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  1. Rah it's your bday, what did u get? A yacht?

    1. Browny



    2. Jayyyyy


      You can get me one if you want :).

  2. Tried to get an autograph but he had to go and do his duties.
  3. outplayed, props to dsrt @Jayyyyyfor coming up with that one
  4. Nice profile pic u fucking weeb

    1. Jayyyyy


      Nice profile picture you fucking roleplayer.

    2. JAW
  5. trainer btw, only thing your handing out is leaflets about srt. Its not, plus that was defo @Frato. Its just a bit <inappropriate3> when we slam and kills lets say 6tfu and 3 of our guys die. Then within in 2 mins the whole of TFU are back and we lose cap. and or we slam vendor say, kill 2 and then before we can push further theyre both back and shooting us from behind. I just feel that you lot should have one or two restrictions cuz tbf it dont seem like u have any. The other day u had 10/8 in the TFU channel and then 4 people in an armed hellcat, so it was impossible for rebels to land at south rebel and the same for BW. YES I KNOW WE CAN DRIVE THERE, but its very long. I just feel that police are a bit OP atm as all of command are basically TFU and also NPAS can come in RZ in armed hellcats so they are also basically part of TFU. We had over 100 mill last week in funds and got 7 mil each so it does really. Also its based on hours so only 15 max get a cut each week. I just think there needs to be something that boosts rebel life and makes people wanna be a rebel because atm the best place to be is in a faction.
  6. Hard to do much when u have 10 tfu then 4 in an armed hellcat but yano
  7. That's not a thing anymore it seems
  8. 5'11

    1. Frato


      We all know hes 5'3

    2. JAW


      Rah Christian dont ave that

    3. christiann


      @Fratoatleast i can go to school safely

  9. People need to realise our gear isnt that cheap, we literally pay the same as rebels. a mk1 loadout is just over 400k full price with perks
  10. also our gear isnt that cheap i still pay 400k for a mk1 loadout
  11. just seems like u cant win so ur trying to find a way.
  12. Flicked onto the floor like.
  13. Im on about the distance not the server. Count the Km squares, u get around 5-6. It dont matter tho. there need to be another garage in South Rz.

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