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  1. WolfE

    JSRS - makes the guns sound weird but the helicopters stupidly cool.
  2. WolfE

    When you eject, you're immediately placed back into the car, so why does it matter if "theoretically" you could jump out of the car if the doors are unlocked? It's PoorRP sure, but wouldn't it be better to a) stop the problem from happening in the first place and b) remove the hassle of trying to resolve it with someone and then report them? It's like VDM for example, you can be VDMed and die, but with features of the server it is prevented, why not implement something similar here? The whole 'just lock your car' malarkey is good and all but at the end of the day, if they jump out, it isn't allowed so there's no point in even giving them an option to do it, simply because there's no possible scenario where the roleplay should end like that.
  3. WolfE

    Fair enough. To me it's just unneeded clutter on my screen.
  4. WolfE

    Uninstall Overwolf. Or go into the Overwolf settings and turn it off. Either way Overwolf is shit.
  5. WolfE

  6. WolfE

    Maybe a little toggle feature to turn on/off the masked player feature would be a better solution, it satisfies both those who only want the aesthetic and those who actually want to hide their identity.
  7. WolfE

    This used to be a thing but it was removed due to the fact that rebels would use it to their advantage as they would know cops would ANPR them and then chase them (It made it much easier to just bait to high heaven). It also resulted in players getting other people to kill them so that they would lose their bounty. I think it's cool - definitely an ego booster, but I feel like it has too many downsides :C
  8. WolfE

    It's a cool idea and all but you'll have to make it look nice on the midget screen of the phone
  9. WolfE

    That's a naive stance to take. What about gangs who want to consider themselves guns-for-hire and whatnot. Maybe someone is showing some new players the ropes of the server, a member of an established gang would've just invite anyone into the gang, that would be stupid because then they can easily fuck up the gang's reputation/abuse it's privileges e.g. gang houses.
  10. WolfE

    You may as well just build it yourself, it's a bit of fun and is much cheaper.
  11. WolfE

    Funnily enough, yeah I have. But my point would still stand regardless. What're you trying to say?
  12. WolfE

    This would be silly because what if two gangs wanted to work together? They'd be in the same fight right? You'd still shoot the other gang because you can't tell the difference between the two even though they're in the same group... working the on the same task... talking to the same people? Forcing them to be in the same gang would make literally zero difference to your experience, the same thing would happen, but you'd just see a different gang under the names of some of them. Furthermore, this would be covered by the mask anyway so... why? It sounds to me like you're just complaining for the sake of complaining.
  13. WolfE

    The first suggestion is unneeded. The current way is perfectly fine. How you would feel if you're in a completely unrelated situation, perhaps chatting to some hobos about where you got your gun or whatever, and you get shot completely out of the blue as you got in your car and drove 50m up the road because there was a gunfight a bit further up the road and it looked as though you were about to be in the area? Furthermore, I don't know if this is intentional or not, but the way you've worded it means that you can shoot anyone whatsoever. This means that if you initiate on cops, you can shoot rebels. Which is a ludicrous idea because you KNOW that you aren't initiated on them. You should only be shooting people if it is obvious they're participating in the gunfight. It's stupid to attempt to create rules because you can't be bothered to wait a few seconds and see if they're just driving through or are actually fighting. The second suggestion, in my opinion, is also equally unneeded. Even if you got that ANPR box, you still wouldn't be able to shoot the other people until they shot simply because, how do you know they're in that gang too? It should be the risk you take if you want to try and take down a helicopter. If you disable that, there is a significant chance that they're going to die unless they're a good pilot. So in reality, why shouldn't gang members be able to defend each other? Why should they just let the cops shoot down a helicopter with their mate in who isn't the best of pilots? Do you expect them to just sit there and watch them die? x) This, I feel is a good solution, although I can understand the reasoning it was denied in the past - metagaming.
  14. WolfE


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