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  1. Harry Lewis

    Before you suggest consider if it's actually something you want and whether it's a good idea
  2. Harry Lewis

    AAA should only be impounding abandoned vehicles anyway
  3. Harry Lewis

    I need a longer video from both of you. @deadlevel you need to show that you were not aware that it was an active situation for the RDM report to be effectual. Brian's point of view does appear to show that it is an active gunfight and his communications confirm this.
  4. Harry Lewis

    Yes the limit is usually 10m, no need for a button it would just clog up the screen.
  5. Harry Lewis

    No news yet. It'll be down to the web dev (i.e. Neo) as to whether it gets added
  6. Harry Lewis

    Denied 1 month bans are appealable after 7 days. That is 23/09/2018 at 19:10. Try reading the ban rules before putting up an unban request. I advise you that next time you appeal you put more effort in and properly answer the questions asked of you. P.s. your side chat history shows exactly why you were banned. N
  7. Harry Lewis

    You have a long ban history which does not put you in a favourable light. I am willing to unban you as you have waited over a month, but I want you to keep in mind that your next ban is your 6th, which is a permanent ban. Perhaps join a faction learn how to roleplay better to avoid making another mistake like this. Unbanned
  8. Harry Lewis

    I can see there is a lot of enthusiasm for this idea. I will look into whether we should implement something like it after I finish the new wrecks system. Keep the comments and ideas flowing so I can know what the majority want from this. I can definitely say there will be no AI
  9. Harry Lewis

    Still waiting on a video @Pantera
  10. Yesssssssssssssssssssss laddddddddd

  11. Congrats on Staff Lead Man!

    1. majed


      He deserved it TBH

    2. Harry Lewis

      Harry Lewis

      Thanks gents




    1. majed


      Hahahah. its not funny @Harry Lewis is skilled bro Dont Mess with him xD 

    2. Yeezysloth
  13. Grats Clueless on staff Lead :D

  14. Harry Lewis

    Please update with your steam ID from http://steamid.io (Steam64) Moved to perm ban appeal

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