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  1. Wowza It was an accident did try tell you and offered to resolve I was driving down the road not expecting someone to be fucking parked in the middle of it and I was watching watch Max was doing in the SUV yeah I should of been looking but it was so quite so not like much is happening so its just like auto pilot driving ya know didn't see you also wtf is that in the clip when you go to bank transfer to get the names exploiting shit that like don't think you should be doing that.
  2. Morgan


    So am I in the gang now then? is that how it works
  3. oh ok I was just confused then my bad baby I can't lie I only commented to complete this https://gyazo.com/b882a11fd6e4bf64e86247d8a8483bf9 xx Stop bullying Danny DeVito
  4. why is it not being added tho what was wrong with it
  5. Would like to recomend @Morganfor new lead of black water really cool dude and made a knock off pair of Gucci trainers for @Matt Brodywho is already a black water member
  6. Morgan

    Player pop

    penguin gang max numbers gang can i get a tag to kick people so I can join gang
  7. Morgan


    cheers for putting this in fucking font size 2000 so my dead nan can read it from the moon fuck me
  8. I'll nosh you off behind bike sheds and got half a handle of Tesco's own vodka, final offer.
  9. Morgan

    Quick question

    Was just looking for advice on what to live in
  10. Morgan

    Quick question

    same on weekends
  11. Morgan

    Quick question

    Hi quick questions guys do you play in first or third person in real life?
  12. Gee Wiz I love arma 3 hope its not paid i have no moneys
  13. That is a very close date I know that is only a few days so this is very relevant and close information that is good of you to share I thank you good sir for the information you are spearing on the reborn roleplay forum page

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