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  1. @Danny Wongnoooooooooooooooo my fave streamer, dont know how im gonna carry on


  2. good job lieutenant sir
  3. TRU used to go to caps all the time, it's not really that bad. it'd be different if every single cop went to caps 24/7, but that doesnt happen
  4. Ollie_


    In-game name: Ollie Steam ID: 76561198171658333 Date of ban: 04/20/19 Reason for ban: Toxic (Banned ingame and on discord) Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: Not at all Why should we unban you? I posted a really stupid, immature video on discord without really thinking properly. I can see how it might've been offensive to a lot of people, and I apologise for that. If I remember correctly, I got the video from a youtube parody that was posted a few years back, but this doesn't really make it acceptable. I literally re-installed Arma last night and tried logging in today not knowing I was banned. I do want to start getting back into Arma 3 and I've applied back into cops where I hopefully can work my way up through the ranks again (if I'm unbanned). I've never previously been banned ingame or on the discord, and I understand a bunch of shit happened with me whilst I was Admin, which probably did make some impact on this ban, so sorry again for all the shit I caused with that. Discord ID is ollie#0183 incase anyone needs it (edit: date of the ban isnt accurate because i dont remember when it actually happened.)
  5. cracking job fierce mate
  6. ah another one of these bloody cheaters gone, good work laddies 😎
  7. in tears right now, really quite upset
  8. Ollie_


    he got staff to remove comments and edited the post lmaoooo https://gyazo.com/c785de9b43de2b42061522c264d84eed
  9. Ollie_


    @Charlie Pollin
  10. 😎

    1. Ollie_


      ah good day there sir 😎!!!!!

  11. Ollie_


    Accepted for 100k. To accept the compensation, press Y > Click on the settings > Click compensation and you'll receive your money.
  12. action taken, player has been banned multiple times in the past for RDM.
  13. Ollie_

    63331 Report

    action taken
  14. Have you got any evidence @saffe

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