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  1. JAW

    2 gang bases

    trust, im saying just let police back. cuz atm everyone wants to join factions so then with only 10 TFU it will boost gangs and gang life will thrive.
  2. JAW

    2 gang bases

    it seems everyone and their nan in police has TFU whitelisting and its a bit stupid like should just be TFU not all command.
  3. JAW

    2 gang bases

    8* because u all get mk1s
  4. JAW

    2 gang bases

    The assent base just sits there all week. No one uses it and about 20 people hold it on Saturday. Something should be put in place so this doesn't happen. I wouldn't care if TFU could come but they should have restrictions on numbers. I remember when TFU got revamped a few months ago and it was strict af but over time you would see more and more patrol cops in RZ, If it was like 5-10 TFU that would be calm.
  5. nah its like my montage time ago. his rendering fucked up cuz u can tell by how hes playing his fps isn't as bad as it seems.
  6. JAW

    JAW | Again

    some thingy msg @DanisH.
  7. JAW

    Rougle #3

    Spougle theres people in the orca
  8. JAW

    Rougle #3

    fell in love with the song. I have to agree on this
  9. JAW

    JAW | Again

    let me find ur old tages in my files somewhere
  10. Changing back to 16:9 so I thought I'd slap this out.

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