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  1. Harry Lewis

    Accepted £900,000 compensated.
  2. Harry Lewis

    Accepted £1,007,500 compensated.
  3. Harry Lewis

    Accepted £900,000 compensated.
  4. Harry Lewis

    @JAW are you letting this man claim comp for your lsd?
  5. Harry Lewis

    This is clearly RDM, the guys couldn't have gang-initiated on you and your friend as they were in the vehicle the whole time. Player Brodie banned for 24 hours (RDM) - first offence. Player Nahrul banned for 48 hours (RDM) - second offence.
  6. Harry Lewis

    I have reviewed the footage multiple times. I can hear "Out of the car right now with your hands up or you will be shot" then a mumble then you shoot before you've finished repeating the initiation. It's about 4 seconds in total and that is what you've given him to figure out what's happening, stop the car and put his hands up? I don't know it seems too rushed to me. If you had used a spike strip, for example, it would be much more clear what was going to happen and would have aided you in quickly detaining the officer. You must remember that it is your responsibility to ensure that your "victim" can hear your initiation. In this case, I think it was a poor judgement on your behalf as it was very difficult to hear what you said. However, because your initiation was repeated and you tried to give time to comply. I don't think this is a serious enough offence to warrant a ban so I am going to give a formal (written) warning to the initiator in the video. The reason being for unintentional poor initiation. In future, please ensure that your initiation is more audible, especially on moving vehicles. I'd recommend using spike strips.
  7. Harry Lewis

    Assuming that's a question... yes please.
  8. Harry Lewis

    @Cazual4d I agree this is poor rp, no time to comply. However, I would like you to give me high-quality screenshots of the numbers - thanks. @marko ? @Kaliber I think this is you two. Anything to add?
  9. Harry Lewis

    @Dalvey at the 4pm restart please check your garage and you should find your truck is in there. I believe the frogs legs also will be, please reply with the results.
  10. Harry Lewis

    Denied 24 hour bans are not appealable, your ban expires 16/07/2018 19:19.
  11. Harry Lewis

    Timed out.
  12. Harry Lewis

    Timed out.
  13. Harry Lewis

    Denied insufficient evidence.
  14. Harry Lewis

    I cannot say for certain but I highly doubt it. I imagine there will be applications to get whitelisting. @noms can probably give you a better answer.
  15. Harry Lewis

    @CoryHazHax how much compensation do you require

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