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  1. Morgan

    Morgan The Hobo Report

    Nice audio edit that one just get rid of where I said weapon after "without a"
  2. Morgan


    Sorry I forgot to say its a TS ban don't know how to put in my TS details as Ive not got the same TS identity now and don't think I was IP banned
  3. Likeroni and Subribdo jee wiz sure Hope I win. Also av not seen you in ages CBJO where you been.
  4. Morgan


    In-game name: Morgan Steam ID: 76561198080005709 Date of ban: 01/06/19 Staff member that banned you: Outsyder Reason for ban: "DDOS Threats" Why do you think you were banned: I was banned for something I said towards a community support that although was meant as a joke was taken seriously. Do you believe your ban was unjustified, if so explain why: A bit of both contexts is key. It's more clear in the text below. If you believe your ban was justified why should you be unbanned: So let's kick it off taking you back to January 6th, 2019. It was a regular night and I was on reborn roleplay Teamspeak with the normal group of people I'm talking to in Hartleo's locked office just chatting shit and normal sort of jokes everyone makes in their group but then things took a turn when a man by the name of "David Holmes" now this man was not a part of the circle an outsider and did not take the jokes very well. He thought I was serious. Now yes I should of toned it down as he had joined even though he came uninvited to our group in a locked room but I did not then I made the normal jokes call him irrelevant un-funny shit that was all just jokes at the time but he got mad and started moving me out but I thought he was joking back cause he didn't sound that mad then I sent him a message about how my nan had a booter and worked for NASA etc what I thought was clearly made up chatting shit and not a real threat (see the Images below . I have never DDOS'd anyone nor do I plan to cause I'm not 11 years old it was a clear joke that was read out of context. Yes I also put "Cry More pussy" that seems toxic but context matters it was a joke to someone who I thought was in on it all as he came to our group and he joined our jokes I didn't start this with a random person also If anyone should be banned it should be my nan as she had the booster, not me. All in all, it was a silly mistake and it won't happen again I'm sorry and I would like a chance to come back, please Where there any extenuating circumstances that contributed to your ban: To be honest I don't know what this means Please confirm you've read & understood the rules Yes Please confirm you understand there is no timeframe Yes
  5. Very rushed not finished but no time to make what I wanted to now so enjoy stinky boys.
  6. Morgan

    Anti Infidels

    good thing were not serious gangs just friendship groups who need TS rooms
  7. Morgan

    Anti Infidels

    We got gang base as last gang so time to start fresh

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