7. Rushed so I can wipe my PC, first one so don't shit yourself if you think its bad.
  8. Burrows^

    Server Lag

    Okay, thank you. Meant no offense nor did I intend for you to take it as me 'educating you', they are simply suggestions, nothing more.
  9. Burrows^

    Server Lag

    As it stands myself and a lot of people agree that this server is the best Altis Life server there is right now, however, there are a few major issues that seriously causes issues when playing, that issue being FPS and Server Lag. In my opinion and countless others that I have asked we believe the content of the server is phenomenal in terms of what there is to do, how to make money etc. However, whenever doing anything FPS and server lag limits our enjoyance as it is very hard to have fun when your on 20-40 FPS depending on peoples PCs. I haven't been back long and therefore have no idea how the admins stand in terms of the servers performance and therefore if you are already doing something about it, I do apologise. However, I believe there are a number of ways to fix the servers FPS issues and server lag issues as well. First things first, remove the amount of useless buildings placed around the map, find out what runs are least popular and remove them as there is already a very vast amount of legal / illegal runs to do on the server, buildings can be removed as well, for example things like checkpoints that are unused (excluding blackwater CP). Reducing the amounts of scripts running on a server can apparently also greatly reduce the amount of server and FPS lag, this server to my knowledge has a lot of scripts and I would imagine removing the ones that are less frequently used would help alot. Other than that, I dont have a lot more to offer that isn't the typical "invest in buying a better server box" as I know that this may not even be the problem and I am not experienced in server making / keeping so I would rather not tell you what to do. Now finally, dont get me wrong, I like the server a lot as I said, its very fun to play and the content is very good. However, myself and others are having issues with performance etc, this isn't me bashing the server or bashing anyones developmental skills, this is just feedback and a suggestion and if there is already a fix in the works please let me know. Feel free to leave productive comments and ideas below. My specs are (so you know its not my PC that causes low FPS): i7 6700k 16GB DDR3 RAM RX 480 8GB VRAM 250GB SSD
  10. should stop necking monsters before you play

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