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  1. Only the stealth variant of the Shikra was added, unless I'm being stupid: http://prntscr.com/gbsdak
  2. Better idea would be to just leave it and let them get to it when they can.
  3. Your opposing the suggestion but siding with my point? The current system can be abused to shit, how could this new system be abused?
  4. You need evidence of them not keeping eyes for them to get banned. You can't ban someone because they can't prove their innocence. Innocent 'til proven guilty. Unfortunately, you can't prove that they didn't keep eyes!
  5. Magic select tool OP!
  6. haha how much time did that take to think of?
  7. Name: WolfESteam ID: 76561198163397977Number of tickets: 30Custom Number Picks : Random
  8. Name: WolfESteam ID: 76561198163397977Number of tickets: 30Custom Number Picks : Random
  9. Can we bring back the message in chat for when people are killed? It makes things a whole lot easier sometimes. Currently, you could kamikaze a helicopter into some random bloke on the road and they wouldn't be able to prove who did it. With the 'was killed' notification, you can see who died at that exact moment in time to prove that it was them who crashed into you.
  10. Completely lost the plot there mate. The games I'm playing right now are Dead by Daylight, This War of Mine and Faster Than Light, pretty fun games. I also recommend the Farcry series if you haven't played those games already as they're absolutely amazing. Can't forget the Just Cause series if you like blowing shit up.
  11. Just gonna leave this lovely little guide here: http://prntscr.com/g90lja Oh, and this:
  12. I'm afraid that'd be against the law in some cases.
  13. I don't know why we play this game : https://gyazo.com/055298a51627435c6b8c8ee07f3d60fd

    1. Cool


      Nade goes off before he gets around the corner of the pillar ;) 

  14. I feel that the server's too 'cute and flowery' - you don't lose helicopters when you crash, licences are ridiculously cheap and runs give way too much money in comparison to the prices of the equipment available. I don't know of a good solution to this other than a complete rework of the prices, the banks of some players would still be a problem though.

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