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  1. @Echo 50 now, just waiting to get a new GPU cause I'm still rocking my 950 which is a heavy bottleneck, looking to buy a 1060 from a friend in the near future @AtomicMiaSD i5 8600k // 16GB ram @3000MHZ / GPU ( Read comment above first lul ) Nvidia GTX 950
  2. Slice

    Alright, so this is my look on it. Lets say you're driving an SUV around and you hear a gun fight and you are just driving around the area staying in the area of where the shots are fired and you get killed after driving around for minutes around the same area, I think you should be allowed to be fired upon based upon the fact that to them the people in the fight from both parties think that the opposite group is having people scout or driving around waiting for the perfect moment to de-camp. So I think the rule should be re-added BUT, it should note something along the lines off "Unless you can provide evidence that you were there for a short period and can show that your intentions were to not stick around but continue driving then you are eligible for compensation of getting shot."
  3. Slice

    @Sanik the issue is, waiting for so long is gonna annoy me due to me not being able to even play on high textures anymore. Anything below high will get me 60fps+ though
  4. Slice

  5. Slice

    So I’ve build my new pc i5 8600k 16gb ram new mb etc etc now i found out my 950 is bottlenecking heavily what gpu is recommended ? Dont need a 1080 or anything like that as arma 3 and osrs are the only games I play. Some people say a 970 TI would do just fine
  6. Slice

    Hmm, so you think that it necessary to comment that on a page where people come to comment because they're obviously not happy with the fact that we've lost a fella. If you think that you wanna comment such things just make a seperate thread ?
  7. Slice

    Gl, will play after I've build my new pc today.
  8. Slice

    @Robby_ are you trying to be cringe?
  9. Opinions on i5 8600k?

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    2. Sanik


      *clearing throat* My client is the most innocent person ever. You think this man could be cheating? I would like to see all of your evidence. He is innocent till proven guilty

    3. Slice
    4. Jordann


      Let's just get this gyazo shall I?


  10. Slice

    Lmaoooo @Cameron gl with the gang but get rid of the damn secret service recruitment template
  11. Slice

    When is @Crusader RR #1 coming out huh.
  12. Well, I'll write it here since I really can't be bothered explaining it a lot to each individual. My recent inactivity has been caused due to some events in my life that could be referred to as rather sad. I recently lost my best friend to suicide, the first person I've ever met when I moved to this country. And then I was on a tight dead line for a software I was working on. So I've not had a lot of time, and when I did have time I didn't wanna be stuck bound to rules. So for the ones that even lightly care or for the ones I know that's my reason of absence. For the ones that don't care and think why the fuck did you write this. I've been getting a lot of questions lately for why I'm not on anymore, that's my reason. I don't wanna explain it 300+ times.

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    2. Custard Cream

      Custard Cream

      really sorry about your friend mate, hope to see you back soon. 

    3. Slice


      Thanks guys, again I really appreciate the support !

    4. Brian Duncan

      Brian Duncan

      Stay strong bro, life is shit.. There's ups and downs but the important thing is to make the most out of the ups :) Hope to see you back soon ❤️ 

  13. Slice

    My mannnnmm nice fraggie

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