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  1. okay we was not planning on hiring you this weekend (no idea why you have blacklisted us from hiring you but okay)
  2. toxicity from another staff member instant ban really
  3. the thing with that people spent more money on the scratch cards after they won a little bit it was more of a little bit would you lose but you would still be able to buy more
  4. Just dodge it fourhead lmao
  5. Add a rocket launcher and rockets for a price of like 5 mill for the launcher and 2 mill for the individual rockets this would stop trollers getting hold of it. Make rules saying rocket launchers can only engage on air targets and ifrits/hunters/striders it would just be fun to use in red zones
  6. +1 did not read what she said just going to +1 because melantha is mean
  7. not hard when you have malfang negotiating (big sly dig) no hard feelings the situation was resolved ❤️
  8. Accepted Join the discord ( Link will be sent to you ) Wait in Waiting room so leader can talk to you
  9. On hold Discussing with the gang about you because i have not heard of you
  10. Still a bot would frag but you stay away from me darling ❤️
  11. Accepted Join the discord ( Link will be sent to you ) Wait in Waiting room so leader can talk to you
  12. My ban was two months ago for that i was stating that because when someone gets away with saying the r word and i cant even say what i said its kind of ridiculous
  13. my ban was ages ago it no longer affects me
  14. One i reported you because you may not know this but you dont have the right to call someone a R word and get away with it and also after someone tried to get you into ts and you responded with "suck my balls" you are constantly toxic and just a crying little kid

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