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  1. Congratulations! You have been accepted into Search and Rescue, please find a TS&R to complete your training in Teamspeak.

  2. Water is NOT wet, change my mind...

  3. I applied and got accepted to the United Nations! Was very quick and easy to apply and it is definitely worthwhile being part of a growing active organization! Good luck to all applicants!
  4. Dylan if ur not busy can we talk on ts

    1. adam'


      hes not on so thats why i messaged him on forums because i needed him asap

    2. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      Please send me a message on the forums. I'll get back to you very shortly, won't be on TeamSpeak till after work, back at 7, thanks!

    3. adam'


      OK ve dealt with the problem but thanks


  5. The Academy needs you! Become part of a strong constabulary training recruits to become Police Officers! Joining the Academy will benefit your career in the Police Force, Application here (SC+)

  6. Can we please shed light on people exploiting the jump script to go through brick walls, thanks

    1. Fuel



    2. Dylan Soutar

      Dylan Soutar

      Can't blame that, can't remove a good feature because bad people are abusing it.

  7. @Hybrid I definitely recommend looking into AAN when Reborn+ is officially launched +Support
  8. Police Hunter is an effective combat ready vehicle. The Strider would be best suited for the Medics to replace their Hunter. Just a suggestion
  9. @LewisMcD Patrolled with this player many times, flying colours through his Academy training! Well done +1 from me! Keep up the good work!
  10. Not sufficient evidence, no clear signs of velocity or puncture wounds. Possibly died due to a heart attack.
  11. +1Got him trained to Constable. It's been a pleasure serving with you ÔØñ´©ÅÔØñ´©Å

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