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    In-game name: Driton Steam ID: 76561198329991083 Date of ban: 03/17/19 Reason for ban: Mass-VDM Staff member that banned you: Rose Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: It was not unjustified. Why should we unban you? i Mass-Vdm'ed everyone cause it sounded fun at the time and it was in the heat of the moment, since i got 2nd place and i was a bit salty, since he had won. Both our vehicles had 2 broken Wheels but mine was fliped over and his wasn't. I do realize that Mass-Vdm isn't acceptable but it was at an event and no one lost anything, but rather than banning me I'd like to suggest that i get unbanned and just get banned from participating in events in the future.
  2. Don't message Apex ingame, i was the initiator but my mic didn't Work so i'd like to comp for you. ingame name: Driton
  3. Hours on Arma: 76561198329991083 Do you take a bath?: Yes, of course i do! Age: 16 Who can Vouch for you?: Don't think so Steam Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198329991083/ What's your favourite meme?: Rick and Morty memes, i don't have a specific one, i just like rick and morty memes Why do you want to join our gang and what can make you an asset to us?: First of all, i'd like to say i am pretty good in combat, i keep my coms clear and i love to fight, which are my main assets, the secondary ones are Driving and flying, driving hatchback (sports) is what i do best, i fly best in a hummingbird which i am pretty decent at. The reason i want to join is because i need a gang, obviously. If accepted you, Pledge that anything that is talked about in our gang channel stays in the gang channel?: Sure
  4. Driton

    Police 2.0

    This is unacceptable, Police rework or as they call it "Police 2.0" is supposed to be better and make life easier for us, but instead we get it harder we get punished by the admins which don't like us!, I myself am I Constable and all my gear is trash!. The only thing that got better was guns, everything else is supposed to be bully material, so other civilian can use it against us. PEOPLE used to bully blueberries, I've seen it and experienced it, it's horrible. But now we look even WORSE than blueberries we look like something they made in Roblox, this is unacceptable. Just because we get better guns doesn't mean we want to look like a can of trash, this is dumb!. If you agree and want to share your ideas and experience etc. Type it down there. This is my own opinion!
  5. Name: Driton IGN: Peter Perker Age: 16 Hours on arma 3: 884 - https://imgur.com/a/W8TMdyc Licences: Previous gangs: The Unicorns Money: 5mil Why do you think you are a good addition to the royal marines commandos ?: Well i'm good at flying and driving, i am pretty mature and i'm pretty good at combat. Are you able to attend an ingame interview if needed?: Sure Role-play Background: i really don't want to, it's way too long. Vouches: 0
  6. Driton

    Peter Perker

    In-game name: Peter Perker Steam ID: 76561198329991083 Date of ban: 02/01/19 Reason for ban: Saying the n-word Staff member that banned you: Big Kev Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: I don't believe my ban was unjustified. Why should we unban you? I am not gonna say some lies to make you unban me, i did say the n-word and i wanna tell you why, and i hope you can sympathize. I started my week normally, i went to school then came home and played reborn, I then got threatened by someone at my school, then fast forward 2 days later, i get assulted. Then i have these cops fail-rping and taking me to jail. Then fast forward again to feb the 1st. I was on reborn, i am besides someone i don't know they suddently shoot an orca, then they orca follows me for like 20min. I go to rebel thinking nothing and i see it following me, i quickly buy gear and take out my heli, the orca is blocking me from flying away, so i shout to it "fuck off". It flies away until i get into my hummingbird and then it's above my hummingbird again, i then shoot it and it tries to fly away until i get into my hummingbird, this continue for like 2-5min and then i went into my hummingbird and then his friends came and shot me. I then released everything that had happend to me into 1 word, the n-word. Arma 3 is nothing without reborn for me, i hope you can sympathize and unban me. (i am sorry for saying the n-word, it was uncalled for, but i just couldn't stop it)
  7. This is not a report, this is a suggestion, i care not for what happend to me, but i don't want it to happen to others.
  8. Sorry, i'll use a starter pistol next time!
  9. im trying to find a good free recording sofware to record, but i do not have one atm.
  10. I was just casually robbing a store pretending to be an electrician. I then saw cops come in, i could feel that they didn't want to rp and they all had guns pointing at me, i told them "i am an electrician" they didn't buy it and then they said that i was carrying a gun, i told them i was using a glue gun to stick the wires together, they didn't buy it either. They were making roleplay hard and they were surronding me, one did one thing the other did another thing. Then one asked me (an electrician) how i defuse a bomb, at the time i had no anwser so they decided to give me a ticket, luckily for me the server restarded. My suggestion is that you limit the amount of cops allowed to respond to robberies.
  11. First of you can't report lars, because he never had a gun in the first place and he didn't kill anyone I was in the bushes, waiting for the guy robbing the store to be finished, i heard the cop saying hello, but what i didn't hear was luca telling me to put my gun away, in the video you can barely hear him, what do you think happens when a car comes and a guy is saying hello, i doubt luca's mic was high enough for me to hear, i personally didn't hear him. Then i see a bullet land near me, the next moment i see luca and of course he shot at me first so i shot back. (i do not have any proof of this, i'm just saying what i saw).
  12. in-game name: John Wick bank balance: I gave it all away, when i left Reborn a while back. age: 15 Date of birth: I don't like to share this. Hours in arma: 776 Do you have rebel liscence: Yes, the Basic one. How active are you: I play Arma Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  13. Interest Form Ingame name: Paperman Age: 15 Bank account balance: 250k Previous gangs: Hydra Hours on Arma 3 (screenshot): 632 hours, https://imgur.com/a/RLeLnfS Why do you want to join Xtacy: I want to join Xtacy because i need a gang, and i feel like you need some new recruits Can any members vouch for you? None, sadly ?

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