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  1. Slice

    None is targeting you, you're mistaking it for people noticing that you are easy to get a reaction out of. And seeing that this is a gaming community in which a lot of people get a laugh about people getting annoyed about the smallest shit that as a kid you're taught not to give any notice to. It's like adding oil to fire. Just don't do it.
  2. Slice

    I swear cops can get gangbases where they spawn in now // tru only
  3. Slice

  4. Slice

    this is legendary lmao
  5. Slice

  6. Slice

    mashallah ❤️ well deserved

    1. Epic


      thank you bro ❤️

  7. Slice

    Bro I'm legit serious when I say you are the best a3 player that I've seen so far actually a sick tage
  8. Slice

    I played my first 2k hours on 25 fps average lmao bad pc is not an excuse at all
  9. Slice

    not bad for af irst fraggie bro
  10. Slice

    n1 bro, ( This is seriously not insisting anything ) But you got really good at tracing people compared to your last montages man improval looking good.
  11. Slice

    nice frags bro, good playin' with ya aswell.
  12. Slice

    happybirthday lad

  13. Slice

    Lmaooooooo I'm done
  14. Slice

    not bad bro I liked it
  15. Slice

    I mean, they've been like that since they've first appeared to be honest with you.

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