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  1. I meant I'm not going to code it in unless management ratify it
  2. I'd say it falls under more of a rule (that we would force) so I'll leave it to them
  3. I would, but only if management want to implement the rule
  4. When you get on TS pop me a msg 

    1. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Discord me as I'm out tonight 🍺

    2. Alex Gavin

      Alex Gavin

      could of just pmed him u attention seaker

  5. We may be able to do a ***rough*** version where it doesn't trigger the script in the red zone (one less loop running), but you'll have to let me do some experimenting. I don't like releasing bodges so I'd have to be confident it works well enough. As for disabling the client side display, there would be absolutely no exceptions if you are caught breaking NLR (admins will still be informed) and you have it turned off. I don't see we wouldn't give you the option though. Accepted, added to Jira.
  6. Nothing interesting about it it's essentially just another big standard run. As the people above have said we have to many normal ones if anything we'll be looking to cut down and make the extant ones better. Denied
  7. As Paul D alluded to above this would ruin bases all week as hobos would just go and bid mid week so the gang would have to keep going back and the price would be astronomical. The server can't tell the difference between Saturday night restart and any other one so we can't make things selective during the week (it all becomes too manual, especially if the server needs to be restarted from hackers etc).
  8. Whitelisted factions get special stuff because you have to work to get access to it and adhere to rules and restrictions to use it. I'm sorry guys but as Fuel has said a million times these weapons will not be added to rebel shops. Denied
  9. Can't really do this without zones on the map (not good having the server tracking all that) or some laborious maths (I'm on holiday not at uni). I would consider having an option to disable NLR timer client side but I fear you'd try and use it as an excuse to get out of NLR bans (which, by the way, would not work)

    "If pressing windows key is too much for your computer then I would suggest replacing it before it becomes a baked potato" 

    Its not the windows being too much for our computers you numpty. It's just boring sitting there holding it, watching your character repeat the same animation.

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    2. Hoggie
    3. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      I just don't think me having to go through and rewrite the gathering scripts is worth my time when I've got so much else to do. That combined with a gut feeling that it makes it too easy is why I denied the suggestion. I will keep thinking about it and see what jcbjoe thinks but there's no need for all this commotion 😀

    4. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish


      It is our job to listen, somethings get accepted and some don't, complaining on Harry's profile and calling him a numpty isn't very constructive is it?

      FYI i bought a refurbished second monitor on ebuyer for £30, save your pocket money up for a few weeks and there you go.

      Work hard and reap the rewards ;)

  11. If pressing windows key is too much for your computer then I would suggest replacing it before it becomes a baked potato Gavin's idea is pretty good though I'll look into something like it at some point Denied
  12. Let the hobos have their fun. If they want to sneak in while you're preoccupied that's your issue. Denied

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