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  1. Dylan Soutar

    I preferred it when we were able to roleplay and process suspects back at PD and then transport them to Prison to make the arrest. It actually made Prison 'useful' for once.
  2. Dylan Soutar

  3. Dylan Soutar

    +1 helped me with my homework
  4. We need more cops on Server 2, at least 500% more crime. The ratio is 1-13

  5. Dylan Soutar

    +1 here is some more info on what redgulls do for you: Diamond Enchanted Armour (Protection V) Thorns IV Blast Protection IV Projectile Projection IV
  6. Dylan Soutar

    + 1
  7. Dylan Soutar

    Please note that the starting bid is $2,500,000
  8. Dylan Soutar

  9. Dylan Soutar

    Fingerless (@PluckMaster) chose to remain as a CSO, he has done a lot of work to support our streets!
  10. Chef Boyardee, remember the name...

  11. Dylan Soutar

  12. Dylan Soutar

    No, it will be a Vanguard Ifrit. Edit: Yes it will be Camorra skin, thanks @Scott McTavish
  13. Dylan Soutar

    Item: Camorra Ifrit Proof of Ownership: Coming Soon! Buy Now price: $3,400,000 Starting bid: $1,800,000 Minimum bid increment: $100,000 End date: 20-05-2018 Posting for @Hoggie as he is perm banned on the forums.

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