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  1. Harry Lewis

    How long has the issue persisted @Zackary
  2. Harry Lewis

    Unbanned I will give you the benefit of the doubt, but you must realise your next ban is permanent so I suggest doing a full refresh of the rules and coming back ready to start again afresh.
  3. Harry Lewis

    Denied Another ban was added for toxicity due to the names you've been joining the server with. You need to appeal this ban (as well as this one) in the permanent ban appeal section.
  4. Harry Lewis

    The admins' reaction is exactly as per the ban rules. You have been banned twice for breaking rule 12.10... did you not learn your lesson the first time?
  5. Harry Lewis

    Denied Wait until the report is accepted.
  6. Harry Lewis

  7. Harry Lewis


    Denied You have since been permed for a different reason.
  8. Harry Lewis

    @Tom Skylinecan deal with this one.
  9. Harry Lewis

    It's a closed faction. There'll be a new one to replace it at some time in the future. Only management will be able to elaborate
  10. Your birthday cake smells like updog. Might wanna check that out...

    1. Daniel


      Thank you 😂😂

  11. Is it just me or does it smell like updog in here?

  12. Harry Lewis

  13. Harry Lewis

    Denied Fuel and I have talked at length about this and decided that the potential FPS drop this could add would not outweigh the benefits of added immersion. I will use my dev console to enable this a few times a week, but it will not be automatically every restart!
  14. Harry Lewis

    Thanks for informing me you'd updated your appeal with a steam ID... However that is wrong, this is your id: 76561198211756321 In future, please actually read the questions in your ban appeal. Making our life difficult won't help you get an unban, for instance: Your date of ban wasn't 04/18/03 it was 10/11/2018. It was a 1 day ban which isn't appealable. Your steam ID is wrong even after using the id finder Your ban timed out 2 days ago, have fun. Good day to you.

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