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  1. Jordann

    Please, Just stop digging yourself a bigger hole to get out of.
  2. Jordann

    There is nothing broken about that, The amount of people that say sorry I play on too high dpi or my mouse is broken, It's just becoming repetitive now. You knew exactly what you were doing.
  3. Jordann

    Good Luck
  4. Jordann

    Maybe you should do that then.
  5. Jordann

    So you're changing to back to how it used to be then?
  6. Jordann

    No thanks, nerd
  7. Jordann

  8. Jordann

    Rust is dead
  9. Jordann

    @Fuel Not sure if I can comment on this but I was there when this happened he was in my channel with me and was whispering to I believe it was police channels He got told by me that if he does it again I will ban him and he did indeed do it again but before I could ban him Jordd got to it.
  10. Jordann


  11. Jordann

    Yikes potati, nice tage good sir. Come carry me on tarkov you bot.
  12. Jordann

  13. Jordann

    I personally don't think that should happen, people to lead the faction need to be well known trusted people within the community.
  14. Jordann

    To be honest @RomaN I think that that is a good idea, But the one thing is management don't want it as having camorra makes a balance from combat and roleplay. Although we all enjoyed the vanguard days it literally made roleplay none existent so we wouldn't even be a roleplay server. But like I said it would be a good thing to have and I'd be down for something like that to happen but not have it called NATO, Maybe something like Royal Military Police (This would be a mix of policing and also military operations). At the end of the day it's not any of our decisions its managements we can only suggest things that we want and might think would work.
  15. Jordann

    @Fuel What about house windows which you can get through, Bringing this up as there is certain large window openings that you can jump through and small ones that you can’t jump through.

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