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  1. carstensen

    "Did sinity get mad and boot everyone off" no thanks ty
  2. carstensen

    6pm gamers
  3. carstensen

    Nice tage, just get rid of that fov
  4. carstensen

    Alot of people wouldnt like rain, I just think everyone wants fog as it makes your game look nice with any settings, + fog dosent effect fps
  5. carstensen

  6. carstensen

    Massive +1, its a bit stupid how a cap in on the tallest mountain in the game
  7. carstensen

    *NOTE THIS MAY NOT WORK FOR EVERYONE* This is most probably my first and last guide im ever going to make, Just here to help people with arma 3 fps and performance. What I will be going through. 1. Launch parameters 2. Nvidia control panel 3. Cfg file 4. Ingame settings And last, I will be going over apps for your pc you can download so you have a smooth game. My specs I5 2400 (Shit cpu) GTX 1050 TI SC 8gb ddr3 1tb hard drive 120gb ssd Without optimizing my system, I would get a constant 35-40 fps everywhere except kavala of course. When I optimized my system I get around 45-50 fps out of major towns, And around 35 in major towns. 1. My launch parameters. I used to use JE malloc for memory allocator, but it made my game freeze. 2. Nvidia control panel You want to go into nvidia control panel, Manage 3D settings, Program settings and find arma 3 on the drop down menu. 3. cfg file 4. My In-game settings Turn all that AO, bullcrap off, it may make your game look nice but it tears your fps unless you've got a good pc. And lastly, I will show you some apps you can download to keep your system clean, and smooth, they've stopped lag and stutter for me, they've been a huge help. https://bitsum.com/parkcontrol/ https://www.iobit.com/en/advancedsystemcarefree.php https://www.ccleaner.com/ccleaner Theres 1 more tip I have is to Overclock your cpu, unfortunately I cannot overclock mine, But remember be safe when doing it and make sure you know what youre doing, If you don't here are some guides https://overclocking.guide/ http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/faq/id-2920787/beginner-guide-overclocking-cpu.html This is my first and guide, So try not to hate thanks, Hope these tips worked for you.
  8. carstensen

    make one with carstensen thx
  9. carstensen

    Ive got 1 left lad, if thats ok, you can buy it for 2 mil?
  10. carstensen

    gj dad
  11. carstensen

    Why did you add a kill of a kid with a pistol initiating?
  12. carstensen

    Fair play, nice clips lad
  13. carstensen


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