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    1. I'm pretty sure that having a safezone rebel has been denied a bunch of times within the last few weeks.
    2. Not sure what staff you have shown this too but it's not DPI... Whatever just trying to help.
    3. I'm not the person being reported here but this isn't DPI, this happens all the time when you run up and down rocks... If you watch people fighting here you will see something like this nearly every time.
    4. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      It does yerh, but without 300 + ping would be great!
    5. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      Fair enough, the only other thing I can think of is make the location of the bases themselves a reason for people to want to get gang bases, the way to do that would be by removing lets say the Athira warzone and adding a second warzone around the gang bases so you can use that base spawn more often around that area, so you would have gang base warzone A which is the current one then gang base warzone B which would be in the same area just different points, just a rough idea. If this is something that could be done I'll happily create the warzone points myself and give you them.
    6. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      Removing one of the bases was the main thing this suggestion was about so at least we got something out of this. The reason most of the bonuses are about money is due to the fact that if I suggest you add in any weapons or attachments they would be instantly denied so the only other thing is money.
    7. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      It's not a lot as the only time there is a reason to spend money is during WZ and gang base bidding then the occasional major crime
    8. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      1% would give you fuck all, there won't even be a point doing it... lets say around 50 people actively fight on this server spending around 10mill a week. (Some people probably don't even spend that much tbh) 50x10,000,000 = 500,000,000 1 % of 500,000,000 = 5,000,000 I can't see anyone wanting to start playing again because they can gain 5mill slowly over a 1 week period to split between their gang and end up with around 500k each. I'll be honest, there isn't a lot of things I can think of that will make it much better that won't get instantly denied, that's why I put the s
    9. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      There is nothing wrong with them but they are probably never getting added... The suggestions isn't really for the guns to be added, I couldn't really care much about using a certain gun I just want to be able to actually enjoy playing during gang base bidding again, it used to be so much fun as everyone would be fighting for a base but the sever seems to have nearly no gangs anymore and everyone is just shifting over towards factions. There just isn't really anything big for rebels anymore.
    10. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      It's nothing to do with wanting more money... I have to much money to care about it on this server. The post is here to try and find a way to make the base bidding more fun as it's reached the point where people aren't even coming to it anymore because nothing really happens. As I said in the actually post, with 3 bases every gang that plays gets a base. You just sit inside the base for 4 hours watching YouTube and you have a base, tab in when you get the occasion push from a guy with a rook and SUV. It really is at a low point right now something needs to change with it, this suggestio
    11. Jayyy.

      Gang Bases

      Added list of items and bonuses that could be added, if you have any better ideas comment them.
    12. Expensive vehicles are just there to show off, if people can start cutting them then nobody is going to pull them out/buy them. Art gallery is a roleplay major and the reason nobody bothers doing them is because the money is pretty shit and from trying to do roleplay HMs in the past I can imagine the roleplay would be pretty dead too. I do agree that the art gallery is pretty pointless right now though, I don't think I've seen someone do that for a long time now... perhaps some changes could be made to make it more appealing, I have no idea what but that would probably be a better option
    13. Just because most of us don't like fighting in water doesn't mean others don't, there has to be a point for people to fight that aren't into playing the same way everyone else does. I can't see them ever removing water points from warzone as some people actually like fighting them. Most zones only have one water point anyway so it's not like it's impossible to win a warzone because of people sitting in the water and you could always just get an SDAR and fight them for the point or sit on land with more people than they have and take the point that way, it might be boring but people find t
    14. Been suggested and denied way too many times. I doubt this will ever get added to a normal rebel shop.
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