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  1. This server needs to change the damage models on all vehicles to stop them blowing up, it happens as much as every 10 minutes. I personally know I die to a car blowing up probably about 10 times a restart completely unavoidable. Its so ridiculous.
  2. big time banger, i listen to this in the gym really hypes me up 🔥
  3. Burrows^


    His suggestion translated into the queens good english. "The server already has a drug lab, but I believe that we should also have a Drug Bank that will hold gold bars that have been seized during a certain period for a limited time. Gangs or blackwater would need to rob it and sell them due to the fact they cannot store them in their property. The 'Drug Bank' should give around 20 million or 40 million to make an appropriate high risk high reward factor." I personally dont like the idea because drug labs are rare enough to see. I think the AREA 51 and HM are already perfectly fine.
  4. Clarkkitten.whothefuckisjazz
  5. Bigger muscles to control MK1 recoil My slimeeee
  6. Mixture of servers, again from past 2 weeks.
  7. It needs to be a set time, people log on wondering if its going to spawn then log off as they arent sure if it will.
  8. shes covid safe dude, mask and everything.
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