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  1. xat

    Happy birthday mate

  2. oh fuck it's your birthday and all I got you is a pain in the ass, whoops 🤷‍♂️

    oh well, happy birthday xx

  3. Happy birthday, keep up the good work



    1. Harry


      Boy do you hummm

  5. Happy Birthday for real this time ❤️ 

    1. Harry


      It's legally binding 🥰

  6. Harry


    Would be possible but isn't on the priority list and would have some minor network traffic issues - though probably not too bad. Possibly consider adding some singleplayer games with an AI (sounds like the kind of needlessly advanced stuff @BenKlikes to attempt but not complete (*cough* raytracing redzone nlr *cough*)). Denied
  7. Harry


    You mean have actual AI fish? or what you shoot your gun into the water and have a chance of getting a fish? This doesn't seem feasible (or at least, reasonable) in the scope of arma
  8. so basically (at a glance) a way for gangs to wager "we'll win this fight"... don't see why not haha. Let's see what others think
  9. These are good ideas, would require careful thinking to make it balanced and fair. To be looked into Accepted
  10. Can't increase max speed, will eventually have mod shop acceleration, armour etc upgrades.
  11. I will accept this to be thought about in the future, I like the idea but we would have to figure out what would be fun and balanced. Accepted
  12. I like this idea, if the back-end database support for this is added then we could have some server-side incentives to play which will get everyone involved. Accepted
  13. Won't be swapping weekly, but am happy to do it monthly - for the July update we will change purple with red. Accepted
  14. Since gang caps are some of the most popular constant events on the server right now, I think it's justified in an increase. Since the server has been quiet, you have been getting less overall money so I'll give you 10% more - this decision will be reviewed in the future (either up or down) depending on the activity of the server and rebel players. Accepted

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