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  1. @Jay SchinkWhen you have some time I would like to speak to you in Teamspeak along with @Noah Anzusto get both sides of the story and sort this out.
  2. Police Armed Quillin, Police Strider and Black Strider.
  3. Happy Birthday for real this time ❤️ 

    1. Harry


      It's legally binding 🥰

  4. Boris Popov


    Moved to perm ban appeals.
  5. and never will Liverpool come close to doing that again.
  6. Not another shit team acting like they will win.
  7. lol, shit team. Spurs are getting it this season.
  8. You took a few attempts to come up with that didn't you lol.
  9. Boris Popov


    Less people will buy that DLC than already have Apex...
  10. Boris Popov


    Gonna have to agree with this because base bidding isn't ment for new people to the server and hosting it make the new people it does bring in from other servers that enjoy combat more onto the main server for the rest of the week.

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