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  1. @David HolmesDon't know if you've played it but it seems very Factorio like and that is currently a game I am really into at the moment so all I can do it hope.
  2. @CharlySorry already sold. Can msg you if I get more.
  3. Item: 11x 7.62 Suppressors Proof of ownership: Buy now price: £1,100,000 Starting bid: £850,000 Minimum bid increment: £50,000 End date: 19/03/19
  4. I think that notifications need to be given at weapons exchange to let people know when they have exchanged items. Also, there should be a measure in place to reject the exchange if the players' main inventory is full to prevent them from losing bundles. Also, a menu could be used such as the one currently used at Pablos but instead of saying sell it would say Exchange.
  5. https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/satisfactory/home#
  6. Item: 17x 100rd MXSW Mags, MXSW Proof of ownership: https://prnt.sc/myiosu http://prntscr.com/myir8x Buy now price: £2,000,000 Starting bid: £650,000 Minimum bid increment: 50,000 End date: 18/3/19
  7. I love the idea that the Mayor is getting a suit but I also think that the Mayor could have a way in which he could go "On Duty" with an option either in the phone menu under jobs or on one of the signs in the Mayor's office. This would help people identify the Mayor in more ways that just either taking their word for it, knowing who the mayor is from the patch notes when you join the server or cross-checking their ID with the owner of a skinned Mayor SUV.
  8. Boris Popov

    Yeet that HEMTT

    Does this count? @Cheesecake
  9. @Jack AfrebalosIt was a "TRU" one before the reskin and now it's just black. @oscar12345
  10. Item: Black Strider Proof of ownership: http://prntscr.com/mxrb09 Buy now price: 8 Mil Starting bid: 4.5 Mil Minimum bid increment: 500k End date: 17/3/19

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