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  1. Jayyyyy

    Picture has been added
  2. Jayyyyy

    Picture has been added
  3. Jayyyyy

    Free money for me I guess
  4. Jayyyyy

    The difference is the skin... It makes it more rare to find as TRU can only pull these out for operations and you hardly ever see the TRU strider get used. But if you want to buy ifrits instead you feel free to do so
  5. Jayyyyy

    Item: TRU Strider Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/6502819fdbb4ebc6c6cbebc8369f893e Buy now price: 25mill Starting bid: 10mill Minimum bid increment: 1mill End date: 29/08/2018 First TRU Strider so the price might be a little high.
  6. Jayyyyy

    Item: TRU Hunter Proof of ownership: https://gyazo.com/55c9ecb74bddc24777eb97bfa3697d59 Buy now price: 15mill Starting bid: 5mill Minimum bid increment: 500k End date: 29/08/2018 This is the first TRU Hunter so I'm not sure what to put the starting price and buy now price as.
  7. Jayyyyy

    I know roleplay comes first but a large percentage of the police force don't understand that... So speaking from my personal experience when you get revived and roleplay with the police no matter how well you roleplay it you always end up either in jail or walking out of PD with no gear and 100k down from a ticket you paid... So you can't blame the rebels for not wanting to take this option... I know that I myself won't let a medic revive me anymore unless I know the cop is someone that is willing to roleplay and be fair (which is rare to find)
  8. Jayyyyy

    I agree that rebels shouldn't just finish themselves once a medic has arrived without any form of roleplay but you also need to consider why they are doing it... If a rebel is spending a large amount of money on their gear they are going to want to wait a few minutes before just respawning to see if there is any chance of being revived and keeping their gear but if police or rebels are still near and a medic comes the rebel is not going to want to be revived then have to wait another 20-30 minutes and lose everything any way.... I think this should just stay the same as it has always been, if the person respawns without roleplaying it just report them as I'm pretty sure it's classed as poor rp/ fail rp.
  9. Jayyyyy

    As good as this sounds I've seen other servers use things similar to this and it causes unnecessary lag on the server. If your not happy with the colour of the vehicle you have chosen simply pick one you do like... or next time when you are buying one don't pick the same one. -1
  10. Jayyyyy

    I think the reason your probably being shot at while your playing as a medic is due to active combat, agios is a very active area so a lot of combat tends to kick off there and people don't want a medic running around reviving people while a fight is ongoing. If your intentions are to just land and get some extra resources to use or a different vehicle just go ahead and land nobody is going to shoot you down if your a medic, the shots are just a rebels why to let the medic know a fight is going on. But I also think a greenzone should be added here so civs can go and rp with medics and medics can bring people back that they have revived to continue the rp and not have to worry about some rebels coming over and taking them hostage, but the zone would have to be very small and only around the medic outpost as it could get in the way due to agios being a small place.
  11. Jayyyyy

    Please just give it to him.... We've been trying to get rid of him for too long 🙄
  12. Jayyyyy

  13. Jayyyyy

    I can't even remember much about this sit now XD I lost a ak12 loadout so thats 500k I had 900k And I'm pretty sure my prowler was chopped after he killed me (Not sure if he needs to comp this) But that would be 1.5mill
  14. Jayyyyy

    It's been 24hours and I've had no message from him
  15. Jayyyyy

    In-game name: Posted for Ivan Steam ID: 76561198112046719 Date of ban: 06/16/2018 Reason for ban: being toxic to admins Staff member that banned you: Scott McTavish Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: no it was but i was angry that day and tried to take it out on the admins which i am truly sorry about. Why should we unban you? because i know what i have done wrong and i would like to say im sorry to all the admins i targeted and upset and i have learnt from this experience and two Scott McTavish i would like to say im sorry for what i said to you it was not a nice thing to say and i apologise for actions. ingame and forums.

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