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  1. TeeZee

    hey jaw

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    2. TeeZee


      really nice kid, good aim and smart foot pushes. got lots of potential. hope he doesn't fall in with the wrong crowd and let the talent go to waste

    3. JAW


      Hazza taxi service. VIP guests only from rebel to og. Oly only.

    4. Ben.


      Always heard jaw was good thankfully tyler has rectified it for me, love you lots tyler

  2. JAW

    J [abyss] Report

    Didn't admit i did anything wrong just said i spoke to staff about it. stop trying to get someone banned with no evidence.
  3. JAW

    J [abyss] Report

    I said i was getting other staff opinion and then u said ok. now uve reported me? i dont get it also what is that video?
  4. u didnt even know where the other guy was, it also would've kicked u off if u lagswitched any longer.
  5. every person who did it would say the generic "I don't even know how to lag switch" just sounds like a lie to me
  6. Saved it right after, it shows it all anyways. Getting annoyed and beefing in side chat inst a problem but going out your way to lag switch one of us is just stupid and there was no need for it.
  7. What funny, this is serious?
  8. Never heard that Yes if I get lag switched on full price I'm gonna be annoyed.
  9. U also werent there the 5 or so weeks we got a gangbase but yano
  10. doesnt matter how much u make lmao

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