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  1. I remember when this game was originally advertsised to be free and then it kept delaying release and turned into an absolute trash worthy game. People were getting huped up because it was going to be like days 2.0.
  2. I want to personally thank Harry Lewis for his hard work and dedication towards the National Health Service as well as being an outstanding member of community support. With the constant changes and improvements to the community Harry Lewis is doing an outstanding job in his role in the NHS by meeting the needs of the community. There has been times where I have met Harry Lewis ingame as a Police Officer and he always takes his time with the patients as well as to dedicate his ingame time to support other players. With Altis fueled by organised crime and high death tolls, Harry Lewis is doing his part to put people back together and to give them a second chance at life. You did not die, you were simply reborn. I cannot thank Harry Lewis enough as he has helped me with my NHS career as well as all the members of the National Health Service. The NHS thanks @Harry Lewis!
  3. @Chef I understand that you're a new Police Officer, want to personally thank you for your service! If you feel like you need more support in your Police career ask a member of the Academy.
  4. I wish all the best for the future of the 'Camorra'. This community needs to have an evil faction to balance the cops 👮🚨🔫

    1. ^AndreW


      Doesn’t really need another faction at all imo.

    2. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      It always nice to have a change to the community to test and play about with new ideas etc. :)

  5. Anything for more interaction, roleplay and story progression.
  6. ..wait hold up a second.. are police apps closed or open?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Lemmen
    3. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      Thankyou Lemmen and PaulS, this has caused a lot of confusion, please can we update the post as it still says closed. 

      Edited by Dylan Soutar
    4. Lemmen


      We'll get that sorted. Doesn't change the fact you should have known from Discord, Teamspeak and meetings that police apps were opened

  7. love the music.

  8. In my opinion +1 for the effort, however, some of the heli's look like they are from LEGO.
  9. wOW!

  10. That cinematic feeling made me nostalgic about FrankieonPCin1080p xDDDDDDDDDD
  11. This sounds like something that would be an application on your phone, thus meaning that it would get very boring due to it being text-based etc. I doubt this would be practical and it seems quite a lot of work for what it actually is. If you're focused on harder challenges and more creative ways to make money, think more practical. Players need to work hard for what they earn rather than a simple stock system on your phone to get easy money.
  12. 'People that were live streaming' Curb your connection.

  13. UK - Curb your warm heating.

    1. Neo


      Yes we’ll sit here in -13c (with wind x

      Chill) temperatures 

  14. Well done lads on donation goal! 💪 👏🍻

    1. Abdul_


      Good effort, don't worry Mr. #Message4Help you'll get community support soon! :) 

    2. jstar


      well done guys wanna give a big thanks to Dominic pinto

  15. +1 Support, love the idea!

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