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  1. Boris Popov

  2. Boris Popov

    And you are? ( No seriously i don't know who you are)
  3. Boris Popov

    Dear @Rogers I am the executive officer from The Kettle Specialist Recovery Operations Department who removed the paintings from the AAG location and took them back to our HQ for testing to ensure the integrity of the paintings which thankfully they all turned out to be real and the AAG are very pleased with this result. Thanks to the professionalism of the officer in question (Roy Rogers) in helping is get the paintings out of the facility and back to out HQ as quick as possible. Hope the King of Sweden is pleased with the remaining paintings and wish him my deepest apologies that the rest couldn't of been there due to the situation we have discussed. - Ethan Yachster ( Executive Officer at The Kettle Specialist Recovery Operations Department )
  4. Boris Popov

  5. Boris Popov

  6. Boris Popov

    Then don't chat shit about a game that gave you good memories...lmao
  7. Boris Popov

  8. Boris Popov

    Lemme guess how this would go.... Medic #1 : Are you ok sir , do you want me to help you today? Rebel #1 : no. Medic #1 : ermmmm...ok Medic walks away That sounds like some great roleplay would be brought to the server Overall -1
  9. Boris Popov

    Just cringy that you are talking shit about arma 3 when this is a fourm for a server that is based in ARMA 3 Fortnite is only popular because it is free...
  10. Boris Popov

    lol. not you again posting your fortnite clips on an Arma 3 community and then chatting shit about arma 3 lmao
  11. Boris Popov

    o damn he got you there @majed

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