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  1. next one will be much better and i will spend more time on it
  2. i know this one was not so good
  3. I dont know bro xd like 120 i am not sure
  4. Ingame name: Casper Player ID: 76561198076417529 Age: i am 14 years old Hours on Arma: i got 90 hours right now Roleplay Background/Story: I started as a poor guy that got to the island alone and afraid. I came to the island when i was 17 years old, I joined some small gangs to make some friends on the island and after that I started to do drugs to earn money. My parents died when i was 7 years old, they died from a murderer. When I had saved up some cash I got my self a gun. I did little robberies to make som fast cash to buy my self a driver and truck licens and a car and a truck. How Often do you play on the server? mostly everyday Do you understand the rules on Reborn?: yes i do Altis / Roleplay experience?: all my hours are in roleplay servers Tell Us a about you're self?: My name is Casper and i am 14 years old and i live in the south of sweden. I love playing fps games and i can nearly speak english fluent What skills or experience do you have for Vanity?: i am a good at roleplaying and pretty good at shooting and i have around 2,5 thousend hours on fps games How long have you played Arma for?: for some weeks Why should we recruit you? (What is unique about you?) i am very helpfull and i help everyone and i am very active on the server and i am a good shoother.

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