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  1. Kattana


  2. Kattana

    nice montage anyways
  3. Kattana

  4. Kattana

    Jesus christ how do you have like no recoil on some frags??
  5. Kattana

    Simply go to steam store search for Hacknet click install game and u keep it forever, ends 14July
  6. Kattana

    2 mil
  7. Kattana

    @Steph Curry / AHMEDXZ 2.8 mil for a hunter
  8. Kattana

    3 mil on a hunter
  9. Kattana

    Hey fury i see that u didnt update me with my bid did i win a bid on a hunter or not? @Fury
  10. Kattana

    1 hunter 1.7mil
  11. Kattana

    Dont lie lol i was resolving on the Bravo Channel with you and others you did not wait on support @Fuel joined the channel and you kept your mouth shut.
  12. Kattana

    I was downed by one of them just down the woods and i was running for quite alot after 4 minutes i seen them and i just wanted my gun back and my vision was clear the medic said that i was good to go, i wanted to resolve with on teamspeak but didnt get to far since i got told that i am from a foreign country and i dont know what free of speech is when he called me a “Faggot”. Fair enough i am not a faggot and i didnt get offended i just wanted to tell them that it is against the rules to say it and some people might get offended from it, i just wanted to speak with them in a really civilized way but they were interrupting me everytime, if i got involved in a gunfight very fast i do apologize but them guys kept breaking roleplay everytime they were speaking to me that what got me pissed and i wanted to get them killed, i dont know if its NLR when i get revived by medics and i see the same people moving around i tried speaking with them after i get revived he started saying “O o o you breaking NLR man what u doing”.
  13. Kattana

    Upload more fottage that shows me breaking NLR maybe?
  14. Kattana

    i dont see anything here i initiated ran towards you guys and shot you all dead, and the only rulebreak here is your breaking roleplay ingame

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