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  1. They'll get cleaned up anyway, plus more ground weapon holders = more performance issues. Don't think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks
  2. This isn't really needed as you don't have to spam transfer in increments now the £999,999 cap has been lifted. This seems a little bit sluggish and annoying for those who are capable of using their eyes before clicking, so perhaps I can try and make it remember who you last sent money to (in the same instance) if you'd rather?
  3. It's still illegal to carry them so the police can charge you for it. If you don't like being unable to retaliate don't hide in the green zone 😉 If police initiate with tazers you can knock them out, but not in the GZ as illegal activity is forbidden.
  4. Yes you do. 5XP per revive.
  5. You get XP you use it on your medic skill points which are separate to your regular ones
  6. Harry Lewis


    When your mates start posting "nigger" and "paki" on people's statuses I recommend you don't like it like a moron I know that you just didn't think so I'll unban you, but please use ya brain next time Unbanned
  7. Harry Lewis

    outsyder Report

    What came up in real life that took 3 minutes...? No evidence will mean no action Oh, and regardless, you're staying banned as you are a prolific soft logger.
  8. Denied She hasn't done anything wrong, she did give you a clear instruction with a visible threat, plus you were talking out the car in an alike manner. Allow me to explain: this is not RDM because time was given to comply, and there was a clear threat. If you want to try it yourself, make sure you are still providing adequate roleplay and time to comply like was done in the video. You don't have to say "or die" as this is implied when a giant gun is pointed in your face. The roleplay and time to comply aspects are more important than a specific set of words.
  9. Harry Lewis


    Denied Player not banned. Edit: player banned through infistar put up perm appeal
  10. Community vote! +1/-1 


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    4. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Haha I'm just memeing 

  11. If you are innocent you contact the admin that banned you or a staff lead. Ban appeals are for when you are trying to get unbanned early. That's how I treat it
  12. Harry Lewis


    Or don't jump out of moving vehicles. Denied
  13. Harry Lewis


    Completed Collect your compensation going to phone -> menu -> compensation.
  14. Harry Lewis


    Denied Insufficient evidence and you are told not to bring gear to events - that's common sense.
  15. Harry Lewis


    Compensated. Collect your money by going to Phone -> Settings -> Compensation.
  16. Harry Lewis

    Timothy Bowen

    Denied Insufficient evidence
  17. Harry Lewis


    In future please use your eyes: Keyword is "personal". Denied
  18. Do can-do, causes too many performance issues as well as latency. Denied
  19. Sorry it's late I was eating dinner x 

    Update V259 @ 8pm on 06/03/2019


    1. Epic


      Unacceptable harold, next update must be announced at 8 am.

    2. Paul D

      Paul D

      4 hours to eat dinner? my god you're fatter than @Scott McTavish

  20. Does everything you say have a political agenda?

  21. @Fuelits on my long term list but other stuff has come in front now so if you want to do it please go ahead
  22. Harry Lewis


    Every week we are working on removing the features and code that caused the drop in performance. This is information that is easily available so I'm disappointed that you've put up such a stupid suggestion. You speak as if we are intentionally making the server lag, which is contrary to the truth. Work is continuing but it won't be instant as none of us is paid and we all have jobs/degrees/lives. We don't, however, need to be spending time replying to posts like these. I must also say that roleplay will always come before frags, you know where to go if you don't want to play on our framework (hint: not our server?). Think before you post as it's very frustrating to have an ill-informed member telling us how to do our jobs.
  23. Harry Lewis

    JK JK

    @Mullinsand @Matrox.editing your post doesn't prevent us from seeing what you said. If you want to chat shit do it elsewhere... This forum is for actual suggestions and replies to such suggestions.

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