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  1. Slice

    @Benny Ninex needs to teach me his ways
  2. Slice

    Someone is trying to become a BTEC sanik “yikers, do us all a favour and stop posting”
  3. Slice

    Bruh dont go so defensive when people say some shit on the internet, I been there and it’s pointless
  4. Slice

    gl bro
  5. Slice

    nice tage miss the old days
  6. Slice

  7. Finally switched from gta to reborn huh

    1. Croky Chip

      Croky Chip

      yep :)


    2. Croky Chip

      Croky Chip

      i hope this is a better server than GTA . the admins at GTA make the game worse. .I hope here in this server that fishing will be profitable and can eat  again and shipwrecks :) 

  8. Slice

    @Crawfy I don't sweat it and if I show you my replay folder lmao most games I end with 13+ kills wut do you MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN.
  9. Slice

    Happy birthday my child

  10. Slice

    @Crawfy I sure do, but currently using a wooden chair there's some good gaming chairs out there for 1/3th of ur budget it's just some good searching around
  11. Slice

    @Lensen It's not even a full clip, what if he was stanced like this and he was third person before this and was about to just peek him and got his aim ready? // Which in clips after this on window he did
  12. Slice

    It's not a good idea, what do you MEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN. Oh yeah, the guns that are illegal lets just allow you to carry them publicly? What do you meaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. Don't even bother IMO this is the most stupid shit I've ever heard being suggested. Public carry a rook if you insist but not anything more then that.
  13. Slice

    Same for you on ArmA3

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