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  1. +1 raise it as the risk is so much higher now diu is active and camping multidrug
  2. The good thing for this is that most big gangs don’t need xp so it will help out the newer guys meaning that it will be a hobo filled zone I’m guessing
  3. Would be good if vanguard would also get the xp from it also it would be good for new players to the server
  4. @Albino some fat donations you done this month man basically did the whole goal by yourself <3

  5. Good luck with the gang guys
  6. Congrats man

    1. Kirky


      Cheers mate!

  7. +1
  8. Yes it is @Scott McTavish
  9. I knew the lyrics just fez was too loud @Kierann
  10. +1 great role play
  11. Happy birthday you moody bastard <3

    1. Kirky


      Cheers mate

  12. @Crawfy yes yes he is
  13. £800,000 a run?! That would only take me 6 hours of constant game time..

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    2. Duderz


       @Brian Duncan dw I know the feeling of only having a spar 16 but their are some people like me. That grind at early hours to fill up houses I will spend the whole 4 hours to grind  and might make anywhere from 3-5 mil depending on robberies and so forth. If you put in the grind you can earn but it's all about that. When I was a cop I would make about 350k a day from playing multiple hours but never really spent it so gave it away a lot. I would say I lose/ get confiscated about 1.5-2.5 mil a day and then I actually have time to have fun and do what I want at the rest of the time. 

      Currently I have about 20 mil but that was from doing runs over the space of 4 days this actually gives me the chance to now do wht I want to do until I lose it all xD

    3. Zeroic


      Duders, i have never done an early 4hr restart grinding sesion. Only been robbing and doing caps. I got money for the rest of my time here

      It is indeed easy to make money

      Edited by Zeroic
    4. Duderz


      Yeah but I'm just bad xD @Zeroic

  14. You get like 800 k a run before 10 people are on
  15. I will give you 4.5 for both @cam taylor

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