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  1. Ramadan mubarak habibi's

    1. Jimmy00


      Ramadan breath

    2. Musta


      Khair Mubarak!

  2. The actual definition of deploying when it's regarding this matter is "To bring (forces or material) into action. It took the officer a while to take it out the box, grab it and then adventually he threw it to the other side. It takes a "little" longer to deploy it.
  3. Happy birthdayyy

  4. Slice

    Make SDV Faster

    Well if you're questioning the other words google how underwater crafts work.
  5. Slice

    Make SDV Faster

    Underwater there's lack of friction and well, there's no real efficient way to propel the front side of an SDV all of it is pure push power from behind. It simply wasn't "made" to go fast.
  6. Slice


    Thanks habibi’s
  7. Slice


    Since I've quit gaming, or at least for now. And I no longer have any interest in trying to get clips these are the last clips I put together ages ago and since I wanted to clear my pc here you go. (Res changes throughout the video) Thank you Sinity. Best gang experience I've ever had.
  8. You're required custom animations for this, however if you insist on this being added and I guess the staff team and or community agrees upon it I'm sure there'd be a way to move whilst remaining in the same frozen animation I don't remember it entirely so if I'm wrong anyone feel free to correct me but a good while back in ArmA3 if you were handcuffed you could actually spin your character around and I'm sure if any of the developers worked their magic on this they'd be able to instead of making the character rotate actually move forward or any other desired direction, although it would look very unlegit like disconnected Garry's Mod characters walking around.
  9. Congratulations on community support buddy!

  10. Slice

    Ivan Last

    Good montage bro, it was fun playing with you. Good luck to wherever the road brings you.
  11. Slice

    Police taser

    @oscar12345It's not that difficult to hit a taser on a moving target assuming the officer is trained well enough to use angle's to his advantage. I've ran out of situations without running circles that nearly had me tazed. It's not impossible, it's not supossed to be easy to escape. Otherwise crime would be even easier than it already it is.
  12. Slice

    Police taser

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you just haven't been around the server long enough or haven't hanged around Kavala at all. Because it's a daily occurence, as a cop I've noticed it so many times as a civilian I've seen it plenty of times. It does happen a lot or it definitely used to happen a lot. Eitherway, sometimes the taser round doesn't cause the person to become ragdolled and in return the rebel has the ability to instantly shoot the officer causing him to die due to a malfunction within the taser system. So again, I think it's perfectly balanced out. Maybe lessen the amount of rounds a taser is given, but honestly even that I don't think is necessary.
  13. Slice

    Police taser

    There's actually tasers that have the capability of shooting multiple taser rounds before being forced to reload. Obviously they're high end and not handed out as often. But I mean, it's still a game. And like mentioned previously people run in circles to avoid being tazed or attempt to hop in a vehicle etc. There's a fine balance in my opinion.
  14. Since I've spend an amazing amount of time away from my computer, being more in nature and in general just living more for positivity. I was looking through some of my old messages, posts and other bullshit. I just realized how toxic of a human being I was, and that I wasted my time trying to look for the negative. If I've ever personally insulted you, made you feel bad or just behaved in a bad manor I want you to know that I apologise, I was the issue at least, in most cases. But that's besides the point, if you'd like to talk about something I've said to you, feel free to message me. 

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    2. Carlos1


      You mass rdmed me and my entire gang at copper traders back when i first started during the servers launch, Slicey Mike was not happy and even fought his dad back because of it. Appalling behavior that can not be forgiven. Only god is to forgive those that commit such horrendous acts.

    3. Slice


      @Carlos1I wasn’t here around the server launch date. I joined 1 if not 2 years afterwards.

    4. Carlos1


      smh my head, lost about 750k between all 30 of us. Any chance you can comp me so i can split it?

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