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  1. Ollie_

    Assuming comp has been sorted. Report Closed.
  2. Ollie_

    Will give @Swanta wiggasome time to respond.
  3. Ollie_

    Report Accpeted: 2 day ban issued for Poor RP/Exploiting.
  4. Ollie_

    @BaldyI think anyone would be pissed in the situation you was in, but leaving the channel would've been better than saying the shit you did. Ban issued.
  5. Ollie_

    Will give @RhyXsome time to respond.
  6. Ollie_

    Could you sort this evidence ASAP @Mason M, otherwise this will be denied.
  7. Ollie_

    Will give @Dennis Wisesome time to respond.
  8. Ollie_

    Personally, I think a lot of things could've gone better in this situation. Just because another person has broken rules doesn't mean you have the right to as well. IMO, both of you were a little in the wrong. On the flip side to this, I can see why you were frustrated with it. @RappyIf you could sort comp for saffe as there was no real chance you were going to not get your gear stolen if you hadn't of combat logged. I'll let you off with this one and put a note on your battlemetrics for if it happens again. You also have a few bans on your history. I'd recommend not doing this again, and instead, gather evidence to report someone for a rulebreak. @saffeNo longer video has been shown, but just as an FYI make sure you're putting more effort into making sure initiation can be heard, as from the short video shown it was pretty poor. If comp isn't sorted in a reasonable amount of time, feel free to message me and I'll reopen the report. Report Closed.
  9. Ollie_

    Auction Closed.
  10. Ollie_

    Auction Closed.
  11. Ollie_

    Assuming this is sold. Auction Closed.
  12. Ollie_

    Assuming this has been sold. Auction Closed.
  13. Ollie_

    Auction Closed.
  14. Ollie_

    Assuming this has been sold. Auction Closed.

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