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  1. alright this is not the right way to make a report first of all gather any evedince that you have that can proof the situation and make and Report player form after you have made sure you have Tried to Resolve it with the player and make sure that you cant speak out of roleplay ingame after the situation is over you can get the guy who RDMED you to teamspeak and try to resolve it with him then you can make a report form about him. Report form : https://www.rebornroleplay.com/forms/5-report-a-player/
  2. i dont want to comment but still good shit
  3. Nice frags clixy you will see my frags when i will get better rank and better loadout in future just wait now iam CSO and i wiped a gang after tazing 2 Fully armd people and taking gun from battle and shooting 3 people and iam buying new pc graphics card 1080 HD and 32 Ram just wait for it
  4. When you get vdmed and you spectate your face
  5. Iam with my bro Father of RDM Mctavish -1
  6. @Lee We already spoke about this in the design office go ahead man those tags are nice
  7. @Rambo let me add something when we was resolving he was so toxic that's why we just told him that you did something wrong then we showed him the evedince then he was so toxic ingame and Ts you can also check his chat when he was ingame that day
  8. i told him to come to resolving to make him understand that he Broke a rule
  9. lol
  10. yes you did
  11. when i fragged you why did you message Xero that iam noob
  12. bro we are still friends right Andrew ?
  13. Xero top fragger
  14. Ok

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