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  1. Happy birthday mate 👍

  2. happy birthday buddy have a good one =]

  3. Congratulations on becoming a father mate

    1. R_Temple_


      Thanks mate 

    2. Girraffe


      U GOT A BABY 

  4. Happy birthday boss, hope you have a good one :D


  5. I miss the offshore prison
    1. Paul D

      Paul D

      xtra stuff is boring but tavo seems to enjoy it

    2. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Nothing wrong with Irn Bru Xtra, same taste and nearly no calories

      So shut it Paul D :D

    3. Kierann


      @Paul DBetter than your Daily Dose ya ching heed.  😂 x

  6. Reborn Christian Gang Here to spread the word of Christ, and the holy spirit, we firmly believe Altis lacks the compassion and wholesomeness to continue onward without unfair bloodshed. Consequently, we announce the Reborn Christian Gang, here to cleanse you of your sins, encourage forgiveness on Altis, and spread education on the Bible. In addition, we will be doing Sunday Service at 20:00 in Kavala Church. Requirements - Must be a child of God - Thorough knowledge of the King James Bible - Thorough knowledge of the Book of Common Prayer - No outstanding illegal debts or activities - Must wear pink suits - 500 hours min Application Format Name: Age: Denomination: Hours w/screenshot: Confirmed with a Church?: ROSTER
  7. happy birthday lad, hope the bus is treating you well 

    1. DanisH.


      The bus is treating me well :D

  8. Good grief, that was just about the most embarrassing thing I've seen in a while! @Kydan Sadlermight have some explaining to do
  9. NPAS rep time? @Charlywill enjoy shooting you down with @Albistonagain haha
  10. Server FPS is so much better since they ditched the old stuff :D I hope it continues to get better 

    1. Fuel


      changed the downed system this weekend which should register kills quicker, bound to be some bugs but seems faster to me, much faster.

      Only time will tell.

    2. R_Temple_


      @FuelI suppose so, with every new implementation there's bound to be some teeething issues haha 

      Hopefully it all works out though! I think the server's FPS has been brilliant recently, it's such a better experience

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