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  1. Lol decline my unban for that, Yikers didn't even do anything against your server as I'm banned for alt account. I've explained what happened pathetic tbh. 

    1. Fuel


      i dont like liers, plus you hacked on the server before to get into sot, which you admitted to.

  2. Thanks for the support on my unban guys x 

  3. How much do I need to donate for me to get unbanned?

    1. Callumm


      LMAO, you dont get banned for using no recoil scripts on ur own server

    2. Joshh


      @Callumm Back to college please

  4. In-game name: Jordann: Aimed for Fuel, Neo or PaulS Steam ID: 76561198436674934 Date of ban: 09/15/2018 Reason for ban: Alt Account Perm Staff member that banned you: Doesn't say so unaware. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No my ban was kinda justified. So let me get into it. Pretty much I have my own server where me and friends in the cop force go and chill play some cqc and a&d just to pass some time. So we were on there and I was constantly getting told that someone is hacking kick em or use no recoil and just rip then from ifrits. So I didn't wanna ban em because It's just more people playing, So I went onto the bohemia community website and got the code for no recoil ( player setUnitRecoilCoefficient 0 ) So I used this and then yesterday night I got battleye banned. and me being me an absolute impulsive idiot I logged onto my other account that I have arma on and came on a played reborn as I didn't see anything being wrong with it, however I now realise that I am technically ban evading in a way. and I know that I should of came to speak with either fuel or neo before I came on the server to explain to them what happened instead of me explaining now. Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned because I personally have not done anything malicious against reborn to get myself banned as I stated I was banned on my main account from battleye using a norecoil script that is on bohemia community forums on my own server. I know that I have technically ban evaded but I didn't actually do anything against reborn and I just beg to be unbanned. I know that I have a history and understand why you might be having doubts about this but if you have seen how dog I have been playing for a couple weeks you will understand that I am not actually cheating in any way.
  5. Jordann

    Its not original.
  6. Jordann

    Just saw this, absolutely not we are not gta -1
  7. Jordann

    S.A.S wouldn't work, Opfor is for rebels, Vanguard was the best loved being in that faction and leading it along side some great people.
  8. Tarkov?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jordann


      Fuckin' too right, google glass

    3. Benny


      i fucking hate that game atm mate lol

    4. Ryannn


      Benny get some skill from Jordan then 

  9. Jordann

  10. Anyone down to play some scum?

    1. Benny


      u got hacks on that too lol

    2. Jordann
    3. majed


      @Jordann if you buy me the game then yeah 

  11. Jordann

    This would get spent on scum
  12. Jordann

    You're delusional if you think he isn't, you do realise that since he is most likely using external cheat so that the esp portion doesn't show on videos. Also external cheats or most of them will have an aimbot setting for which bone to aim at.
  13. Jordann

    100 dropped down from 115
  14. Jordann


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