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  1. Denied An alternative system is to be implemented in May update.
  2. We're still figuring it out. Most likely only the huron but we've got to sit down and decide
  3. Denied I've got to draw the line and say nahhhhh on this one. bingo
  4. it's on the to-do list lol should be coming in June update if all goes to plan
  5. lmao nice spelling if you see police pulling out too many hellcats you should tell @Danielhe might do something about it
  6. I don't know who locked and moved this post (wasn't me) but I'll give some quick responses as to why You said yourself people have too much money 😜 What's the point in giving more money when you won't spend it? But seriously, we have plans for a kind of currently earnt from killing people in redzones and capzones but it's down the line, let us figure it out first. Anyone can appeal a ban at any time this has always been the case, unless they're told otherwise and that's usually for a reason.
  7. @Neocan probably look into it
  8. Harry Lewis

    Gang garages

    Bump the original thread instead of making another suggestion, cluttering things up and making things more difficult for us. It's accepted and on Jira so also don't bother doing that.
  9. Harry Lewis

    Server Lag

    We are aware and fully acknowledge the performance issues. We've got a plan to sort them it just takes time as we have to undo a lot of changes made in the past. Hopefully™ there will be a performance increase and latency reduction with next update. You'll find that runs and simple objects cause negligible performance reductions, and we do try and cut back as and where we can. - but you must understand the server would be very bland for those who aren't 24/7 fighting if we didn't have a certain level of eye-candy. As for a better box, Arma 3 being a single-threaded game we can't really get a better box for what we are doing. Ram utilisation is something like 4 out of 64GB and CPU load is usually only around 50% (would have to get someone to cross reference these numbers for me) - as evidenced by the lack of crashes and mass kicks. Any perceived FPS and connection issues are more due to the mission itself and the various objects and scripts interacting with one another than the server box not being able to perform. As I've stated above, we're working on that but it's a long and arduous task. Scripts only affect performance when they're being run, so removing little-used scripts wouldn't actually increase your performance. I think you mean scripts which aren't needed, which is exactly what we're doing. That's part of trying to improve our framework; it is a matter of reviewing many of our hundreds of custom and default functions to ensure that they're running in the best way with regards to server performance. As I stated in the Development update, we're moving to a much more player - headless-client - database related version of the fundamental scripts to the server. For example virtual inventories and virtual housing. The reason this improves performance on a player and network level is that information isn't being broadcast to all members, it is being sent to the headless client (a way of virtual multi-threading) and to the database. As such, the information will only be broadcast to players who request it, rather than players' information being broadcast so it can be requested. Thanks for being reasonable in your post, rather than SHIT SERVER FIX FPS. Hopefully I've answered your concerns.
  10. Denied I'm not ruining this for everyone just because you guys don't seem to be able to say no. Create an art-gallery blacklist if you want... if someone is abusing the system don't give the art gallery to them. The art gallery is something you earn with excellent roleplay, it shouldn't be given away every restart - perhaps the police should start counter-roleplaying as would happen in real life. Just imagine the paintings keep going missing... over time the cops are going to be more specific. Think: if it came out of your paycheck you wouldn't be so easy.
  11. System is changed to be proportional to money earnt for next update. This weights it according to people online e.t.c
  12. Harry Lewis


    Denied I turn the weather on sometimes but this was discussed before and we aren't gonna have it on permanently. Also, don't be silly we aren't removing night!!!!!!!!!!
  13. did someone say b u s
  14. Completed You already get the illegal trader bonus for contraband. Will fix for the other one.
  15. Harry Lewis

    Factions SW

    Denied The 100 round mags are only available to high(ish?) ranks so I am pretty sure every BW member shouldn't be running around with them? I could be wrong though... Either way, we're looking to redo the crafting system so hopefully it will become more viable for you guys to just craft them. Being in a faction will always have privileges as you have to go through various trials and tribulations to get them.

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