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  1. We need to DAB on the hackers




    1. ..S..


      dont ever type that again

    2. K-V
    3. AustiN
  2. R_Temple_

    Admin transfer, I think 😛 Both good points haha, I forgot about perks. Start price reduced to 8.5, buy now at 9mn.
  3. R_Temple_

    Item: F/A-181 Black Wasp II Jet Proof of ownership: https://i.imgur.com/fkc1E8p.jpg Buy now price: 8.5mn Starting bid: 9mn Minimum bid increment: 50K End date: 15/12/2018
  4. R_Temple_

    +1 I understand the high price is a deterrent against people buying up loads of space and having a million channels, but I feel the price is perhaps a bit excessive.
  5. Happy Birthday!!

    1. Knasen


      Thanks bud!

  6. R_Temple_

    Wow!!! Player of the month?? I have done nothing close to deserve this haha, but thank you so much!! God bless you all, and God save the Queen! Godspeed
  7. But now you must get rid of all these things: anger, passion, and hateful feelings. No insults or obscene talk must ever come from your lips. (Colossians 3:8)

    1. Ryno


      yeah mate agreed me too

  8. R_Temple_

    1:25 pulls down, not naturally either perfect aim 🤔
  9. Ask not whether God is on our side, but whether we are on his

    1. Bobby
    2. Ryno


      This is some absurd amounts of illegal gang activity

  10. R_Temple_

    Love it Seriously though, those SUVs were begging to blow up
  11. R_Temple_

    Hiya all, I cannot encourage everyone enough to please donate to Jamies Farm during their BigGive event, where any donation above £5 is doubled by trustees and the government until 4th Dec. Jamies Farm is an amazing charity that had a profound impact on me and hundreds of other young people, taking in young people from inner cities and elsewhere and showing them how fulfilling and enjoyable life can be, without technology, fizzy drinks or social media. Having experienced it first hand when I was just twelve, I can directly vouch for the impact they have and the effectiveness of the farm. I volunteer frequently at their Bath HQ farm now, hoping to inspire the same change in other young people that the charity inspired in me. I please encourage everyone to donate to the one charity I think absolutely deserves it, and please know your money will go to good use. The link to donate is here: https://jamiesfarm.org.uk/biggive/ To find out more about Jamies Farm, and the amazing work they do, feel free to read a bit more here
  12. R_Temple_

  13. R_Temple_

    Of course, and I feel you're definitely right about 3rd person being far more popular, which is why I suggest only one day a few months or so dedicated to first person I personally greatly enjoy first person, but I know I'm obviously in the minority there, so I totally get why some may not want it I think that was stopped because Noms left and it ceased development, although admittedly I wasn't around during the time to know much That's a really good suggestion actually, hadn't thought of that one! I do feel hate is maybe a bit of a strong word haha, is there anything first person related you would be happy with? (like once a year for example)
  14. R_Temple_

    Do you mean Reborn+?
  15. R_Temple_

    A first person only mode! I would love to see a first person only form for Reborn, and I've got a few ideas on how it can happen. If you're a top fragger, you likely won't agree with this, and that's okay, but I at least hope one of the options is a decent compromise for you to agree with for roleplayers, I feel many really enjoy first person more when everyone is using it, as it increases the feeling of immersion and rp a lot (at least I think so, let me know what you think!) Obviously, reborn going first person full-down would upset quite a large portion of the playerbase, and for those reasons I don't feel that option is very wise but there are a few alternative options that could be examined and tested, and I'd like to suggest a few Option No. 1: First Person Server. This could replace Server 2, since that mostly goes unused from what I can gather (please correct me if I'm wrong). I know I personally prefer spamming enter for 5 minutes! This option could however split the playerbase and fragment it between first person and third person servers, which I feel would maybe do more harm than good. Nonetheless it's a potential option to be looked at Option No. 2: First Person Day/Week/Month. This could be a designated day, week, or even month of the year that the admins/owners/founders decide the server will switch to first person only for. Say, once every 3 months, the server has a first person day, or once every 6 months a first person week. This would be incredibly interesting to see how things change compared to the normal 3rd person, and even more so to see how people change back when the period ends. I personally recommend this option, especially with there being a first person week every 6 months. I think one week compared to 51 third person weeks makes everyone happy, and is a nice compromise for those that don't really want first person Option No. 3: First Person Area. I have no idea if this one is even technically possible with the limitations of coding and stuff, but a first person area on the map (maybe up far north, as it's very sparsely used) could work if it could be implemented. I think the prime concern would be people baiting others into the area if they know X gang is only good at fragging in 3rd person. This could be sorted with area-fleeing rules though, but as I say I don't know if this one is even possible with scripts That's all the ideas I have If anyone else has any ideas please let me know and comment them, I really hope this takes off as first person gameplay is something I love so much, and I feel it adds another layer of depth and difficulty to the game Thanks for your time!

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