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  1. Boris Popov

    Don't own a jet but would buy one just to land on that
  2. Welcome Back PaulS!



    Please send help.

    1. PaulS


      Who was impersonating 

  3. Boris Popov

    I disagree... Yes Fallout 76 and No man's sky both had bad launches but both were playable on launch whereas Atlas was delayed 4 times and still was completely unplayable at launch.
  4. Boris Popov

    ATLAS is the worst game of 2018 Before I begin, If you are looking to buy Atlas and have only seen the promotional stuff on the Steam page read this first because you will most likely regret buying it. This game may be one of the worst on Steam. The game was delayed multiple times and even at the actual release was delayed by 30 mins. The game runs like a car with 3 wheels and the ping is through the roof. Oh and another thing when you load up the game after downloading a nearly 97GB file, you are greeted by a menu which people have found that if you use a controller and go down 1 more option than you can see and select it then you get taken to a new menu that looks like this. Which looks to me like a menu from ARK, a game which Atlas was supposedly meant to be a DLC for... After the eventful nature of being in the Atlas menu, you join a server only to be greeted with all I can describe as shit frame rate and ping upwards of 250 while looking upon hundreds of sleeping bodies of people that took the wise decision to get a refund while they still could. I was told just before I refunded that once your out of the spawn area the FPS gets better.... well about that you can't leave the spawn because whenever you try to you just get rubberbanded back to where you started. I nearly forgot the best thing about this is the reusing of old files and the awful optimisation... TD;LR https://gyazo.com/750a465e5d2758f7f02a47b716c2a307 Just refund the damn game.
  5. Boris Popov

  6. Wherever you go

    and whatever you do

    Good Luck! ❤️

    1. PaulS


      I'll do you if you had surgery to look like Anna Faith.

    2. Boris Popov
  7. Boris Popov

    In-game name: Posted on Behalf Of Jordann Steam ID: 76561198310234214 Date of ban: 09/15/18 Reason for ban: Community Ban - charge back of donation Staff member that banned you: Neo I think. Unsure. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No I completely believe it was justified. This was justified as I had gotten banned by battleye on my account and I then used another account to carry on playing. That account then got banned for being an 'Alt Account' I got pissed at this and I did something that I shouldn't of done (Charge back my donation). This was what had gotten me Community Banned. Why should we unban you? I should be unbanned as I know that was I did was completely stupid and I shouldn't of done it. Once I had gotten banned I should of went to Fuel and Neo to explain myself but I thought to myself that I could just sweep it under the rug however that didn't go down well. I should get unbanned because the battleye ban that I received was not for cheating / hacking on reborn. I know that I had previously used a 3rd party program to gain an advantage and I admitted this to Fuel later down the line and I didn't receive any ban for this I decided to come clean about that because it was the best thing to do. So now I am coming clean about my battleye ban. Okay so story starts like this, I had previously bought a server for CQC just for me n mates to chill on. We then had a hacker join the server going by the name of [BB] Trinkle who was blatantly hacking and I had a silent aim script that I had from my previous endeavors so I used that on the Admin debug console thing as I thought it would be okay to use since its done through the actual server console thing. A few days past and then when I was on my server again I got battleye banned. But onto the reason I should be unbanned is because I know that what I did was wrong and extremely stupid of myself to do and truely regret my actions. I didn't think that I would actually have a chance of getting unbanned but a friend had joined the rust server and had asked neo if there was a chance that I would get unbanned and Neo had said since I didn't win the charge back dispute then he has no issue allowing me to be unbanned so with that being said I thought I would post one as to be honest not playing Arma I have just been chilling listening to music all day everyday with playing a little bit of cod and I would like to be able to come back and play the server to play with some mates. Even if I don't get unbanned I would be happy with a teamspeak unban just so that I can talk to mates that still play to server. But again I am sorry for what I did and I hope that I can see you back on the server again. I would also like to say sorry for lying when I had gotten battleye banned as I said it was a no recoil script that I had gotten banned for.
  8. In-game name: Posted On Behalf Of Tactical Venom - Forums Steam ID: https://www.rebornroleplay.com/profile/2018-tactical-venom/ Date of ban: 10/27/18 Reason for ban: Being toxic on the forums. Staff member that banned you: Neo Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: No Why should we unban you? I would like to apologise for the inappropriate comments I made regarding the 5th order gang warehouse. I tried to give my opinion on the matter however I can see how my comments and wording came across in a toxic manner which should not be on the forums. I would like to personally apologise to Fuel and Neo for the comments made towards the gang and I hope that you can see that my apologie is sinciere and next time in the future I will pay extra care for how I word my opinions on the forums to make it less toxic and able to actully have a discussion over it rather than straight up toxic. I will also like to assure you that this will never happen again. Thanks, Tactical Venom.
  9. Happy Birthday! ❤️ 

  10. Boris Popov

    7 million
  11. Boris Popov

    Bit late but good luck! ❤️
  12. Boris Popov

  13. Boris Popov

    Please do not make "Bulk Auctions", 1 item per auction. Selling Guns with attachments & Houses with the inventory is ALLOWED.
  14. Boris Popov

    The second coming of Christ has begun.

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