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  1. Harry Lewis

    They're just reactions, they don't mean anything. People have a right to an opinion, regardless if they express it through turd reactions. Probably just means they don't have the capacity to formalise them.
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  3. Harry Lewis

    If you don't vote for Big Kev he will ban you!!!
  4. Harry Lewis

    @Deanzplease correct the link so the admins may proceed.
  5. Harry Lewis

    Moved to perm appeal. P.s. what you said was pretty disgusting so I'll offer some advice to try editing your appeal to include an apology to that member of staff.
  6. Harry Lewis

    incorrect. Ban issued
  7. Harry Lewis

    Well, thanks for finally admitting to me that you are Sledge (even if it was over PMs). However, we are going to conduct this the proper way, i.e. on this thread. You assert that you have "changed for the better" which I suppose is reflected in your having gone almost a month without getting banned on your alt account, though the fact you even managed to get banned again shows a worrying disregard for the rules. Let's put that, however, down to perhaps a mistake on your part, not an intentional infraction. Though on further inspection, your main account has been banned twice for VDM, then your alt also gets banned for VDM... seems like you need to drill it into your head that you aren't allowed to use your vehicles as a weapon. Now, onto your having ban evaded since one week after being banned by Rose on your main account. I think you realise this means you have not served any significant portion of your ban - so why should you be allowed to do this whereas other people who get banned for much less severe offences must sit out their entire ban. So, you have only served seven days of your 6-month ban which is appealable after one month. Plus your ban evasion should lead to both accounts being permanently banned so I'm not really sure what my options are for you. So here are the options I present to you, Zerps, as you are certain that you have changed for the better I will give you the benefit of the doubt and not perm both accounts: I can perm Zerps and give Sledge a 3-week ban to make up the rest of your ban, so you've served a month. I can perm Sledge and leave Zerps to appeal again in 3 weeks (after you've served your month). Yes, you may think this is unfair but if I just let you off of your ban evading it kind-of defeats the point of banning you in the first place. Actions have consequences and everyone should follow the same system. Your move.
  8. Harry Lewis

    Denied Revenge reporting is not tolerated here. I suggest that you grow up and accept that your ban is your own fault, rather than taking your anger out on the person who reported you to get you banned.
  9. Harry Lewis

    Ok Flix, not sure how many "last chances" you've had, but here we go again. You know the consequences, please try and go a few months (well hopefully forever) without getting banned again. You clearly like the server enough to keep coming back but do us the favour of being careful and knowing the rules. Where possible, resolve and work things out if you do make a mistake - that way we won't be in the same situation again. Unbanned
  10. Harry Lewis

    @ZerpsI trust you realise that Ban Evading is a permanently bannable offence. I see that you've been online on the forums since I posted this comment so I really don't appreciate being ignored... I need a little more justification than "sledge is sledge", otherwise the ban will be extended not lifted. @Sledgewho are you and how do you know Zerps?
  11. Harry Lewis

    You're about 6 hours early to this appeal, so while we wait I'd like you to think about this and reply: Do you really think it's a good idea to just follow someone's orders blindly in your gang, especially when you observe the situation happen? This think first, comp later attitude is what leads to people getting banned, as regardless if you were told to do it or not you are the one who chose to follow what they say and thus unwittingly infract the rules. I'm sure you realise that a stationary road collision is still a road collision - otherwise you could simply sit on a blind curve on Kavala road, wait for people to crash into you and initiate on them while they're at a disadvantage. The person who reported you claimed that they did try to resolve with you... did they not contact you directly? If so I suppose you can't really be blamed for not resolving it on the spot. Either way, resolving isn't compulsory otherwise you can just break rules and comp with no consequences. It is good that you acknowledge your mistake and were willing to offer compensation. This is why I am putting additional emphasis on the point I made above - you are letting someone dictate your actions in-game and suffering consequences for it. You've been banned, what, 9 times now? Regardless if one or two of those were void that is quite a feat; you've "accomplished" this since July last year so I really think you need to read the rules again. What is to say that I will unban you and you won't just get banned again a week later?
  12. Harry Lewis

    Despite your extensive ban history, this was your first ban for Poor RP. You've played 271 hours on our server so you should know the boundaries by now as to what is considered poor and what is considered fine RP. I gather this was probably merely a poorly thought-out move, so in this case, you should have admitted the mistake and offered compensation. These kinds of things do happen a lot of the time, as every player's interpretation of the Poor RP rule is different. Don't initiate on fully spooled up helicopters, as the pilot may have no idea that you're even there. I, for one, know that I wouldn't because I fly in first-person. It is your responsibility to make your victim aware that you are initiating, not the other way around. People must be given the opportunity to comply and if they can't hear that you're initiating then they don't have that chance. I hope you understand this and will remember it as we go forward. You're racking up the bans, so please take a long look at the rules and consider this a "fresh start". I don't want to see your name popping up in the report a player subforum any time soon! Unbanned
  13. Harry Lewis

    > be blackwater member > suggest AAA faction > not realise that theres no room for an AAA faction so would have to disband AAA It's a nice idea but would be less popular than I think you realise, plus I don't think it'd be very popular getting rid of blackwater for it.
  14. Harry Lewis

    Click read message and "set marker"? Or has that been inadvertently removed 😅

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