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  1. Amazing event today! Bring on round 2

  2. Harry Lewis

    quit spending your cigarette money on recommendations!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Harry Lewis

    Harry Lewis

  4. Thanks for 30 notifications in the last 24 hours 

    edit: 37


    keep up the good work

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    1. Jordd


      Thankyou. Nearly at 500.

  5. Harry Lewis

    As long as the feature couldn't be abused. I.e. a small boost to the damage one can take, but if too much alcohol is taken it can cause damage. Could also depend on thirst levels, food levels and perhaps an "alcohol tolerance" skill!
  6. Harry Lewis

    +1. This would add a plethora of roleplay opportunities for both APD and NHS. Perhaps alcohol can give some kind of benefit as well as its current drawbacks (visibility) - this would encourage its use and therefore enable the more frequent use of the script.
  7. Harry Lewis

    you too x
  8. Harry Lewis

    HONHON bien sur monsieur! merci beaucoup ma petite cheurs Much love
  9. Harry Lewis

    hahahahah oops the secret is out
  10. Harry Lewis

    @Preacher @CaaaM you rascals made my time worthwhile
  11. Harry Lewis

    cheesy compilation of the fun times I had in my time working towards and being CMO Thanks to everyone who made it such fun <disclaimer> I did some stupid shit I regret back in the day but it's all fun memories </disclaimer>
  12. Harry Lewis

    Nice to see ya Disco
  13. Happy birthday!

  14. Harry Lewis

    @Tom (The Medic) and @Sarcasticc1ap (Tom and Darren) are two of the finest roleplayers I've met on the server. I am consistently impressed when I am helped up by them or see them about on their patrols. Not only this, their dedication to their roles in the NHS is astounding. They both work incredibly hard and want to train and inspire new medics - which they are already doing. Darren is thus far a JDOC and TARU, and Tom is a JDOC, TARU and HRO despite only having been in the medics for a few weeks. It's not every day you meet people as proficient as them, so these guys get a huge +1 from me. Keep it up!
  15. Harry Lewis

    If you have been a medic in the past and wish to rejoin, the following information may be helpful to you. 1. Returning medics get two ranks down from what they left as, in most circumstances. For example JDOC -> FR * 2. Depending on their circumstances, returning medics may be able to skip their interview and training. 3. Previously kicked/blacklisted medics are welcome to return once their punishment has expired. Speak to a CMO if you wish to have a permanent blacklist overturned. 4. If you were falsely removed/had a good reason we did not know about, you may be able to get your old rank back! (Enquire on TS with a CST or CMO.) *If you do not know what rank you were, please tell us the approximate date of your departure and we can find out from our database. If you are interested in rejoining the medics, please fill out a full application here. Please mention in your application that you are a returning medic. If it is accepted then speak to an HR member or CST to find out the next step. Returning medics will still have to be active to avoid demotion and removal unless they have a good reason. We are keen to invite any past medics back into the NHS to boost our numbers with experienced players who are able to start straight away with little to no training required. APPLY HERE Regards, NHS Command @Harry Lewis @Kydan Sadler @Cameron- @Jackdevo for more information.

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