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  1. Can we like, not make Eternal a thing anymore?
  2. No, we are not making this a thing again, Theo. F*cking scammed. Got given the Roster instead of a roaster.
  3. The Netherlands doesn't even have snow anymore
  4. I was thinking about that. Maybe some kind of system that ranks you up everytime you do enough work. Your payments will increase on every "rank"
  5. Isn't everything exploitable? That is why we have admins, to punish exploiters
  6. Is there a way to implement a job system where you're something like a Miner, Taxi, AAA, etc. Your paychecks will go higher, but you'd have to actually do the job. If unemployed, you get the standard cheque of 5000, but when something like a miner, you get 7500. Just switches things up and makes it a little less hard for hobo's to gain money.
  7. If it's client sided, it's still kinda vanilla, people just get the option to use it or not, giving them, like said, a little bit more freedom
  8. Thanks, The community has changed since that post, people left, people joined. Thoughts come and go aswell. Since we are the community of RebornRP, I believe we should have a little bit more freedom when it comes to changing the sound of some guns. It's not that hard to do, it's just a little bit time-consuming. Let's see if this gets accepted.
  9. SC's get MX's...
  10. Wrong
  11. Never seen it.
  12. I mean, a lot of things are. If it's client sided, you can choose wether you use it or not.

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