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  1. Anyone wanna play fortnite if yes then add me 


    Ingame name : Majdoodiz

  2. not better than top player on the world Majed huh and btw man i have alot of frag clips but im lazy to make a video
  3. lol tidus i bet your frag video will better than my own at least lol
  4. This is me This is @Abdul_
  5. omg
  6. Marios Wassup
  7. Neo

    Sounds sad
  8. dont download it ffs i got game ban from it from steam lol its banning for no reason many it did same thing to many of my friends just free vac ban bois
  9. Neo

    @Neo So much mony Give me some i buy new pc
  10. Chill if you cant chill Take a Chill Bill its not a team its a role roleplay BABIS
  11. hahahahah this is movie dude i have something to share you big man PROS DONT FAKE HUH BIG DREAMS ISNT IT
  12. Will keep that in my notes iam half admin
  13. Dude Teamspeak was Being Updated by Neo and fuel and its now back up you can go and try @Nikos
  14. Stop duping lol
  15. Good luck Destroy faceless for me So rule breakers Will at least decrease one day i went to resolving twice first time they comp me second time they refused to comp i had to report it and then they came and comp me #SAVAGE#

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