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  1. Love you dodo Thanks general Thanks Chief Ty brother Never Yeah man Improving my editing and getting only good clips in
  2. majed

    M4j3d Report

    its aram my ping is different it take few more seconds for you to hear me. So It looks different. @BobbI think its resolved by now
  3. majed

    M4j3d Report

    is it resolved then ?
  4. majed

    M4j3d Report

    In my POV I did give him time and he was not being friendly and still managed to drive. I came to teamspeak asking to resolve but you where very ban hungry and threating to ban. I never spoke to you on teamspeak and you never called me for support before. But In your POV it might show that the time was not enough Well i mean fair enough I guess. If you would have showed me the video When I asked you for it and you refused to show me and when we where resolving I would have happily comped you. but you insisted on threating me to report. but I have seen your video right now and I guess it might look unfair from your POV. So I will offer you and your friend compensation for the losses. But you should have showed me the video before so i could comp you. but the only thing I head from you and your friends is that you want to report me.
  5. Rip Zico. It was nice rap battling you ❤️
  6. We are the worst of the worst here to take control of altis and all of those who live there. We spend our time making and selling drugs to those with money. We started out as a small street gang but grew rapidly whilst selling 7 pounds of heroin to a rival gang a cop car drove past next thing you know we are surrounded by swat vans, we thought we were over but whilst in prison we met a few people willing to join us soon after that we made an escape plan and managed to succeed, after escaping we fled to zimbabwe and layed low for a bit 2 years later we got told we were being hunted again and there was a 600k bounty on us we then had a group meeting and decided to move to altis a place with no extradition treaty and a people with a serious drug problem so we exploited that and started making millions ,
  7. Name: Majed Hours(Screenshot): 5k hours Previous Gangs: cant remember Why do you want to join: Because Sinity is a very good gang since very long time they are still preforming well Anyone who can vouch for you: I am not sure if anyone would
  8. IGN : Majed Age : 17 Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot) : 5k hours Previous gangs : dont remember Vouches : Epic
  9. Thanks bud. I thought maybe you could have it without going to PD. Thats what I was thinking about
  10. My suggestion is that Adding a tool that gives you information of how much you are wanted for. For example Wanted for 2 robberies and some other stuff and tells your bounty too. That could be helpful to a lot of players and might get some advantage out of it. and it will make you watch out more from police and not always bait for combat. and It also gives you the ability to get more roleplay by going to Police departments and asking them to remove your wanted list and maybe asking them for giving you a ticket so you are clean an happy to drive safely again without having the worry of being chased at a certain time.
  11. Hey guys. 

    I just want to know is the editing good regarding the song and everything. And I also render it in 4K but still have bad graphics. How can I make it like really good graphics. I mean my pc is not bad as you can see the FPS that I have ingame. If you have any idea please tell me.


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      @Jambo. go find a real job. You dont know the difference between video games and real life. Because you are a kiddo and will never grow up and have some respect to others which you never learned. Like grow up its just a game.

      And people calling me dog ? okay maybe you. just remember that having haters is sign of success. Maybe a new thing you learned from life Today

    3. Scott McTavish

      Scott McTavish

      Locked before drama

    4. Charlie.


      Jambo been warned, comment hidden 

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