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  1. Jordann

    Defo have nothing else better to do with your life mate. jog on
  2. Jordann

    Why you piping up after 4 months and on an ancient topic lol
  3. Jordann

    TRU and cops are too shook to push caps lol
  4. Jordann

    Nice tage sir
  5. Jordann

  6. Jordann

    @4dam Unfortunately you have been denied due to toxic reports about you from your previous gangs.
  7. Jordann

    @L U I S H E R N A N D E Z We have reconsidered your application and would like to give you a Trial. This trial will last until Sunday if you choose to accept please contact me on teamspeak and I will send you the channel password. @Ling Tong You have been accepted on a Trial, Please contact me on Teamspeak for the channel password. @yasinbyn You have been accepted on a Trial, Please contact me on Teamspeak for the channel password.
  8. Jordann

    Funny how people have no idea what he is talking about, The idea he wants to to have names under the GPS hex when over a set distance i.e the distance you stop seeing peoples names, This makes it easier when someone says come to help me, instead of opening your map you can just see his name on hex. Its a +1 from me
  9. Jordann

    Buy now price: 1.4m, pretty sure its already been bought haha
  10. Jordann

    @DanC I'll take em with your gang funds split
  11. Jordann

  12. Jordann

    get it off nvidia website. they are the base price pretty sure they restock every monday or tuesday, but tbh wait for 1180 like sanik said better performance from em.
  13. Jordann

    Thanks guys. Much love ❤️
  14. Jordann

    @Xero you are legit dumb if you try to say he doesn’t hack
  15. Hmmmm, anything to say delta?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

      iTs NoT cOmInG hOmE

      ahhahaha verified btw

      anyway community banned cya later shitter,

      brought up a valid point and get community banned because he cant find a better excuse

    3. Jordann


      Ahh sweet, cya later connor mcgregor wanna be. gl getting unbanned, Infi global banned for hacking now community banned pce nerd.

    4. Slice


      All this negativity, spread love people.


      P.S LMAOOO Connor Mcgregor wannabe

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