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  1. JAW


    could be worse https://gyazo.com/f29f9e80d6b4f10e348c72fa54caf3d8
  2. so u do use a computer lmao? let me guess in a room on ur own, with 5 mins breaks ahahah
  3. gl with ur gcses, probs gotta do them on a computer anyway but uno xx
  4. hmmm, lets rethink that, i went off for 5 mins then u joined my channel saying u lost the base and its all my fault ahahahah
  5. cant kick someone whos never been in any of my gangs
  6. imagine sitting on a wall infront of a council house with gangs signs @christiann #69
  7. is that big chris i see getting run down by 15 somalis
  8. Feel like shit might press W and D with the same finger
  9. oh shit u meant kills.............. rah

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