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  1. title really you can shift f4 when in cuffs and hide your id
  2. Lemmen

    you just made me think you were leaving and I was so close to hurting you
  3. Lemmen

    2 flashbangs per patrol 2 flashbangs per whoever can pull em on operations
  4. Lemmen

    There's a time and place for everything. This is neither.
  5. Lemmen

    Your responses to McTavish says more about you than the title... And as said if you want a religious or political discussion find some politics board or go on 4chan. We're here to play a roleplay game
  6. M K

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    1. Lemmen



    2. Jian Darkson
    3. M K

      M K

      Found it on the bottom of the PA doccument

  7. Lemmen

    DSGT Lemmen [SFU] & CC Daniel Seizing over 3 mil worth of weapons. I remember that
  8. Lemmen

    Ah yes I remember this, I'd like to think I'm better than back then :')
  9. Lemmen

    Windows Live Movie Maker (For the techies: Recordings were in VFR and converting all my recordings to CFR would be way too much hassle for a bit nicer quality effects)
  10. Lemmen

    Swedish and danish
  11. Lemmen

    Cheers boys
  12. Lemmen

    I don't know how to make these but I choose to believe for each one I make it gets better
  13. Lemmen

    If you can only pull out planes there to not make drugruns easier then +1 from here EDIT: Then from a police side of things we could legalize air stunts in the salt flats area
  14. Lemmen

    Fuel said no to undercover cops If you think it out... and I mean reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal good. Then you can take it to police board and then it can be brought up to management
  15. Lemmen

    How can you play like this American 500 ping and potato 10 fps AND RECORDING

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