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  1. Jordd mate think you dropped these
  2. Awh thanks Dylan it really means a lot! It's a team effort though, everyone in the NHS does their bit (except Cameron) lemme just...
  3. This is incredibly exciting from what I've seen so far. Super hyped for what is to come, tremendous +1 from me
  4. I think it would be really great if there were more custom shops (like the Bar and Grill etc) in the other towns across Altis. If all the big towns had a high street of shops and other roleplay accessories it would improve people's immersion and promote the movement of players out of Kavala for reasons other than runs and gunfights. Towns that could do with some love, in my opinion, are Agios, Zaros, Sofia, Pyrgos and especially Athira. I foresee people complaining about FPS... I am pretty sure a few shop banners would not cause any issues?
  5. Hi there, thanks for your comment. The word count in the NHS application is much less than either other factions. The word count is there (and enforced) in order to introduce an element of work to join the faction, to at least put the effort in to find the words to apply here. If you have a genuine reason to not be able to reach the words counts, then you need to contact someone about it so we can make provisions for you. Members of the Altis Police have the option of a truncated application, as they have already made it into the police (which is a more difficult application). The quality of the content and the willingness to play is a very important aspect of an application, however, we appreciate a certain amount of effort to be put into an application. If you are succinct and eloquent enough to not even use 50/75, then that's fine, but we expect more to weed out those who don't care enough. Different rules for different people? I don't care how old you are - no one is going to have looked at your age and denied you. I'm not sure what you mean, the only difference in the rules is a justifiable reduced application for those who have already essentially completed the same application. Our HR members are instructed to follow the rules, i.e. that all applications, regardless of merit, must meet the word count. Granted, if your application was received well you will be invited to reapply immediately, which is perhaps what should have happened. The reason that the NHS is the 'single most complained about service by players' is down to ignorance and bad practice primarily from those who want to use it. When most players respawn immediately after requesting medic, or alt+F4 when the medic gets there, or spam messages to the medic, or don't roleplay when they do get revived, or any number of other things, it really discourages the medic who has driven or flown halfway there to discover someone isn't there anymore. Granted some medics may be unprofessional or do not interact, but it no-one informs NHS command then what are we meant to do about it. Complaining about things to people who can't change them is fruitless - speak to us if you have concerns or issues. The NHS is doing well at the moment - if it wasn't, then would every applicant who claims to be joining to "fix the NHS" or whatever still be saying this? No. Any major issues with the way the faction operates or its members are either contrived or non-existent. I have had a look at your most recent application, here is what I'd like to say: - Your description of your experience and about you is good - this is the kind of effort which starts off an application well. - Your roleplay background story is short and poor. If you are joining a roleplay faction and you can't write 100 words of roleplay then how can we expect you to do it on the spot? - Why you want to join the NHS is completely insufficient. 22 words aren't enough to show us you genuinely want to join... - What you can bring is good, if only your why you want to join was to this standard. Since you seem to care about joining, and definitely have a lot to bring, I will allow you to reapply when ready, but you must meet the word requirement as per the conditions of the application. If you have any more complaints, contact a CST or CMO on teamspeak or post in the NHS complaints subforum. Cheers, CMO Harry Lewis
  6. They're all really good man, well done! Especially like the medic offroad and truck boxer
  7. Tell me something I don't know
  8. Yeah, that makes sense. Adding the xp element would be good as it both rewards the player for taking the risk and makes taking the risk more appealing. I think it would encourage the use of the featurea lot
  9. it could be argued however that some of the games do require some level of skill to win, so an XP reward in a kind of "practice makes perfect" way could at least marginally increase the probability of winning. And this would not be unrealistic as it is plausible that you get better with time. Of course, I am also suggesting an alternative where you get a larger payout for being a "valued customer" or something along those lines...
  10. I know lots of people use the casino to earn money, so I thought it would be neat to have it as a profession where the earnings are dynamic, depending on your previous wins. Possibilities of how the XP would be awarded are that you get x XP for every bet you win, or perhaps x XP for every y money you win. The level of the profession that you are in gambling will then affect your winnings. At level 1, you get the default 2*bet as your winnings, however as you increase in level the reward could be bigger. This could either be linear, ie: reward = bet * (2 + level/100) this would mean that at level 0 payout is 2x, level 50 payout is 2.5x, level 100 is 3x etc. or non-linear, eg if you wanted it to plateau at payout being 3x: reward = bet * (3 - exp(-level / 20)) Of course, these are just ideas, and the constants and equations used to calculate the winnings are down to your discretion. Alternatively, instead of raising the payout, the skill could increase the probability of winning. I feel like this would be a valuable addition to the server as many people take the risk of "investing" their money in the casino, so a more permanent prize is deserved.
  11. It was never to be Also nah absolutely -1 to voting day/night, that kind of stuff is an absolute immersion killer plus night time is a fundamental part of some of the challenges of the game
  12. Nice profile song :D

    1. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Thanks sir! x

    2. Jordd


      I love it! x

  13. Good luck! Here, have a free member courtesy of me: Name: Harry Lewis Age: 18 Hours On Arma: 381 Bank Balance: ~£18.5M Advanced Rebel?: What? Previous Gangs?: Garbo Why do you want to join Đisposition?: r o l e p l a y Who can vouch for you?: Cameron (or he's fired)
  14. damn straight, happy roleplaying kiddo
  15. happy 14th x

    1. Lee



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