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  1. Allan  Aziz

    I want to thank Wilma who had looked after me in a situation, where multiple people just trolling and provocative towards me. Haveing the felling some1 is watching you and there to asist when needs. Just makes me fell more came in though situations. He is Always there to help Thanks A lot @Wilma Fingerdoo
  2. Allan  Aziz

    @Charly @dan @Harry Lewis
  3. Allan  Aziz

    is gay couple not welcome in this comunity? Me and Chris Gaz just came out of the little box we were hidding in... We think it was time to come out and show the world our love! I LOVE YOU @Chris Gaz
  4. Allan  Aziz

    okay sorry I love you
  5. Allan  Aziz

  6. Allan  Aziz

    +1 lets do it!!
  7. Everytime I join a ts Channel...


    @Harry Lewis

    @Tom Skyline

    @Alex Gavin

    @Lewis Armstrong

    @Tactical Venom



    1. Tactical Venom

      Tactical Venom

      xD us lot yesterday 

  8. Allan  Aziz

  9. Allan  Aziz

    thats why S&R applications is closed at the moment... ...
  10. Allan  Aziz

    I want to recommend @Harry Lewis for his amazing way to land a heli. This is why you dont join the ARU when the Leader of the ARU does this! JOIN S&R and become a true pilot. @Belthorium

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