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  1. Yooo your lucky i got charlie a tad bit triggered
  2. Not deep enough but i have a friend with 40 mill so dont test 3.5 mill
  3. I will give you 2.5 mill to not give it to charlie
  4. Mate why are you chatting shit like legit hobo gang i have had other situations where the person has been rdmed his friends hopped out and admins have said it was not rdm because they didn't leave like shut it
  5. I mean thats how other situations have turned out so i have no idea what albiston is talkign about but i guess things change and lets be honest if you knew it was rdm your friends should of just left and not tried to kill taylor you both got killed in the end so whats the point of being a cry baby about it. And i am able to comment on this report saying albiston is making taylor comp for the guys i killed
  6. Albiston i swear thats not how it works they could of easily drove away but after they killed taylor they decided to stay and try and fight ultimately if they knew from that point a gun fight was still going on they should of made their best attempts to leave the area so i dont see why taylor should have to comp them after they killed her. I was the guy who shot the two bots for sitting in the area after killing taylor
  7. they have to chop it their self after money is transferred in game pretty sure its banable to scam if you post it on the forums Not rate just slap tfu up easy shit or if your terrible like me get sinity to do a bank and than steal the shit when sinity leaves with the gold
  8. Both his friends shot at taylor afterwords i than proceeded to kill them both
  9. Yeah you tell him wilma Big man
  10. Just a question you remember last week when you got slapped did we say you guys bottled it ?
  11. god you had that on instantly
  12. Sounding angry on a post btw
  13. Yeah almost as special to apply for ktm

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