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  1. Jordann

    Good luck against Charly lol
  2. Jordann

    1 atm g
  3. Jordann

    I’ll buy 7.62 suppressor for 150k
  4. Woah why u back? :?

    1. !Sanik 🔥💯

      !Sanik 🔥💯

      woah why are you here fellow roleplayer?

    2. Jordann


      Woah your unbanned hop on ts asap rocky nerd

    3. !Sanik 🔥💯

      !Sanik 🔥💯

      i am already on nerd ❤️

  5. Jordann

  6. Jordann

  7. Jordann

    @K-VHaha lovely Kappa sir.
  8. Jordann

  9. Jordann

  10. Jordann

    Counting down is classed as Poor RP just saying
  11. Jordann

    In game name: Jordann Age: 19 Bank account balance: 3 million Previous gangs: Nefarious, Old Betrayal (Vanguard One) Hours on Arma 3 *screenshot: https://gyazo.com/858d65b7690cf92531a735690f42a836 Why do you want to join Hennessy? To play with a bunch of decent players, as not that many people are actually playing reborn atm. Can any members vouch for you? Joshh, Wrigh, Fury, Abdul, Blue & McMiller
  12. Sad to see you go Paul, I miss mass moving you on ts by mistake ;)

  13. Jordann

    In-game name: Jordann Steam ID: 76561198436674934 Date of ban: 09/15/18 Reason for ban: Alt account perm Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No my ban was justified as i was using an alt account to play on reborn due to my main account being battleye banned. Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned as I know that was I did was completely stupid and I shouldn't of done it. Once I had gotten banned I should of went to Fuel and Neo to explain myself but I thought to myself that I could just sweep it under the rug however that didn't go down well. I should get unbanned because the battleye ban that I received was not for cheating / hacking on reborn. I know that I had previously used a 3rd party program to gain an advantage and I admitted this to Fuel later down the line and I didn't receive any ban for this I decided to come clean about that because it was the best thing to do. So now I am coming clean about my battleye ban. Okay so story starts like this, I had previously bought a server for CQC just for me n mates to chill on. We then had a hacker join the server going by the name of [BB] Trinkle who was blatantly hacking and I had a silent aim script that I had from my previous endeavors so I used that on the Admin debug console thing as I thought it would be okay to use since its done through the actual server console thing. A few days past and then when I was on my server again I got battleye banned. But onto the reason I should be unbanned is because I know that what I did was wrong and extremely stupid of myself to do and truely regret my actions. I didn't think that I would actually have a chance of getting unbanned but a friend had joined the rust server and had asked neo if there was a chance that I would get unbanned and Neo had said since I didn't win the charge back dispute then he has no issue allowing me to be unbanned so with that being said I thought I would post one as to be honest not playing Arma I have just been chilling listening to music all day everyday with playing a little bit of cod and I would like to be able to come back and play the server to play with some mates. Even if I don't get unbanned I would be happy with a teamspeak unban just so that I can talk to mates that still play to server. But again I am sorry for what I did and I hope that I can see you back on the server again. I would also like to say sorry for lying when I had gotten battleye banned as I said it was a no recoil script that I had gotten banned for. I am truely sorry from the bottom of my heart and if I am to get unbanned there will be nothing negative about me.

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