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  1. JAW

    Skengman crusader
  2. JAW

    I thought I initiated but I was clearly wrong so I can comp I just need the amount @zirazy
  3. JAW

    How much
  4. JAW

    The video isn’t working for me? The link is invalid apparently.
  5. JAW

    Also we weren’t friends with the hostage, just doing a good deed
  6. JAW

    I screamed “out the car or get gatted”
  7. JAW

    Rdmed me
  8. JAW

    If that’s so are you gonna try and make money? Cuz if ur asking for money 24/7 then that’s gonna be a problem.
  9. JAW

    ImAgInE being so bad at Arma so u play seige
  10. JAW

    Any previous gangs?
  11. JAW

  12. JAW

    In-game name: Rich Brian (JAW) Steam ID: 76561198088046255 Date of ban: 08/03/2018 Reason for ban: "Duping" Staff member that banned you: Fuel Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: My ban was fully justified I was in the wrong. Why should we unban you? I have played ArmA for nearly 2 years, most of my time I have played Roleplay servers. Being in many gang and communities means duping has always been around me but I have never got involved, ask anybody I play with I'm very against cheating and people giving themselves an advantage so I hate people who cheat and hack but I never really came cross duping until I came to reborn and my friend showed me how easy it was and I fell into a trap and the money got to my head I became greedy as it was so much easier than doing runs. I became careless for the other players on the server and only thought about myself. I am terribly ashamed of myself for this and I hate myself for it. I have realised that I have had many opportunities and I have fucked them all up. I made a huge mistake for duping and I know for a fact I will never do it again. All I ask for is another chance on the community. Finally, I want to say sorry to the players that I ruined the economy and sorry to the staff who will have to deal with this unban. If you fell an account wipe is necessary to unban me that is fine by me as all I want is to play the server with my friends again. Overall this server has gave me the best experience on ArmA and I want to keep having the fun I do. Thanks Rich Brian (JAW)

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